So much shit

I gotta say I am glad that I have so many things I want to play and progress in.  There isn’t much worse than not having something to waste all your time playing.  Though I will say that having too many things can also be kind of annoying, for me at least.  Just gotta remember to fuckin think about it, take it slow, don’t change up too much because then I’ll feel like I didn’t really get anywhere even though I played shit all weekend.

I almost played some Diablo 3 this weekend but I didn’t.  I got into some Xcom 2 WotC which is pretty cool.  I had to download the mod that make Lost target you and advent 50/50, as the default is set to lean against your favor 70/30.  I found that out the hard way when one of my dudes was wrapped up by a snake and two fuckin lost walk right up to him and kill him instead of the fuckin snake wrapped around his whole goddamn body.  I haven’t played it in a day or two but I like to imagine that I’ll get around to beating it.

I had been rewatching Deep Space 9 on monitor 2 last week instead of some Twitch thing.  Apparently the last time I watched DS9 I was motivated to play Space Engineers, because after getting a season or two into it I had this strange urge to install that game.  I noticed they have an actual singleplayer “story” campaign mode or whatever now, but, meh, wasn’t in the mood to try that.  Picked my old trusty favorite, Lone Survivor, where you’re just one dude on an abandoned mining platform attached to an asteroid, just floating out there all alone.  I managed to find most resources spacesuiting to nearby asteroids and built myself some defensive walls for any meteor storms as well as some turrets, with the intent of shooting the asteroids before they break my shit.

Instead what happened is the fucking pirates apparently now make little remote control drones with turrets on them and send them to come get me and snipe my fuckin turrets before my turrets can fight back.  Luckily they could never take down all of my turrets before getting in range of another one.  But still, it became quite the annoying chore fixing my turrets while I’m trying to fuckin build a mining spaceship.  Which I ended up doing, used it a lil bit and promptly closed the game because what the fuck am I even doing.

Got some more PUBG in which felt good.  Didn’t get any wins but I did get a few top 10s, including my first game back, so I felt alright about that considering I hadn’t played it in like a week.  Still wish there were fucking stats for FPP (not to mention MMR for matchmaking FPP).  I feel like I’m getting better at having more than one kill each game.  Of course I don’t know if that is because there is no MMR or not.  But I can still win some of the bigger landing areas without being a butt so I guess maybe that means I’m okay?  If you’re curious about what being a butt means it is when I wait somewhere outside of the big landing area for the “winner” to come out thinking he already killed everyone and is totally safe only to fall to me being a bitch.

Finally I went back into some SWG yesterday pretty hardcore.  Multiple instances at the same time OMG what a madman.  I busted out my crafter guy after reading some of my old SWG posts where I was naming my characters and pretending they had little stories and shit.  The first thing I looked for was some high Heat Resistant, Shock Resistant, Unit Toughness steel.  Because those 3 stats affect extraction rate while crafting harvesters and a good steel can cover most of the mineral requirements for most harvesters.  Then Ace of Bass’s song “I saw the sign” started playing because what do ya know, a new server best for steel used in harvesters had just recently spawned.  It was like every moment in my life had led to this moment, I mean, partly because it did, but also because, it did.  So I bought some Fusion harvesters to get some power and some mining installations because moar plz.  Found a good spot and put everything down, paid shit and farmed power to get them going for a while so I can ignore them.  After a night of afk sampling the good stuff I set out to find a lesser steel for grinding some swoops so I can get Novice Architect.

On my punchy fightin guy I finished the Imperial Themepark and am now 1 step away from glowing with the force.  Off to the Warren to get the apparently 2 Themepark badges for that.  But, shit, I was using my Flamethrower which sucks and I’m actually still leveling up so it was pretty weak and I kinda died.  So I put the Vibro Knuckler back on, got more buffs, flew back out there and started punchin them fucks in their faces, only to freeze in the same fight I died to last time.  FFFUUUUU.  Turns out the server deadlocked and I wouldn’t be able to play anymore that night.  But I logged back in this morning and apparently there was a little rollback as my toon is back in the cantina he was in before going to the Warren.

So I’ve got all that shit goin on and still think about pushing for GR70 on my Barb, especially before the fucking season is over!!  Sure I already unlocked Primal Ancients on my PS4 Barb but PC MASTER RACE makes me feel kind of bad about that, especially since a lot of skills aren’t really good on PS4 since you can’t click exactly where you want to go.  But who knows if this will ever happen.  If I miss the season then I guess I’ll just do it out of season, I was already working on my first Barb from launch and I think he was in an okay position, while also having a fucking Skull Grasp (300% WW damage ring that you cube that is pretty hard to get sometimes and is currently the thing I need).

Not to mention a desire to play Rimworld, Warband, Subnautica, The Forest, shit even Skyrim and sometimes Morrowind, AND this game Sheltered that I bought and haven’t played yet.  Ahhh, old me wouldn’t believe how lucky I am to have so many games I want to play and so much time to play them, though not quite enough time to play them all.

Ugh, not this again!

Yep, this post’s name is the same as that little tagline doohickey at the top of the page. But, it isn’t because of the tagline, it is because I am not playing Darkfall.

So since I’m not playing Darkfall, I’ve got to be playing something, right? I mean, how the hell am I supposed to pass the time after work without playing some sort of MMO?

Since I need to spend more time off the computer (even though it doesn’t even seem like it’s fucking working) I decided I would play some Diablo 2 in single player mode. I wanted to relive one of my first class builds and rolled a Paladin. I intended on speccing into Concentration and Blessed Hammer, which are received at level 18.

As I said last time I was level 17. Well, I hit 18 recently and got both of the skills needed to live out my Diablo 2 dream. After using it a bit and leveling a couple more times, I began to realize that this build sucks. See, the problem with Blessed Hammer is that if the spiraling hammer hits a wall, it fucking stops existing. Why would this be a problem? Oh I don’t know, Maggot Lair in Act 2, anyone? Every small quarters place in the game, maybe?

Indeed I did not think it through.

Which brings me to the title of this post and tag line of this blog.

I’ve started another DAoC free trial. I decided I would play Albion this time ’round and have chosen a Wind specced Theurgist (oh hells yeah). I’m already level 6 and I just started last night. I’ve pretty much done everything I usually do in the Tutorial Zone (get a full suit of armor) and I believe I will be heading back to the main land today when I play.

What makes me sad is that I will probably end up either farming mobs in BGs, running Task Dungeons, or some other new fangled way to level extremely quickly. My best memories are of farming those fuckin Tomte and the Drakes near Nisse’s. So that is what I would like to try and achieve.

Now I know I can’t go into Midgard and go to Nisse’s but I can find the lowest level Albion dungeon and WTF rape that shit for breakfast. Then again, casters suck in close quarters (dungeon) combat. I guess the worst part is that it is a game where you care about phat lewts but the best phats for low levels isn’t even dropped but bought off an NPC. Sure I’ve got to go into Catacombs and dungeon dive a bit farming aurulite, which could be considered as dropped, but let’s face it, I’m buying it from an NPC.

Now I could go full on rebel and boycot aurulite armor, only wearing phat lewts dropped by mobs in the classic (or even SI, or even Catacombs!) lands, which may be something I try, but if I decide to PvP after that I’ll probably get raped.

Quite the conundrum!

But is it even going to be worth it? I know I can make it to max level before the 2 week trial is up, I’ve done it before, but I won’t be able to do anything Labyrinth of the Minotaur, I won’t be geared at all for any kind of RvR, and I won’t have any Champion Levels/Abilities from Darkness Rising. So am I just making a BG warrior? Am I just trying to relive my past of farming mobs instead of questing to level? Am I even going to enjoy myself?

I don’t know.

But I do know that a few other games are looking like mighty fine choices as well, it’s just too bad I’ve already played them all.

So if I make it beyond Thidranki in DAoC my lineup of games I’d like to play next looks like this: (In no particular order)

AO (That’s Anarchy Online, not Atlantica or whatever)

I could throw WAR on there if I didn’t play it so recently and you may as well consider SWG as the game that I’m going to be playing last (for the same reason).

Anarchy Online almost always gives me a feeling of shitty everytime I start playing it. I like being able to /random me some missions, especially with that program that scans them all for phat lewts you want to acquire, but I could see myself getting burned out quickly. But hey, it is free and I already have a level 30-40 something Martial Artist (I think) so why not just have as much fun with it as I can for a few.

EQ2 gives me similar feelings to AO, mainly because the Commonlands are so hard to get the fuck out of. I’ve got at least 2 toons near the top of that level range and once I get there it just sucks ass. Die to 3 mobs die to 2 mobs die to mobs mobs, soloing isn’t allowed here! I know that isn’t really true, but it is close. Plus the PvP server is ridiculous, I’m not even going into how lame it is to have a twinked out commonlands bitch (especially when you have much higher level toons to play, you fuckhead).

GW would probably suck pretty quickly. I don’t have any of the expansions and I don’t want them either. My PvP toon is an Elementalist (right?) / Scout (Ranger?). I am set up to do uber fire spells with lots of AE, lots of DMG, and lots of knockdown. When I get in trouble, my Ranger skills save my butt. There was a time when I could really kick some ass from a distance and then when they get close to me they’re pretty much asking to die. Ahh, the good times. Probably not going to play.

Of the games I’ve gone more in depth on so far, I plan on playing zero of them long term. Which probably means I won’t even bother.

You can go ahead and include LotRO in the list of games I will not be playing long term/probably at all. I got to 15 on a Minstrel and while the screaming thing was pretty cool, I don’t like being forced to group. (Well, unless it is Darkfall)

WoW I honestly could see myself sticking with for at least a month (a month used to be my limit but with my last SWG stint lasting 2 months, I may have evolved) if not more, and it really hurts me to say that. However, I am only level 56, so it isn’t like I’ve been there done that yet. Shit, I don’t even have TBC yet. What!

I bet some are wondering, what about EVE? Haha, no no no thank you. I did that for a little bit and that’s about all I’m doing with it. I hate being forced into grouping when I feel retarded. I want to feel good about my skills before I am forced to group. With Darkfall, I was pretty sure I was a leet mofugga from the get go, which made it much easier to group. Plus my guild was a bunch of drunks with mandatory chuggings on vent.

I do miss my guild.

Fuck Diablo 2, srsly.
Fuck CoH/CoV, cereally.
Fuck EQ1, UO, AO, EQ2, LotRO, and GW, indeffinitely.

The pool sure is getting smaller. I keep making my rounds in the MMO worlds and keep chucking more to the weeds each time.

I feel like I am forgetting about some game that I have toons in and I enjoy playing, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. It sure is depressing though!

DAoC, WoW, WAR, SWG, UGH! Not this again!

Last Week in SWG, Part Three

I’ve decided to make this a multi part series due to not having an extensive enough vocabulary to keep saying Last Week in SWG differently more than twice.

This last week has been a very mentally trying week. I don’t know if I’m getting bored or if I don’t have enough direction or even if I’m just lonely in SWG. Whatever it is, it has slowed me down a bit.

This is going to be a quick recap and if I have time later I’ll expand on a few things.

I’ve taken to fishing in an attempt to have a hobby on Levie. If I have a hobby then it gives me something to do when I’m not working, plus, it gives me something to yearn for.

The newb helping guild was disbanded. I did not get my harvesters/crafting stations back before the guy took the guildhall. If I did, I would sell them really cheap, so fuck it.

Yesterday I decided to help a newb. I told him which weapon to equip, how to gain levels outside of the Legacy quest, and even ran a couple with him. I told him I would give him a house and a swoop for free. Now I’m just an NPC to him lol.

Levie hit level 90! Woo woo! Yrqo is almost 30, the AE killing fucking owns.

I’ve been gathering a lot of hides with Yrqo due to being able to wtf rape like 10 things at once depending on if they’re melee or not. I plan on using these to create 5 or so of many pieces of furniture, to be sold at 3cpu (of resources used). The vendor will be in a bigger house with the furniture on display.

I’ve began mingling a bit in public. Namely if I see someone who recently bought something from me, I will talk to them about it, mention my low low prices and what I have coming in the future. Can’t hurt business.

I moved my houses! I am very close to my old location near the RPing kiddies (whose guild tag is now T-Rep instead of RES for Resistance). The trip to my houses is fucking awesome. They are so out of the way I love it, you can not forget a trip to my shop because it takes so long and then the prices are so low. If you head north out of the nearest town with a shuttleport (New Starbird) you’ll see a mountain peak in the distance. I figure most people would head straight for the top, once you get there, instead of falling off the other side, it’s like riding a cliff of a mountain (the original peak is actually more like the corner of a ridge). It really feels good, after following it a bit the land opens up beneath and is very flat. There are some little trench looking features, one carves out a small peninsula shaped location, which is where my shop is. You cannot see any structure that doesn’t belong to me in the area. I really like it, I think I could do a lot with this space. I nicknamed the area a month or two ago Levie’s Flats, I may make use of this name sometime down the road.

I stopped farming the grind resources necessary because there is a new Steel (that I discovered, wewt wewt) which is better for making harvesters than the Steel I currently use. I moved every harvester I have to the highest concentration I could find (93%), which just happens to be located exactly where my house used to be, right next to the RP kiddies. I thought it was hilarious and quite the coinkydink as well.

I have 7 lots left on Jicont (more of a secret character) and no more harvesters. I now have 2 structure factories (am highly considering more) and made 1000 structural modules in each. Then using 5 of each of the 2 kinds of modules, created a schematic for wall modules. I should have around 198 wall modules when it is done. Wall modules are some of the more annoying parts of structures, as they require a lot of junk resources, and time to make. An elite mineral harvester requires 21 wall modules.

I don’t know what I should do with my old Steel. I have about 380k of it, I recently bought 100k of it for 3cpu (omg steal on steel) and am now hesitant to resell it at a higher price. Maybe I should go and buy the rest off the other vendor beforehand? Meh!

Sometimes I wonder if I should just sell resources. My worries with that are running out, pricing too low, resellers, and that it could be too boring.

It sure would be nice to have some time away from crafting though.

I could have so much time to level Yrqo, and I might even make a lot more money.

So many ideas, so little playtime!

Last Week (or so) in SWG

In my last post I talked about my neighbors and how gay they are. This post I’m going to try and fill in the gaps from then until now, if my memory serves me correctly (big IF).

You may remember a couple posts back about a “pipe dream” of creating a new player helping guild to attempt to improve SWGs retention rate. Well, a week or so ago I stumbled upon a post in the official SWG forums for my server from a guy who was asking if that had ever been done before. Some said it had been done but is no longer around. The guy said he would be interested in doing this and I signed on as the trader instructor. I was offered a role as Deputy Guild Leader but declined due to my sporadic play times/desire to play.

First thing I did was create 5 of each personal harvester capped with a BER of 5 (9 for the wind harvesters). I put them in a chest named Loan Harvesters and placed it in the guild hall. Next I got on Teokip and created a bunch of as good as I can control units, electronic gp modules, energy distributors, micro sensor suites and droid storage compartments. I then used these on Levie to create some as good as I can make crafting stations, all of which were over 29 functionality (cap is 44.99999 aka not gonna happen for a while), and placed them in the guild hall as well.

So far I have only talked to the leader a few times in game and one member who I think may have already quit. It kind of sucks, but I am in no shape to attempt to build a guild right now. I answered that guys space question and I don’t even play the space game, you know, I did all I could really. It’s hard to find givers willing to be instructors. Plus the leader is from the UK so our times are a bit off. I hear he has some UK members which I imagine to be neat when they’re all online. Maybe some day I’ll find out hah.

I moved my houses north of Bestine which is where our houses and guild hall are located. Which means I lost the neighbor war with the RP kiddies, dratz!

My business has picked up quite a bit, to the tune of me having over a million credits for around a week. I just posted an instant sale of the forums as well, if it sells (which it almost has to because I sell so cheap) then I’ll be making 3 million.

I’m getting there my friend, yes I am.

I will be respeccing Teokip and Jicont (2nd trader on Teokip acct) to Structures Traders asap. It is too goddamn annoying trying to level 3 different Traders, this way I only have to focus on 3 resources. Water, metal, ore. I’ve got a shit ton of harvesters and making more has gotten a lot easier so harvesters are not a problem.

Levie is level 77 I believe, Teokip is 48, Yrqo hit 25, and Jicont is 18. I’ll be respeccing Teokip and Jicont when they’re 90. Then Teokip will be able to create advanced control units, micro sensor suites, etc which should get me closer to 44.99999 on the crafting stations.

I have created more +15.00 crafting tools on Levie, thanks to some high CD copper spawning on a planet that isn’t Mustafar.

There is a spawn of low grade ore with pretty high HR/SR/UT which is better than the low grade ore I used to use on harvesters. Hooray.

I respecced Yrqo to a Commando. Commando is just so goddamn great, way better than Spy. I get grenades and then I get cluster bomb rofl. Cluster bomb is like 2 grenades at once I think, probably for more damage. You need 20 points on your kill meter to use it (and then the 20 points are gone) and there is even an expertise to add 2 more bombs to it which I’m getting asap.

I mainly made this change because I’d like to level Yrqo some time. I will probably do this via afk pet grinding which could lead me to afk junk loot farming. I’d do either asap if only I knew how, but I know the AOE has got to help a shit ton. Junk loot sells for 4.5k a piece but pretty much only if it is in bulk. People don’t really go out of their way to buy your 1 piece of junk loot for 4.5k on your vendor unless you’ve got a bunch more there. Which is why I just save them for now.

I need to figure out how to get a cheap pet, I don’t think they exist. I need to get afk grind macros. I need to have a level 90 combat toon OMG.

I stopped playing Bonedead/Inept due to the server being full of a bunch of dipshits (wow kiddie rejects) and the market being saturated with what I want to sell.

I guess that is it. I did it, haha, I remembered everything that happened since my last post, hooray! I should celebrate by buying another little bag of chronic, another week of the good stuff here I come!

Last Week in SWG

Alright, so if you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to post once a week. Every Tuesday, that’s the plan (and it is failing miserably).

I’ve had a busy week in Star Wars. Levie (my leveling trader who sells the cheap pass power) has had a very interesting week. Scuffles with the neighbors, his new apprentice/employee Teokip (my engineer trader on the 2nd account) and a bit of frightening slow business. Bonedead’s life has been a bit dull, though he made $5 million in one transaction thanks to a little marketing. I see an apprentice/employee in his near future.

I’d like to start referring to my characters by their names. I’ve taken a bit to Roleplaying on Levie, Yrqo, and Teokip Oho due to my neighbors being RPers. Let us start off telling about my recent neighbor encounters.

When I first started playing Levie a half a year ago I made some friends. Well I made one friend, but he had a friend who was showing him the game. They were the “Resistance”, when I asked what they were resisting they said everything. I realized they were a couple of kids by the way they talked.

Fast forward to now and my buddy no longer plays, but his friend does. My house is next to his in this sweet ass valley. He now has a big guild hall and apparently a guild and some members. My first encounter with them was on Teokip. He was in the shop when behind him he heard: “Get off Resistance property!” I turned around, looked him in the face, and threw up the ole /rude and promptly logged off. (To avoid drama and to continue my Trader work which takes multiple characters)

Later that day while on Levie, he approaches me in my shop yet again and goes through his whole spiel. So I said: “Hey guy, you know what, I’m going to build another house right now and place it right next to this one.” That’s exactly what I did too.

After that I was bothered by the guy a couple more times, I offered to sell him my land and eventually he just gave up.

My neighbors and their guild are really into roleplaying. They do the Storyteller shit and everything. What is the Storyteller shit? Well, apparently you can place your own NPCs and objects as a Storyteller (after you start a “Story”, you invite people to it) and then you and your friends can act out a little scene. This is what my neighbors do for fun. Yrqo is a Spy, so I was able to observe them in their natural state for a bit lawl.

A couple of days pass and the leader is in my shop yet again, I wonder what the crap he wants, and he starts talking about me joining his guild. I tried to change the subject by saying that I found some really good Steel for making harvesters, but he was persistent saying: “That’s why I want you to join.” lol

I took down most of my harvesters due to not selling anything for a few days and having hardly any money. Here I was trying to run harvesters on 3 toons with a nonexistent budget; not to mention my accounts were running out of time soon and I didn’t have enough RL money due to my employer switching payroll companies.

I took a little break, played some CS, and avoided my computer like the plague.

Then I decided that I would get to work some on Bonedead and that inspired me to do some work on The Ohos as well. I settle my differences with my neighbors, join a guild, and realize that patience truly is a virtue (kinda) as well. But that’s for the next post.

Character Introductions pt. 2

Last time I introduced you to my characters on Bloodfin. Today I am going to be introducing my characters on Chilastra, my lower level, for some reason more enjoyable characters from Chilastra.

First up we have Levie Oho. Levie is a Structures Trader who currently sells Power at 2cpu. He is looking to expand his business into more things Structures (or Resources), but will need to master his profession first.

Levie Oho:
Here we see Levie sitting in his ‘Thinking Chair’ at his ‘Planning Desk’. This is where he gets his business ideas. Those crafting stations right next to him is where he creates the tools needed for his business ideas.

When he isn’t sitting in his office thinking of more ways to make money or more projects to create a greater supply of resources, he just might be standing outside of his shop admiring what he has accomplished so far.

Levie’s older brother and original business partner, Yrqo Oho, helped Levie get his initial funding for his business via his skills as a Spy.

Yrqo Oho:
Since Yrqo has taken a break from the perils of being a Spy (the killing) he has taken to helping his brother out with his business. Usually this involves gathering resources from harvesters.

Though he avoids killing, Yrqo still enjoys sneaking around and eavesdropping on the neighbors. Sometimes his stealth can be good for business.

The youngest of the three brothers and the newest employee of Levie Oho’s Cheap Pass Power is Teokip Oho, an Engineer Trader.

Teokip Oho:
Teokip is the only of the three brothers with the gall to go to Mustafar. This makes him a very valuable asset due to Mustafar being a very volcanic planet with high quality metals.

To give you an idea of how valuable of an employee he is, take a look at this Intrusive Ore he mined just yesterday.

Well, those are the Brothers Oho. I hope you enjoyed meeting them. My next posts are going to be on their life/goings on in the galaxy. There have been some interesting encounters with certain neighbors that I feel I should share with you.

Talk to you again soon!


Character Introductions

In my following posts I am going to be talking about my toons by their first name, so before I just went ahead and did that I thought, why not do introductions?

First we have Bonedead, owner of the currently private business: Bonedead & Company. He is a level 90 Structures trader based out of Tatooine on the Bloodfin server.

Here we see Bonedead doing what he loves: Gathering resources from his harvesters. There even appears to be some wildlife in the background.

This is Bonedead’s profession window showcasing some of his leet skrillz.

Next we have Bonedead’s employee and probably some sort of eventual “bodyguard”, Inept Eoshiswo. Inept is a level 50 Zabrak Jedi.

Inept Eoshiswo:
Inept prefers the environment on Tatooine. When he isn’t working he enjoys just walking around in the sand by Bonedead’s house.

Here is a gif of Inept doing his Jedi thing, which he doesn’t do very often.

Unfortunately it is 5 am, I woke up at 3 thirsty like a mofugga and look at me now. I wanted to update Tuesday but work sucked and today I’m in our main office so no goofin off. Here is a brief introduction for my favorite character family: The Ohos.

These toons are my favorite to play. I don’t know if it is because there are 3 of them, that they’re lower level, or that they have a vendor/business. What I do know is is that Levie, Yrqo, and Teokip Oho are a wonderful bunch of brothers. Levie is the middle child who started and runs the business as a Structures Trader. Yrqo is the oldest brother, a Spy by trade but works for Levie now to put his skills to a more interesting use. Teokip is the youngest brother who just recently joined what is becoming a successful family business as an Engineer Trader.