Dere dair dere!

At the end of this post you will find a link to funny stuff that I love.

Yesterday was one of my busiest days ever. We’re moving our office (our secondary office) downtown (we move it almost every year, 2nd time we’re downtown). I set up the Verizon installation and was given a window of 8AM-5PM. Nice and small, especially nice because I normally get to work at 9AM. So there I am, twiddlin my thumbs, setting up desks and computers, and waiting for Verizon. It was a very unusually active work day, but since I got a lot done, and did it alone, I got a pretty good source of accomplishment. Reading the description of what I did now, (wrote this in class, typing it now) the day does not appear to be very active, but trust me, it was.

I missed a day of school last Thursday and pretty much had a ton of make up work to do before today (today being Thursday). So when I got home I began working on it. Well, four hours later I was done. 10 fuckin o’clock. No games, minimal weed, very out of my ordinary. After doing that I remoted into the work server to catch up on some things I also missed. I was completely done at 10:30, I put on the movie Congo (bad gorillas!) and barely got to hear the beginning before drifting off.

The End lol

Today myself and Melanie decided to wake up early again. I think it gives us more energy, I know it does me, and I’m notorious for waking up early as shit.

Anyways, without further ado! Dere dair deres and boopitys!

Looking back in time a bit

I haven’t blogged much because I haven’t had the time. But, before reaching 80 I was blogging by hand in school a bit. I’m now typing some of that up for you.

Mafia Wars is getting old. I keep pissing people off and they keep getting their 1 million fake friends from Mexico to rape me. I think it is because I find weak dumb people with big buildings and then link them to my friends. I miss the days when they would retaliate with a punch or by putting me on the hitlist. Nowadays though I just get attacked by 6 people multiple times in under a minute.

WoW is moving along nice and slowly. I wish it would go faster, obviously. But let’s face it, I want to be 80. At least 78 so I can make/wear the Frostsavage set, which is recommended as a starter PvP set. Shit, at least 76 so I could wear my chest piece I bought off a big walrus man. But I must wait, that is the wayy the game was made, and I respect all of the parts I don’t complain about so why not extend that respect to the parts I do complain about.

I’ve finally gotten beyond Netherweave and into Frostweave. I was lucky to stumble upon the quest for Improved Frostweave Gathering, however that is supposed to make sense. What do I learn, that some mobs keep an extra set of frostweave in their ass? I don’t think so. Especially since frostweave is so expensive, they’d have to be pretty big pimpin to wipe their ass with that. Yeah, probably not. But who plays these games because every little detail makes sense?

So I’m almost 75 now. I know I was 74.5 yesterday, so why aren’t I 75 today? School! Yep, I’ve returned again, going solo this time so no Melanie. I did my homework before I got high and after two hours, yep, at 8:15 pm I was done. Fuck dinner, I got a bong to rip and some game to play, god damnit!

I really wasn’t in the mood to quest, especially since I’m at the point when they’re all scattered across the zone instead of a few here and a few there. Which means I’m almost done with Dragonblight. That would make Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, and Dragonblight down.

What I decided to do instead was to queue up for some good ole fashioned AV. I chose AV only because of the ridiculous amounts of honor and exp rewarded. Turning in a quest gives me around 20-30k, in AV I probably get 3-6 ticks of exp at around 18k each. So if I can play 3-4 rounds of AV, it’s close to turning in 12-18 quests. Not to mention the 4-6k honor I get as well.

This helps because at 78 I can wear the Frostsavage set. The gear after that which I will be upgrading to costs a lot of honor. So if I’m making decent honor, decent xp, and I’m getting training against level 80s then why not do it? I’ve always been told when trying to brag about doing good in low level BGs that level 80 is totally different. I still don’t buy it. Maybe I will when they’re all 80, but not yet. Especially when I get 8th highest damage on my team of 40 at level 74.

That was one day

There was a page about Facebook games and how they suck, but, I just summarized it.

Yesterdays page

So now what? I’m level 89, I’m slowly grinding honor, but I really want heirlooms. I get 50 stonekeepers shards a week from Wintergrasp which can be used for the PvP heirlooms. Only problem is it would take 4 weeks to get one piece of armor and 7 weeks for a weapon. I don’t know if I’m a fan of that. in fact, I’m not, at all.

What I’m starting to wonder is how long would it take on the PvE route? Plus, would the Argent Tournament be something I should start working on again? I do believe I’d have to work some to get to the point where I can begin acquiring the heirloom currency.

I’m also looking towards raiding for emblems.

(It just stops right there because I had to start paying attention)

Anyways, theres a little update for you lol, I know, top quality shiz right there.


PS- Thank you Pitrelli (see: Kill That Cheerleader in the links) for pointing out the Raptor baby pets that sell for a lot of money!

Console games, WoW, and a closed beta (shhh)

I recently acquired Mario Kart for the Wii. Mario Kart is pretty much the only reason I bought a Wii and it took me about a year to finally get it heh. We only have 1 nunchuck so Melanie uses the steering wheel, she says she prefers it, but everyone knows the joystick on the nunchuck is better. The game is a blast, of course. It has been since Super Nintendo and probably will be until they stop making it.

I’ve played some other console games recently. Mario Party for Wii, CoD WaW co-op along with some NAZI ZOMBIES for PS3, Rayman Raving Rabbids for Wii, and a small dose of Marvel Ultimate Alliance as well. Mario Party for the Wii is just that, a party game, the more people the merrier. It gets old pretty quick though. Rayman Raving Rabbids is just as fun, if not moreso, than Mario Party. CoD WaW is a difficult adjustment to make for someone like myself (anti-console, need mouse for FPS) what with the auto aim and the joysticks. It is good fun though as soon as you get a hang of it. We only played the first level of MUA but it was pretty neat figuring it out and such, I’m sure we will be playing more of it in the coming weekends.

As for WoW, I’m 62 now on my Warlock, officially entering my first expansion for WoW, that being TBC. On the UOWoW server I have gone through all of the new areas due to the 10x exp, so I feel more comfortable doing it on live servers. I’m in Hellfire Peninsula and am wrapping things up there, soon moving into Zangamarsh. I have been trying to play on the weekends only so that I don’t burn out. So far so good.

Closed Beta goodness. Let’s just say this one is right up my ally. I haven’t found but one bug so far, everything is polished quite nicely, it is really a breath of fresh air, especially since it’s a closed beta. I’m working my way to the harder content which I’m assuming will be less polished, but we shall see. For now all I can say is that it is awesome, but saying what I have is probably too much anyway. Can’t wait to spill the effin beans.

I don’t get it

I haven’t even played this game but I’m still on the side that’s against it because, why the fuck not? It’s obvious this game has issues as they’re mentioned in both reviews! DUH! I don’t want to hear reasonable answers as to why the negativity surrounding those “issues” is opinion, that’s bullcrap! Seriously, what are there like 5 of you frothing at the mouth fanboy neckbeards trying to convince me to have an open mind? You need more than 5 to do that, newb! No this game shouldn’t be treated like a niche title because that’s just stupid bullshit! I don’t know when you guys are going to pull your heads out of your asses and realize that it is just a straight up bonafied bad game. Interfaces aren’t supposed to be cumbersome. Everything is supposed to be futuristic and easy as all fuckin hell so I can sit my 2 year old in front of it and tell him to hit this one button while daddy goes and drops a deuce. That is what gaming is my friends, not this, you’re supposed to take a long time to loot so that you run the RISK of getting the REWARD shit. That shit is just fuckin stupid you retards.


“Yeah, I played the game but boy am I glad I got out of there. It totally sucked bawls teehee. I mainly left because of the company.”

When I run into people who hate counter strike, guess what the three main problems are?
I don’t like FPSes.
I prefer more realistic Rogue Spear type FPSes.
I sucked fucking huge ass and instead of taking the time to figure it out I slammed my hands on my ALT+F4 keys and uninstalled that POS faster than they could say newb, again.

Fucking admit it you pussies. Stop trying to save your e-cred and admit that you got fucking raped and couldn’t take it with the pwn. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, unlike some games. Guess what? That doesn’t make the game a bad game just because you don’t like it. You know what makes a game a bad game? When nobody wants to play it.

Why do we have to hate people because they play a game we’ve either heard of or played previously? Seriously? What are we a bunch of fuckin 4 year olds? PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES THAN YOU AND IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM ANY MORE WRONG THAN IT MAKES YOU RIGHT, YOU FUCKING MORON. Sorry, you’re just some fuckin loser who writes down bullshit on the internet for people to read, just like me.

Miscellaneous… A.K.A. random motherfucker

I just checked out FreeRealms again. I’m still #1, well I would be if I paid $5.00 which I just might do. However, if I do, I’ll be creating many more characters so that I can be ranked #’s 1-5 or however many characters you get. Yeah and I’m gonna make all of their names incredibly similar. I see that the top ranked players have changed quite a bit, someone has over 21000 now, but they’re still 600 points below me. I really don’t think these kids are trying hard enough. I mean, I’m 22 and I smoke a lot of pot. How on earth could my reaction time and hand eye coordination be better than a bunch of kids? I can never get as good at CS as I used to be, so that rules out the whole, I’ve still got it theory.

I’m a dumbass IRL. I almost threw away my relationship because I’m a tool shed. Now I just do what I’m told and uhh, leave the cave. I really like my cave though, it is very comfy. I’ve made an appointment to see my rapist again after a few weeks or a month hiatus. I don’t think it is going to do much, but we’ll see. When it gets to the point that I feel like I’m just talking to another friend, that’s when I should stop paying for it imo. Before I stopped it was as if I was going to school but I didn’t do my homework. He’d ask me what I needed today and I’d be like shit man I don’t know. Can you make everything awesome? How about a bunch of money? I don’t fucking know what I need that’s why I came to see you. I can only stress out about my required tasks so much. Eventually I just keep going because I get out of work an hour early.

Does everyone have to get mad at the things they are tired of or want to distance themselves from? When I take breaks from weed, I have to hate the shit and everyone who is pro it. I feel like I have to get mad at my therapist so he stops trying to reschedule me every week. My brother and his friends will say that any MMO I am playing sucks pretty much because it isn’t WoW or EQ1. My brother doesn’t even know shit about MMOs, but he still does it. One of his friends is one of those big queers that played EQ1 for 5 years but acts like they played everything a lot. I played that game for 5 minutes, it fuckin sucked. Okay WoW boy, enjoy your 10 years til max level and then your 10 years of raiding. See, you have to hate shit. I’m pretty sure you only have to do it because everyone wants to be right or everyone thinks they’re right. Technically we all are, because we had to make the decision to switch from game A to game B for ourselves. Guess what you told yourself before you did it? That it was the right decision. So when we start talking about our preferences with one another, their decisions conflict with our decisions, and the next thing we know we’re trying to shove each others’ games down the others’ throat.

Am I getting too old for online games? I’m sure the really old people would laugh their ass off at that, but I am kind of serious. It seems like every game community I glance at is plagued with a bunch of retarded high school failures who think they’re owed the world from everyone else. Do not go to suggestion forums ever! It is the worst fucking place in all of the internet. 95% of the posts you find will be kids requesting changes so that they can do better. They don’t even realize they’re doing it. They think that everyone already knows that it needs to be done. But they are not aware that they’re being selfish little entitled fucks. Shit, they probably think they’re doing the community a great service, because they found the obvious unbalance in the games code. Been there, done that.

I’ve been imagining myself diving into a community. Actually communicating with strangers and not holding back or fitting in, just being myself and seeing how it goes. In my fantasies it all works out great, the guild or community molds itself around me and accepts me, but I’m pretty damn sure that wouldn’t be the case. Some of my best grouping experiences in MMOs was when I grouped up with some Euro players in DAoC. They needed a Skald, and I have a level 50 one. I got on their vent and everything. I couldn’t understand one fuckin word, but it didn’t matter, because we all knew what to do (well, I didn’t, but they did heh). I find myself in a similar situation on my current free server, Uthgard.

It is an “international” server which means a fuck ton of Euros not from the UK with sprinkles of english speaking peoples. Still, there are tons of entitled retarded fucks, they just have horrible broken english now. Which kind of makes it less irritating I guess, more comical, but I can still decipher the shit and figure out that they’re stupid fucking kids thinking they’re pulling a fast one and that they’ll finally be OPed and awesome. Except they don’t consider being OPed a bad thing, to them it just means they’re good. Been there, done that.

Happiness is when your actions line up with your morals.

How does one go about “turning over a new leaf”? I sometimes consider sitting down and making huge lists. These lists will be like checklists for my life. Get up before 7:20, shower, brush teeth, be out of the door by 7:50. I would need sooo many though. Dirty a dish? Clean it before doing anything else. Trash? Empty immediately. Laundry as soon as the hamper is full. Car tires feeling funny? Get them looked at. Need to sign up for school? Fucking do it! Have you taken Melanie out recently? Do it. Work would be pretty difficult. Are you blogging? Stop. Are you reading blogs? Fucking stop it! Do everything you have to do and ask for more you lazy motherfucker. Easier said than done(el cop out?).

I’ve discovered that the Uthgard server is really incomplete. They plan on having the SI zones in, but they’re not done. There is not one named Tomte outside of Nisse’s at the camps nearby. Whole spawns are missing. Tons of quests are missing. Loot. Everything. The battlegrounds seem like the biggest joke. Thidranki allows up to level 46. Yep, the 20-24 battleground is open to level 46s. There is also a whole army of give it to me now kiddies who just want to stay in the BGs all day long. What I believe is that the staff listened to their requests in the beginning, unaware that they would never want to leave. Now the staff is complaining that the players are complaining.

The one thing I wanted was the ability to go up to named guards after level 10, target them, and /s task. You used to get a task to go kill a blue mob in the surrounding area, you’re given a direction and everything, plus when you return you get an uber XP reward and a decent amount of coin. I’m pretty surprised that it isn’t in.

I believe one of the biggest problems is that the server is billed as a Classic server. I have a feeling the majority of the vocal players didn’t play the game in it’s first year or two. Even the ones that did are confusing features from years 3 through 6 (or however many years its been out) with features from the first couple years. Tireless is supposed to be an RA not a passive ability most classes get. Boats and griffins are not supposed to be in the game. Nor is spellcrafting and alchemy.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Do I even enjoy playing these games? Isn’t it just the same damn thing painted a different way, maybe with a different shape every now and then? I find that I’ve had the most fun in online games when I am either playing with RL friends (which hasn’t happened very often since high school) or if I feel like I’m somehow getting the upper hand over people. I believe the upper hand feeling is usually attributed to me being OP. Sometimes it is because people are simply stupid or nervous in a fight, but those don’t feel as good. In Scoutzknivez it can feel really good though. However, it usually ends up ruining my own fun.

There are some players who are pretty damn good at Scoutzknivez. They join the server and see how many kills they can get before they die, sometimes they get in their 20s before it happens. What I like to do is lower their morale. Because it is such a real thing in games, it really is, I don’t have any proof but I guarantee you it exists. Many people care about their kill:death ratio in CS, but CS is a random game, you can be awesome but a newb across the map can spray and kill you. That is just the way it is, and I have accepted that, unlike the majority of the players striving to be good. You will see people retrying a lot, because it resets their score. Some will even join the opposite team after retrying just so they can have a good score even though they’re obviously stacking the team.

I don’t get how they can lie to themselves into thinking they’re better than they are, but I don’t get a lot of things. Anyways, I like to kill these people. I make it my mission, because it can be pretty hard. Especially when you’re almost always on the losing team, which means you’re out of the door faster, which means the whole enemy team aims at you before they see your teammates. It can get tough, but that’s how I like it. Usually when I kill them they have to say something, they have to, they can’t not say something. It’s funny because they’ll even be better than me at times yet they will always say something when I kill them. It’s basic psychology, they feel threatened, they’re defending their pride or whatnot, I get it. But I also think it is funny.

Another part of that is my score. I’m usually showing more deaths than kills, yet I’ll be the only person killing the best dude on the other team. They see my score and instantly say it was luck. Because how could someone with a score that bad kill them, amirite? Problem is (finaly the point) that they’re sore losers. They’ll quit, take their friends with them, and before I know it the server is empty save myself and a few newbs. So I kill my own fun.

Last week I was playing a lot more Scoutzknivez and the regular good people began to realize that I always do that (even though I’ve been playing there for 4-5 years and I’ve seen them all many times before). Then I began being a member of the stacked team. Why? Because they’d join my side. So I’d try switching sides when it became so obviously unfair, few rounds down the road and now the other team is quitting. Why? Because they switched to my effin team again. Some of them don’t do that, some of them do it because they don’t like me sneaking up on them and raping them, others because they like me. My favorite time is when the teams are fair, each having a few good guys, and if I still win. That’s the money.

Anyways, that’s about it for today. I’m considering a new blog for a new avenue of expression, but you know me, I do everything I plan on.


New frontiers for griefing

Ever wish you could go play UO and find some clueless newb to trick into screwing himself over? Ahh, those were the good old days (when I was the newb too!). What can you do nowadays to grief people? Well, you could’ve played Darkfall when it released, but by now I don’t think there are too many clueless people left. You can play any FPS (or any game for that matter) that has voice chat and group with as many people as you can, just waiting for that little kid with his squeaky voice, then make fun of him for it (but that will only be funny for a couple of seconds until you realize that you’re a dickface). Yep, there are not many options out there for griefing. You could spend a long fuckin time in EVE establishing yourself and it would still pretty much all boil down to tricking someone into trusting you.

Well my friends, you no longer have to yell inappropriate phrases and/or odd noises at people on the sidewalk as you drive by, for now there is Omegle.

What is Omegle? Omegle is pretty much just a 1v1 chatroom creator dealy. You go to the website, click start conversation, and you’re instantly connected with a stranger. The stranger’s name appears as, you guessed it, Stranger! You can disconnect from the conversation at any time and reconnect to a new one. It really is a neat idea and you can have some long and enjoyable conversations with a complete stranger.

Personally I have only had 2 good conversations out of probably 15. One was with an Italian fellow who was mapping the genome for wheat (or something like that). Another was with a Canadian who hates people as much as I do and smokes weed (we got along great!).

However, there are a fuckton of weirdos. For instance, one guy asked me if I wanted to have sex. I told him only if he was a transgendered 8 year old. He said, well maybe I am, and I said well then maybe I’m a dude. Upon learning I was a male he disconnected. Normal as shit if you ask me.

Most people you’ll run into will remind you of AOL back in the day. ASL? M or F? Oh and since they’re strangers, they probably won’t like you, so remember that.

If you visit during the work day, be prepared for a lot of kids. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to probably 4 kids between 15-17, and when I say pleasure, I mean damn I am sorry to a lot of people that I talked to on the internet when I was younger.

The best conversation I had, oddly enough, I began by saying: “Hey baby you ever have your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?” (Jay & Silent Bob fyizzle) It is an odd game, probably because it isn’t a game.

But, if you play it like a game, and seriously try to have a conversation for over 5 minutes with each random person you’re paired up with, you will lose. You simply cannot please everyone conversationally. Most people will say Hi, but then it’ll go quiet and you have to just start quizzing them basically. It gets old quick, but if you’re lucky enough to run into someone that you click with, you will see the awesomeness of the idea.

Most of the people I talked to were from Europe, one Brazil, a Canadian, and surprisingly only one American (from Texas). The one american pissed me off lol. He was 16 and from Texas. He plays Counter Strike and we were talking about it for a little while, then in the middle of the conversation he just disconnected, fuckin asshole! My guess is his teacher walked up on him, or he fucking hates me and I’m a horrible person! Lol.

Anyways, you can have fun with it by just talking a bunch of dumb shit and seeing how long they’ll stick around.

Free Realms
I have yet to play any Free Realms. Fiance fucking ruined everything by being a stupid fuckin drunk that enjoys stupid ass tv shows. I played a few seconds of the tutorial this morning, it looked nice, and it seems like it will be fun. I am not aware yet of any possible ways to grief people, but I’ll figure something out!

My name Wener Indamouf got denied, go figure! Now I am stuck with Richard Smallpiper, lol, get it, Dick SmallDick. Yeah, aren’t I so clever.

I’m hoping I can pull some Nigerian Prince bullshit on some little kids though. It would suck to get banned, for tricking little kids lol. Iunno, I might wear it like a badge of honor, but I might get upset. Who knows.

Anyways, that’s about it. Laterzorz

How did I contain this much gheyness in just one post?

Brief summary of points I’d like to hit on:
Anger in the Blogosphere!
Free Realms!
I’m immature!
I am a tourist!
Am I special or delusional?
WoW+UO, a WoW server with UO rules!

Alright, where do we start? I know, ANGER ANGER WILL ROBINSON, ANGER! I’m guilty of everything I’m about to talk about. Everyone is fucking angry at someone, in MMO land, that is (probably IRL too, but who cares about that, amirite?). People who play WoW hate everyone who doesn’t, people who play DF hate everyone else, people who play EVE think everyone else is crazy, and those crazy ATitD players don’t even know everyone else exists! Well that last one doesn’t matter, but you get the idea. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Syncaine, but man is he angry sometimes. I half suspect that it is a bit of RP, but still, damn. Just go around and look through comments. People get so mad at others because they misinterpret what was said, or sometimes, inject some of their own thoughts into someone else’s. Again, I am guilty of this. It’s just fucked up.

Free Realms! Man did this one slip under my radar or what? I actually remember some old people bloggers talking about taking the whole family there when it comes out etc, but aside from that I completely forgot about it. My fiance plays Pogo a bit and though I’ve tried to get her to play MMOs the only one she could stomach was WoW and she didn’t make it passed level 10. This morning I showed her some of the trailers for Free Realms and I’m pretty sure she was sold on the puppies. Hooray for cute puppies! I’m kind of excited to get home and fire this up (while subsequently firing something else up, teehee!). I’ve got a good feeling she’ll join me without resisting, but ya never know.

I’m immature as shit and I’m pretty sure that is why some people are completely turned off by some of the things I say. When I’m thinking of my words I always find myself trying to make myself laugh. If it makes me laugh, it almost has to make you laugh, but if it doesn’t you will still laugh at me because I’m laughing at myself. Yeah, that’s right. I like being immature, it is my favorite genre of comedy, it is the genre where I excel. I understand that if I acted more mature my chances of making friends and having conversations about things besides wieners and butts will go up, but I’m fucking 22 man. I’m still young and I want to be young for as long as I can. I used to want to be so old, I wanted to skip 20-30 years of my life and jump straight into being old. That is pretty dumb. I am going bald though (and I’m not fighting it like a pussy!), which kind of sucks. Anyways, being immature is still funny to me, so fuck you.

Someone commented on one of Syncaine’s posts about how Keen is a tourist. Well, I am a tourist too! I play so many MMOs, but I always get tired of them pretty quickly, and I move on to the next one. I’ve been doing this for a very fucking long time, very gdamn long. I haven’t played one game for longer than 2 months straight besides FPS games or maybe Diablo 2 back in the day. That is just who I am. I honestly can’t imagine what it is like to play the same game for 6 months. How do you come home everyday and think: “Alright! Let’s jump back into this same fuckin thing I’ve been doing the last 5 months! Something different will happen this time!” I have no idea. Therefor, I am a tourist, but I don’t ruin games with my tourism (lol@WoW Tourists).

Am I special or delusional? I’ve said before in another post that I’ve thought I was living in a Truman Show type world a few times. It is probably because of some emotional/mental problems coupled with my extreme pothead paranoia. But anyways, I’m wondering if this is another case of that. Everytime I comment at BrokenToys (Scott Jennings) my comment says it is awaiting moderation. I am pretty sure I’m the only one (if not one of a few) being moderated. If that is the case, then damn, do I feel special. I mean, you know he knows my internet alias if he singled me out like that. To be honest, it is pretty fucking cool. I comment on almost every post there (well used to) but now I don’t even consider commenting unless I’ve got something solid to add. Sometimes I’ll write up a big comment and not even post it because it I’ll reread it and think I’m a dumbass. Anyways, perdy cool.

This one I found via Someone posted it up there and now there are a few of them playing. That’s right people, WoW plus UO rules (aka full loot…) Holy fucking shit. I never went to this website until just now, and reading the rules makes me fucking cream my pants.
Here are the rules:

-Full world PVP
-Item drops on death or suicide (1-12 items from equipped and bagged)
-Protective guards in town and starting areas (but not invincible)
-100% inter-faction game-play supported
-Guilds can have horde or alliance
-Groups can have horde or alliance
-Raids can have horde or alliance
-You can talk to anyone from either faction
-No arenas (all PVP is world based)
-Mark/Recall spells (like Ultima)
-Reduced spawn rates of all Bosses, creatures, in the world and dungeons
-All instances are singletons i.e. anyone can go into an instance at anytime grouped or not because there is only 1 instance.
-Repopulated zones for higher level content control
-Repopulated resource nodes for crafters to control
-Guild and Player housing
-Guilds will be able to control major cities as well like stormwind and ironforge
-Decorate your house with over 1,000 items from our object database
-Protect your garrison with CANNONS and other siege weapons.
-Custom itemization and new world events and items.
-Money drops x 15
-Starting mount (under pets tab)
-Mob kill XP x 10
-Quest XP x 3
-Rested XP x 2
-Exploration XP x 2
-Green Item drop rates x 10
-Blue item drop rates x 6
-Purple item drop rates x 3

Man that is just amazing to me.

Anyways, that is it.

Oh yeah! could use some new faces! So stop on by and read the previous posts, get a feel for the place, and act accordingly! We really need some new people there!

Little update before the weekend

Finished Firefly.

Haven’t played much AO but when I return I plan on moving myself to the Temple of the Three Winds and hopefully being able to solo, but probably not.

Noticed I had 0 hours on my Xfire for AO so I had to manually add it, way to go Xfire.

Watched The Sphere this morning. That movie is so awesome (“the book was better!” fags need not respond!). Books are always better, durr.

Can’t wait to get home and get super retarded and play so much AO, mainly because it is free.

I’ve been considering buying the expansion pack thingy for AO, but then I think I’ll have a monthly fee, meh! Sure would be nice to have access to everything though.

I came very close to playing/creating an alt yesterday.

Even MORE on WAR (with some negative)

First, you may notice that my xfire only has me down for 5 hours of WAR in the past two weeks. Well, let me tell you that I have 2 characters that are R12/RR11 with about a day played time for each. You may be asking, but why Mr. Bonedead, why does your xfire lie to us so?

Well I will tell you my friend, I can’t run Warhammer very well with xfire also running. Shit, I disable my fuckin AVG security thingy before I play just to squeeze out those couple extra fps, so that I can have all 10 fps while playing (numbers may be exaggerated but probably not by much).

I have realized there are a few little features that I have come to expect from MMOs. Some of them may surprise you and none of them are currently features in WAR.

1) Swimming down in water. Even DAoC eventually got a “down” command for diving into water. WoW appears to have planned it as a feature from the get go. But WAR does not yet have shit in the swimming area. Sure, there aren’t any sea monsters that I would want fight if I could swim down, but I’m just sayin.

Maybe Mythic is thinking, stay the fuck out of the water. Remember what ToA did to us (the expansion that added swimming under water)? Who knows if this is true, I’m just sayin.

2) Putting items into chat. Sure, there are annoying people who link an item to guild chat every 5 minutes or less, and we are annoyed by these people. But why should the rest of us suffer? Even DAoC (yeah I went there again, Mythic!) eventually implemented the feature.

Now don’t get me wrong, this could be a feature in WAR right now. If it is, it isn’t any logical fucking combination of keys. No shift click, no ctrl click, no dragging onto the chat window or the text input bar. No shift/ctrl click while the chat input bar is opened, no, as I said if it is in game it is not logical.

3) Special mobs looking just like regular mobs. This one I can’t believe they overlooked. Seriously, even fucking WoW had the decency to dye the special gorilla gray instead of brown. I had a quest on my Witch Elf for over a goddamn day because the special named mob was just standing on the outskirts of the PQ area just like the 100 other mobs all around him. There was no significant change in geography, no special object ie fountain/statue leading me towards this guy.

As far as I could tell, this guy was not special. It makes me wonder if the High Elves even considered that guy as important. I mean come on, you’re telling me that this guy is important enough for my military officers to order me to assassinate his ass while he is stationed on the outskirts of the tower with all the shitty fucks that no one cares about? Maybe we got some bad intel? I’m just sayin.

For the record, I could understand and accept this flaw if it happened at high end/mid level content. But this is tier 1 I’m talking about. The most important tier for setting the hook in your customers cheek, and you fucked it up. (lullz)

4) No special solo content. I understand that you want people to group, WAR, I really do and I applaud the steps you have taken to achieve that. However, I think you didn’t count on people like me. See, I waited before I bought you. That’s right, I didn’t just run in with open arms the moment you turned 18. Why? Because I wanted to hear about the pudding, my friend. Because you see, the proof is in the pudding, mkay.

So a month goes by, most people have decided on a class and are out of tier 1. Enters: ME. I have only gotten 1 PQ loot bag, fucking 1 bitch, 1 goddamn loot bag. I wish I had fucking 50, but I only got 1. I’ll tell you why too. See, the only people in tier 1 are the people like me (few and far between) who play at odd hours of the AM (3AM-7AM depending on how early I woke up, not on purpose) and regular hours in the PM (6PM-10PM est). It doesn’t seem that odd to me, it seems like there should be a fuck load of people for me to play with. But there aren’t.

The one PQ I was able to complete was in the Dark Elves land. Why? Because People want to play FOTM Disciple of Khaine, not to mention my Nordenwatch fanboys who saw me fucking raping on my Witch Elf. So yeah, there were enough to do 1 PQ, once.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve read all the hullabuhloo about waiting at the PQ for more people to show up, but you know what? I like advancing in the time I play. I like to maximize my efficiency when it comes to leveling, which I would assume seems logical to most people. As it is, with 3-4 hours a day to play (work day), I feel as though I don’t have enough time. You expect me to wait fucking 5 minutes (which you fucking KNOW is a goddamn lifetime when you just want to maximize efficiency)? Really?

There is nothing more frustrating to me than being in a PQ area grinding influence because out of the 4 rewards and 4 potions I want one of the Elite items that I’ll probably outgrow in 1 session of playing, and after killing 25 fucking newb mobs I upgrade the PQ to Stage 2. Why? Because Stage 2 always introduces champion fucking mobs that are either all over the goddamn place or are running around like fucking ninjas in and out of clouds of smoke. Why does this bother me? Because even though I can usually solo a champion mob my level, I can’t fucking solo 2 of them. I can’t even solo 1 champion mob and a blue/green easy/effortless mob. That is fucking stupid bullshit my friend.

Here is whats worse: Yesterday while waiting in the queue for Nordenwatch (though I queue all 3) I decided to roam the lands of RvR in the Greenskin vs Dwarf Tier 1 zones. I found a fucking troll cave, which is fucking sweet imo, a place to explore. Maybe at the bottom of this cave is some elite fuckin troll for me to rape and get phat lewt from. Because I am a Rank 11 Chosen, I am a badass, and these trolls are levels 3 and 4 so even if there is a hard dude I should be able to easily take his ass, right?

WRONG! The cave turns out to be a tunnel through the mountain. After reaching the other side I look at my map and see the roads that are marked. I see that to my right is a marked path and to my left I see what appears to be a path, but it is not on the map. So I head left to explore and stumble upon a level 4 heroic troll. Hooray! Just what I was looking for.

Immediately after engaging the troll in combat I regretted my decision. You see this troll was kicking my fucking level 11 tank ass, seriously. So I hunkered down and fucking played the best I could and barely pulled out a victory. What was my phat lewt reward? Fucking nothing. At least nothing of any notable value or significance. And that my friend, is fucking stupid. Just sayin.

5) Level 35 Heroic Mobs roaming towns in “Contested” areas. I don’t know, maybe it is because I am on a Core server, in which case I blame my brother’s friend for being a douche. But I really think that if I can go from an RvR zone and sneak past the fucking heroic asshole mobs and get into little Dwarf land that I should be able to fucking beat up their towns and draw them out. No no no, Mythic doesn’t want any of that. I mean why should destroying their quest givers and merchants be allowed in, uh, WAR? Nothing sucks more ass than being 1 shot and you of all people should know this, Mythic (old school rogues in DAoC anyone?)!

Seriously, if I have to wait fucking 15 minutes to be able to join a Scenario, and I’ve already helped take every Tier 1 RvR objective and SOLOED the three others, I think there should be some goddamn way for me to earn Renown. Just sayin.