The Void

Do you remember the first MMO that you really fell in love with? For some it was UO, some EQ, and a whole lot for WoW. I’m not really talking to the WoW people as much, but if you are a WoW person and want to chime in, feel free :D.

Although I played UO my first love was DAoC. I started out in Midgard as a Norse Hunter and didn’t get very far before getting my first case of altitis. There was a sense of community, realm pride, you cared about your team and you hated the other two. I don’t really know how they did it but no one was immune, everyone had incredible realm pride. Even as a low level player unable to assist our realm in the big boy fights, I cared about how they did, and I’d cheer them on whenever possible. It was a truly amazing first MMO experience.

Never have I been so mad at a mob as I was at Rock Crabs/Spindley Rock Crabs and don’t get me started on Wee Wolves or Tomtes. The game was a world instead of a game and that is something that I have rarely felt since. The Herald really helped me as a newb to keep up with my team’s successes, I could see who was getting the most kills/RPs for the week and in total, plus which keeps we and our enemies controlled.

Shrouded Isles was released just as I was getting familiar with all of the nooks and crannies of the old world and it turned out to be the same size of the old world. It was pretty much just a whole new world to level from 1-50 in, so I made some more alts, especially of all the new classes that were added. By this time I had played all 3 realms, however, all on different servers, so there was still a sense of realm pride.

When battlegrounds were added in March of 2002 is when I really started loving the game. The lowest level BG was 20-24, prior to this I had not reached level 20, and this gave me some motivation to do so. I was there on day one as a Thane, which at the time was a cool class (later was gimped and since has been reintroduced as a decent class methinks?) and a popular class as well, there was nothing like seeing a bunch of lightning bolts flying everywhere not to mention the hammers. Speaking of the hammers I remember seeing my first big fight in RvR. I was a low level tagging along, hanging in the back with the healers, and our Mid force collided with another force at a MileGate in Odin’s Gate. I could see probably 20 giant blue hammers raining down on the enemies and I don’t think I’m capable of describing how awesome it was at the time. One of the healers then told me that when you see the hammers it is a good sign. I would like to think I will never forget how good of an experience that was.

A year after Shrouded Isles was released came another expansion, Trials of Atlantis. This expansion added new high level content including Master Levels and Artifacts. With Master Levels came Master Abilities which helped change the face of RvR when coupled with Artifacts and their abilities. Artifacts were items dropped by the new boss mobs in the Trials of Atlantis and in order to use one you needed to acquire the scrolls necessary to activate the item. Once activated Artifacts are level 1, at the time each artifact would only gain exp from specific mob types such as reptiles or humanoids and others required PvP kills, nowadays any exp goes towards the artifacts. Many would argue that the ToA expansion was the beginning of the end of DAoC as we knew it and I would have to agree. The core playerbase had been playing for a couple years already, they were max level, they had reached end game content and were having a good time. This expansion made it so they had to gain 10 more levels through 90-100 PvE raids (some soloable, some small group, many many group) and they also had to create whole new templates which included attaining artifacts and leveling them to acquire the abilities, just to return to the end game they previously enjoyed dearly.

A half a year later, June 2004, New Frontiers was released. This was a free expansion but it was also a required expansion, one that many did not welcome with open arms, mainly because the devs decided it was a good idea to further mess with endgame content. In fact, they completely revamped all of the frontiers, which is where the RvR took place. No more familiar lands, these new lands were all new terrain wise yet still had the same names as before. The only positives in my opinion that came from this expansion was the keep redesign, the additional siege weapons, and the battlegrounds for the rest of the players who were not levels 20-35 and 50. It has since grown on me as it has the others who continued to play (or have since come to play) but those who remember what it was like will never forget.

At the end of 2004 the Catacombs expansion was released. This is probably my favorite expansion for the game as it added new classes, faster leveling via new underground worlds or instanced, scalable dungeons, and a bit of a graphics revamp. I did not get to level 50 until this expansion came out, prior to it my highest was probably around 30-35. My favorite aspect of this expansion was the Task Dungeons. You would approach the Taskmaster in your level appropriate area and he would ask if you want long corridors or close quarters type of combat and would then send you to the cave nearby. The mobs would be blue at early levels and yellow at later levels, all the while being worth way more exp and dropping more money than usual. They also added adventure wings onto preexisting dungeons (a dungeon off of a dungeon) and these wings contained mobs that would drop Aurulite. Aurulite was used in the new underground capital cities to purchase decent armor weapons and accessories. I know some are against faster leveling and “handouts” but you still had to sit there and kill a bunch of shit just like any other game so, I would have to disagree with those people.

At the beginning of 2005 in an effort to retain customers by consolidating populations Server Clustering was introduced. Three or so servers would be clustered together, sharing the same battlegrounds, RvR zones, and capital cities. You could go to each of the three servers’ old world zones (including SI and Catacombs) and when you ran into a player from another server their name would have “of ServerName” at the end of it. I view clustering as a good thing only because it was the right thing to do considering the circumstances. Whether they could have avoided those circumstances or not is where my beef lies.

In July 2005 the new Classic server type was introduced. These two servers did not allow access to the Trials of Atlantis content and also introduced a ranged buff system. On all of the other server types it was the norm for players to have buffbots, or characters on separate accounts with max level buffing classes who would buff a group of players and then be left by the safety of the unkillable realm guards (who watch the entrances into the old world zones of each realm). With this system if you got too far away from the person who buffed you then you lost the buffs. Many people returned to play on these servers, so many in fact that they had to launch a third classic server to accommodate the demand. Nowadays these servers are clustered and empty.

Three months later the expansion Darkness Rising is released introducing champion weapons, champion levels, subclasses, mounts, dungeons for gaining champion levels, and the island Agramon which connected the three realms’ frontier zones. By this time I was pretty detached from the game so I can’t say for sure how the playerbase welcomed this expansion. Mythic had been promising player mounts since a couple months after release and four years later they arrive. I never raised my champion levels very high so I only got a few subclass abilities (which for the most part were a joke iirc) but I did get my champion weapon and mount which I can’t say I didn’t enjoy.

One year later and another expansion, Labyrinth of the Minotaur, released. This expansion added the Minotaur races, the Mauler class (solo beast as shit class), the Labyrinth (a dungeon with many boss encounters accessible by all three realms for pvp/pve), and Champion levels 6-10. I’ve some experience with this expansion, I got a Minotaur Mauler to level 49 where he could outsolo my level 50 warrior (by killing mobs that conned red and purple to my warrior), and I did a few encounters in the Labyrinth.

Nowadays all of the clusters are clustered and as of right now (12:30PM EST Thursday 12/31/09) there are 2,600 players on in North America and 0 players in Europe. It is sad for me to see my first MMO love in such shambles. I regularly subbed for about 3 months a year along with multiple trial accounts (some with very high level toons on them) and I haven’t played in some time. If you can’t guess by now, I have the itch to play DAoC again, but seeing as there are only 6 players currently on the classic cluster I doubt I will have much fun.

Here is to hoping Mythic actually creates and releases the Origins server type they teased us with a couple years back (somewhat of a more classic, classic server type with more pvp at lower levels). There hasn’t been much mention of it since early this year but maybe they’ll work on it since Warhammer sucks so bad.

Until then, I’ll be left with a void to fill.


Things I liked and hated in Aion

I’ve stopped playing Aion though I can still play til the 24th. Xfire tells me I’ve invested 172 hours in the game which makes it tied with Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction as one of my top 10 most played games. I’ve not put much here recently, I’m not 100% sure why, but I’ve just finished this semester so I’d like to put a bit more into this place now that I feel like I can. So, without further mumbo jumbo, my likes and dislikes of Aion.

-Animations: The animations were probably the best I’ve seen in any MMO. It seemed like every time my weapon looked like it hit an enemy the game actually showed me that it did by making a hit noise and a little POW cloud on the spot the enemy was hit. Not to mention the Gladiator’s 2000 DP hit that skewers your enemy, flings them around you, and then slams them down at your feet. You just can’t beat awesomeness like that. On a side note, there was one time in PvP when I skewered a guy and he stayed on my Polearm after he should have fallen off. I was able to hit him still with normal attacks afterwards but I don’t know if he was hitting me. Looked funny though.
-Scenery: If you’ve played Aion and it didn’t cripple your PC then you know what a visual orgasm is like. In most games there are little bugs (not malfunctions, insects and stuff) that you can’t touch. In Diablo 2 there are scorpions you can walk over, in WoW there are fish and maybe a bird or two, and other games have these little touches as well. They never look THAT good. Well in Aion they do. The game has a lot of detail.
-Gliding: Flying is overrated, anyone can press R to go up and F to go down or look up or down while holding forward. But can you make it from the top of the Pandaemonium staircase (outside of the auction house place) all the way down to the top of the stairs leading to the teleporter in one glide? Not everyone can, because they don’t get that while gliding pressing forward and backwards actually changes your tilt. This is an invaluable tool for a game with some open PvP. I’ve escaped countless times due to out-gliding my enemies.
-Being New: This is a big positive for any game I’m looking at. If I haven’t played it then I’ll want to even more. It’s the only reason I bought the game (and I really wanted to buy AoC at the time of shopping but they were not in stock). This isn’t really something good about the game, it’s just a reason why I liked it.
-Forced mob grinding: I know I’ve said here before how I used to use my Prima guide for DAoC and look up loot tables for low level mobs (I couldn’t level very high back then, not doing much better now either lol) until I found one that would drop a special item at a low percentage. I would then go and farm said mob until it dropped, sometimes til it dropped twice. I don’t know what it was about it that made me enjoy it so much, but it’s still there. Grinding mobs and finding phats is gewd. Doing quests for phats is more tiring. But a healthy mix of both is my preferred method. Aion did this rather well with limited quests and good respawn times/number of camps.

-Gold Farming sons of bitches: They were fucking everywhere. You switch channels to try and find a nice quiet instance without tons of fuckers named dfkjsdkf and they’re always there. Random tells, stores that are selling 1 shitty thing for millions of Kinah with a big annoying fucking shop message, and they monopolized some of the resources on the Broker so that they would only sell huge stacks at huge prices (so you can’t get 1 more worthy armor flux when you need it).
-Stupid fucking kids: Global channels are the dumbest fucking idea ever. Why is it needed? No matter what name you give the channel it will always turn into a little kids telling lame dick jokes (not even good dick jokes, srsly) channel. Always. Not to mention kids are fucking stupid and act like retards ingame by hitting your mobs, stealing your resource nodes, just generally being retarded fucks. I feel so apologetic to the people I abused when I was an annoying fucking retard MMO baby.
-Blandness: Sure everything is real pretty and shiny and sparkly, but give me some change, jesus christ. How long can you sit in the same scenery before you go crazy? For me it’s a little over a month (close to 172 hours played probably).
-Teh Grind: Of course it made the list. It wasn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be (though I know it will be in a few more levels, currently 29) but combo this with the Blandness and you have a recipe for me burning out.

So that’s it for Aion. I’ve said my peace and now you know why I played it and stopped playing it.


A conversation with a Comcast support chatter person dealy

I just figured I’d put this out there, because I have slowly been driven to hate Comcast. Here is a link to my first post about these assholes.

Anyways, here it is:

chat id : 9015bfd3-8561-4679-a71e-9ea842a1ce2f
Problem : When I moved into my apartments they supplied me with a Comcast reps #. He set up my account and I guess put me under a promotion. He did not tell me this and now I’m expected to pay more? Furthermore, he is not answering or returning my calls.

Jason > When I moved into my apartments they supplied me with a Comcast reps #. He set up my account and I guess put me under a promotion. He did not tell me this and now I’m expected to pay more? Furthermore, he is not answering or returning my calls.

Iris > Hello Jason_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Iris. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Iris > Welcome to Comcast! It’s an honor to have you with us! My name is Iris, nice to meet you. How are you doing? smile

Jason_ > I’m okay, is there any way to make the chat wider so I don’t have to side scroll?

Iris > I’m sorry Jason, but that’s the format of the window…

Jason_ > Alrighty

Jason_ > So yeah my bill has basically doubled out of the blue and “my comcast guy” is ignoring me.

Iris > Oh I’m sorry to hear that, but I will do my best to help you.

Iris > But before we begin, I need some information, don’t worry is just for security purposes, can you provide me your account number and the last 4 digits of your SSN, please?

Jason_ > Hah, that actually makes me worry, but okay one second


Iris > Alrighty! Please hold a moment while I check your information.

Jason_ > I’d also like to state that “my comcast guy” has ignored me almost from the start. See my internet has worked improperly since day 1. I’ve had comcast just about forever so I know how it should perform when playing online games. I assume that because I mention online games as my main activity on the internet that it is considered less important to most of the employees I came in contact with. I was even told by a phone rep that I’m not supposed to be allowed to play online games, like I don’t know that I am.

Jason_ > You know I’ve seen a ton of stories on the internet about comcast kind of sucking and I always thought no way, they’ve always been great to me.

Iris > Well Jason, I understand, don’t worry I will pass that report.

Jason_ > I had 4 techs come out to my house and they all played with the same friggin socket in the wall, and nothing, not one bit of difference ever occurred. I figured there was a problem with the cord in the wall or outside under ground, but I guess doing work is out of the question.

Jason_ > It was during this time that my comcast guy, whos first name and phone number I can supply, stopped taking my calls or returning them.

Iris > Well Ryan, what kind of promotion they gave you?

Jason_ > I feel like I’ve been “worked over” or “had a fast one” pulled on me. One guy called me out of the blue saying if things weren’t fixed he would give me like 10-18 mb down for the same price as my 6 mb and then he gave me a false number to contact him by. My comcast guy also told me he would refund the payments for the internet when it was improperly working. Now I can’t even get a hold of him to try and fix this crap he’s gotten me in or even to let him know I’m really considering canceling everything because of him.

Iris > I’m really sorry for the inconvenience Jason.

Jason_ > My names Jason, and he didn’t even tell me he gave me one. He just made it sound like he was giving me a great deal because I live in the apartments that I do, they did supply me with his name and number as a comcast representative. I thought I was just getting some more of the old comcast greatness that I’d always known and loved.

Jason_ > He never once said it would end and I would be charged more, not once.

Jason_ > If he did I would’ve said no, I just want the regular tv.

Jason_ > My bill has literally doubled because of this and to me, that’s outrageous.

Iris > Well Jason, let’s go step by step, that kind of promotion maybe has expired.

Jason_ > Well I assume that it has considering my bill has doubled. But to clarify again, I was unaware of any promotion.

Iris > If you like I can transfer you to the Sales Department to give a downgrade of your service, unfortunately I’m not allowed to do that.

Jason_ > Look at it from my view, I open my bill and instead of being able to afford it, I can’t, because some guy didn’t tell me anything. My account was created over the phone with this guy and I didn’t sign one piece of paper besides the services sheets the techs have. I was completely 100% unaware of this promotion.

Jason_ > I wouldn’t like to be transferred. What is it that you cannot do?

Iris > Because this is the Troubleshooting Department. I don’t have the necessary tools to do it.

Jason_ > Okay so what I’m gathering is that you know there’s no hope for me to come out of this happy, am I right?

Iris > Jason it has a solution, really. But I don’t have the necessary tools, but the Sales Department has it.

Iris > Did you try to report that person to your nearest Service Center?

Jason_ > No I have not, but usually when I call I’m not talking to the people in my town.

Jason_ > That is a good idea though.

Iris > That can comes in handy. smile

Jason_ > Alright I guess I’m gonna take this fight to da streets!

Jason_ > Thanks for your help, and have a wonderful day.

Iris > Yeah!

Iris > Is there anything else that I can do for you?

Iris > We really really sorry Jason.

Jason_ > No, this is just the part similar to the end of a phone call when you wait for the other person to hang up first heh.

Iris > Well Jason, just as a reminder! Remember that you can contact us via chat and also by phone at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-2662278). We will do our best to help you!

Jason_ > I’ll remember that, now you hang up first!

Iris > Sorry Jason, I can’t do that, company policies wink. I would be honored if you hang up first. And after you do that, there is a little survey that you can answer in order to improve the quality of the service.

Iris > Here in Comcast we are very happy to help you! Remember that you can always count on us! Thank you and have a good day!

Jason_ > Bai2u!

Jason_ > This should be good on mah blog

So some day soon I should be getting motivated enough to call the local place, hopefully get through to the local place and not transferred across the state, and then complain about this turd. I’m going to try the Turd one more time before I go to the local place though.


Equally gay

I should finally be getting teh new internets thanks to Verizon and no thanks to Comcast. Screw you Comcast, you’re lucky the TV still works somewhat properly. I expect teh DSLz to arrive sometime this week (*crosses fingers*).

What could I achieve with this improvement in my internet department? CS games, that’s for damn sure. Better performance in any MMO I decide to play, better performance in the download shit category, and above all: better speedtest stats.

I‘ve been playing CoH with a 14 day trial account. I had heard about this game when it came out but never really gave it any thought due to the lack of PvP it had for so long. I still haven’t reached the PvP, I think at 15-20 you can start to participate, but I haven’t checked recently. I am level 15 though, so maybe I’ll get lucky and find out that I can now PvP.

I highly doubt it due to being the minimum level required, though they do balance levels in groups, or some such nonsense. I was surprised to see an update for CoH yesterday, considering the game hardly even exists to me. But I guess people play everything, I’ve just about tried to.

The game itself is rather enjoyable, mainly because I can kill groups of people at a time and run really friggin fast. I really doubt this will hold my interest for that long.

A long time ago, on an internet not so far away, this game didn’t suck

So I’ve spent a decent amount of time recently with the trial for SWG. I played it before all the changes (complete revamp) made to the game and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I did quit, but now that I realize how unique and how much potential the game had, I really wish I hadn’t.

I know some (if not most) of you will say it sucked then, who cares if it sucks now. That makes me a sad panda.

In MMOs I always find myself yearning to be known. I want the players to know my name, for just about ANY reason, be it crafting/skill/kindness/ruthlessness, anything.

I think a lot of people play these games for a similar feeling. In the old SWG, this was possible.

Players worked together with complete strangers to accomplish their goals, and usually they both would benefit. Wether it’s a low level crafter making parts for a higher level crafter, or a resource gathering newb finding the hot spots for a rich miner. (This isn’t all going to be about crafting, bear with me.)

When you would leave the cities and run by player houses, almost every house had a vendor, or sold something. Many sold newb weapons (no weapons had a required level at this time) or armor, extractors, clothing, houses. You name it and you could find it on the outskirts of almost every city.

I participated in the resource gathering at this time. I would get paid by a higher level crafter to find the good stuff, place his huge extractors, and place a couple of my little newb ones as well. It really made me feel like i was apart of a world. I could see my affect on the newb world as my peers would go into his shop and come out with his goods, made from the resources I found.

Was it probably only fueled by the game being new? Probably, though I’d like to think there would still be a few guys around today making sure their vendor near the newb towns was stocked up. Nowadays every house is either some carebears epeen, a “warehouse/storage house”, or private (I don’t know why you’d even have that, save cyb0rz).

It really is saddening to me to see that aspect of the game completely gone. I know I’ve said a few times how I thought the SWG crafting system was the best. It was the best.

On to the combat/classes changes.

The way it works now is you pick a class. Jedi, Commando, Bounty Hunter, Spy, Smuggler, Trader, Officer, Entertainer, and Medic. That’s it, everyone has to be one of those.

Each class has maybe 5 actual abilities. By level 14 you usually have all that you will ever have. Though as you level they will upgrade. It is extremely dull. They have an expertise tree (WoW talent tree) which can sometimes offer you active abilities, but most are passive abilities.

If you remember how SWG used to be, you could have about 3 full professions.

You could be a Master “insert craft here” and also a Bounty Hunter who could kill the majority of mobs. Similar to the feel of a UO server with skill limits.

Every new character starts on Tatooine instead of choosing where you want to start. When you spawn there are bots yelling websites you can buy money at. There’s more than 1, which I find quite interesting.

I know that no one is really considering trying this game, but maybe I can save someone a little time.

My Chronicles of Comcast

So, the gamer finally moves out on his own into the world. He can’t afford cable internet for a few months, but he abides. Anxiously waiting for the day he can yet again hear the cries of newbs around the world as he crushes their nubness with all his glory. Some day, Comcast, you shall be at my house.

The glorious day arrives (late July) and boy am I ever excited. So what’s the first thing I do? Well instead of renewing a subscription to an MMO or two I decide I want to pwn some newbs in CS (1.6, no source here nubs). So I join one of my favorite servers (CSGamer Gungame) and commence the raping. Two kills later as I’m about to jump around a corner and stab some face for that free level and degrading kill I freeze midair, glance at my net_graph 3, and notice that my ping has jumped to 300ms. Joy! I figure it’s just a hiccup, you know, the newly connected cable letting me know who’s boss. So it unfreezes and I’m dead, I haven’t respawned because I guess when you lag during that time you just don’t.

So I figure, maybe it’s just this server, it’s been known to have problems in the past and I can’t have a fault Comcast internet connection right, there’s no way that could be possible. So I hop on Guild Wars because you don’t have to pay to play and I’m jonesing for some gaming. After 30 minutes of play, 10 minutes of being slingshotted across the zones I was in, and 20 minutes of being told I’m trying to attack too often, I check my ping. Ping: 257 Average Ping: 2000. Joy!

So I call the apartments Comcast hookup, on the inside! I originally felt so privileged to have the name and number of a Comcast worker provided to me by my complex, at first. I call him, explain that the entire weekend, ever since I’ve had the cable, that it hasn’t been working properly. I try to explain about how the only reason I got it was to play games online, that ping matters in these games, and was met with confusion and not very much care. He told me he would be sending a guy out the next day between 5-8, I could be home at this time.

Next day, 4:30 PM, I recieve a phone call from Comcast. It’s the guy who is supposed to be coming over, I mean helping me via phone, because it’s obviously some problem on my end that can easily be fixed, over my cell phone. This guy keeps telling me everything he sees is just fine, he can see no problem. I run a tracert to, line 1 is under 1ms each hop (to my router), line 2 times the fuck out every damn hop for every tracert I do (which I’m told is probably my connection to the apartment complexes “central cable hub”). So the guy tells me he just ran a trace route and everything looks okay, god damn I hate lazy people who don’t want to do their jobs.

So he tells me he has to connect me to a more technically qualified err, technician. I’m on hold for 5 minutes, and bam, I’ve been hung up on. I’m about to call my best friend whose name and number I have (My Comcast insider man, thanks apartment complex!) and as I am dialing I get a call, it’s Tech Douche #1, he apologizes for the disconnect and continues the transfer to the more technical tech guy. Finally, a voice who isn’t a commercial. This guy asks what my problem is, I explain the whole game thing again for the third time, am again met with confusion and lack of care. I mean I’m just a kid who plays computer games right, what do I know, what do I matter.

He goes on to tell me he sees no problems (gee you fucking think?) and then asks me again what the problem is exactly that I am experiencing. I again, explain in full detail, about gaming online. What is his, more technical tech, response? With the 6mbps down package you’re not supposed to be able to play online games. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I have had this same package in multiple households for around 6 years, I have never encountered this problem ever. Yet, as soon as I get it connected at my own place, my first fucking place, the day it is connected, I have these problems.

I mention something about having no problem cancelling my cable and losing a few mbps to switch to DSL. Oh, now I’ve got your attention, I see. He says he can schedule for a tech to come to my house (I’ve heard that before) the next day, I agree to the times, but have to take off some work in order to be there in the only times they are available. Then he mentions the whole, service charge, thing. I blow up, letting him know that I’m not paying a damn thing for this shit because the only thing I’ve tried to do is play fucking computer games. He explains they’ll only charge if it’s a problem that I created, fine, whatever.

The tech comes over, I show him my tracerts, how they all time out on the second line. Yet he still has to fiddle with my computer and shit, for some fucking reason. I decide to sit in my living room and wait for the guy to tell me he can’t do shit. After a few minutes I hear his fat man sighs, and finally he emerges from my room with his bullshit explanation of how he fixed it, though he would still send some maintenance guys out to check outside. Apparently unplugging my router, and “changing some stuff on your modem”, was the only problem I had! So he leaves, I get on my computer, fire up the ol CS, and am met with the same fucking problem I had in the first place. Joy!

So I call my best buddy in the whole world, David, my Comcast inside man (thanks apartment complex!). I have the tone of someone who is about to take their business elsewhere, and he’s quick to reassure me that the maintenance guys will fix the problem. A few days go by, I notice 2 Comcast vans parked in front of my building one day, hooray I think! Comcast is here to help me! Wrong! Nothing has changed, my shit still sucks, and I’m about tired of watching fucking movies all the goddamned time.

I get a call from an inside man at Comcast, John, who gives me his extension 7612, just not the number it’s an extension of. He offers to upgrade me to 16mbps down while I wait for my connection to get fixed. You see, John here has talked to plenty of gamers around the office, and apparently servers like to fuck up my internet, DUH! So after listening to his bullshit attempt to convince me he even talked to someone who knows what online gaming is, our conversation ended. I was somewhat hoping my internet wouldn’t get fixed so I could have 16mbps down for the same price as 6, yet I also kinda figured it wouldn’t help at all.

So, I bitch to David a bit more, and he tells me on this request for a tech to come out he will make it so that a more knowledgeable tech will come (probably stamped it: URGENT) and save my fucking day. So, two guys show up at my door (this is the 2nd day I’ve had to take off work for this shit) and I let em loose on my shit. Apparently they need to know who came here last time, which didn’t really sound comforting to me. They then commence digging in my wall, fucking with wires. Hooray!

Thirty minutes later, they’re done, they apparently fixed some problem in there, it should all be okay. Wrong again! Nothing has changed, oh yeah, my internet has gotten slower and now my TV sucks too. Man, how fucking awesome is this going to get? So today I call my buddy David, no answer (in the middle of the working day), so I leave him a message regarding how much my shit sucks, still. Instead of him calling me back, the last tech to show up calls me. I tell him it’s gotten worse, and now my TV even fucks up.

He tells me when he was outside digging in the dirt, he noticed some problem, and was sending maintenance out to fix it. Fine, I’ll see if this fucking does anything, though I really doubt it will. I can play some more singleplayer D2 until I am forced to get DSL and never pay Comcast.

So i get home, check the mail, and bam! Another Comcast bill, alfuckingready? This time there is a service charge for $38. Apparently, the first tech found a problem on my side (even though he fucking sent out maintenance guys) and figured it was cool to just charge me for his time. Neat. So now I have a $100 Comcast bill that I’m not even going to think about paying until this shit gets straightened out.

As a fresh on my feet youngin, just moving out into the world, I am somewhat shocked that people actually suck this much ass. I mean you hear about it all the time, it just doesn’t happen to you so, obviously, it doesn’t exist.

I read tons of the Comcast sucks horror stories on the net, while using Comcast. I just never really knew how much they actually fucking suck.

If there’s anyone out there who can help me, I’d really appreciate it.