I have been playing Smite a lot recently. It is a MOBA game but in third person. I am really enjoying it so far even though it is in beta. I even spent $30 on the god pack, which unlocks all champs/gods currently and all that are released in the future, which is really just a great deal. Here is a link to my stats page and below are two short clips that I probably should have combined into one of me playing probably my favorite god, He Bo.

This one is in conquest which is the traditional 3 lane moba map.

And this one is from arena which is, well, the arena.

Dignitas just sponsored a team which is great for the game and I can’t wait til more big sponsors join in. No more controlling your champ from a helicopter and click to move! Aim your skill shots and wasd! If you decide to give it a shot feel free to use the name bonedead as your referral, if it requires something other than that like an email, well, fuck it.

Peace out nerds!

Apparently I have a gaming blog


So I left you with a video of my Minecraft track my friend and I made. After we had completed that we worked on our main base a bit as it is planned to be a junction of sorts for other tracks we make. I then went back through our nether portal and walked off in a different direction almost dying to big ghost fuckers like a million times and then I made a new portal to begin work on a new base. I got a little floating castle thing which is reached via climbing up some trees which is pretty cool imo and then I began working on a track to our junction station base or whatever.

Yeah, then we stopped playing. That was about 2 months ago or so.

From there I think I hopped around a few games. I know I played a little WoW with my brother who likes to change his mind about what toon he is playing every couple days, which made playing WoW pretty unbearable for me. Though, grinding honor like I did was pretty unbearable anyway.

Then something special happened. I started playing League of Legends. Sour taste in your mouth? I used to make the same face when I found out someone I liked played a game like that. But after having played it for a little I’ve changed my opinion on it. Not DotA though, I played a bit of DotA 2 and that game can go fuck it’s dumb self, it doesn’t have shit on LoL. My favorite thing about LoL is probably Riot’s LCS. I love the casters and the high quality presentation/production value that goes into the streaming of the matches. I love that I have a “sport” that I actually care about because if I want I can literally open the game and play the same fucking thing that they are. Even the season downtime is awesome because you’ve got the players streaming and sometimes the shout casters (anchors or whatever they’re called) will stream and commentate their own game. It is just a big ol bunch of fun and I love it.

Playing the game isn’t nearly as fun for me as watching it, frankly because I kinda suck. But honestly it isn’t even that I suck, it is that I let little stupid fuckin 12 year old dickheads get under my skin lol. I know I need to be strong on more than one role which is why I consider myself somewhat sufficient on Taric (support), Cassiopeia (mid), and Poppy (top). The problem is that I also need to be strong on multiple champions for each role as well, and since I’ve already played 80 games or so the people I’ll be playing with won’t like me trying out new champs with them being all srs bsns while leveling in normal games.

Plus I usually wait to pick last just so we kind of have a proper team comp of top, jungle, mid, adc, support – though if I see 2 tops and 0 jungles I still go support (cus I ain’t never jungled before guise and it’s scurry). So most of the time I just play Taric a shit ton of times in a row. Occasionally I get left playing ADC which is ok I guess. My record as ADC is like 3-1 even though my free adc champs change every week and I don’t own one.

I also recently started playing CS:GO competitive mode. They added a hidden MMR system much like LoL has. After you win 10 competitive matches you get ranked. Well I won my first few games and then got matched against some double AK motherfuckers who stomped us. After all was said and done I got placed in 3 Gold Star whatnot rank which made me feel pretty bad about myself. I won 2 more games and got promoted to 4 Gold Star rank which is just barely the top half of all the ranks. Then I took a break and returned later while drowsy and lost two games, effectively getting demoted back to 3 Gold Stars. I’ve played against a lot of higher ranked people and killed them so I know eventually I will be placed where I feel I belong but unfortunately I can’t just sit there one weekend and grind it out due to needing to be fully aware and focused (read: not playing competitive games after 6 hours of smoking weed and playing competitive games – though those first 6 hours are probably okay).

Finally I’ve been dabbling in Marvel Heroes a bit. Got Hawkeye to like level 10 or some shit and then started playing Daredevil to now level 11 or so. It is alright, but, I’m already losing interest after a couple days of playing.

Anyways, besides taking 3 6 week classes this first summer semester and 2 more starting Tuesday, that is about it. Just working, schoolin, and a bit of gaming. Peace out beechays!