This Just In: Couch Co-op Still Fun

So I’ve played a shit ton of Diablo 3 on PC.  Looking at my combined paragon levels I’m up to about 330ish.  That really isn’t jack shit as I’m sure many people online would tell you.  It also doesn’t account for launch era time, where the best gear was well rolled rare items because sets were pretty much garbage.  Adding all of my characters play time together gets me ~435 hours.

Anyways, I decided to buy it on my buddy/roommates PS4 because we found out it had couch co-op.  You share the same screen and the camera zooms out when you both get to different edges of the screen.  Whoever stands still first gets teleported to the other person.  Sometimes it can get wonky when you’re both trying to dash/teleport off screen (I like to loot everything and he likes to fly through rifts).  One time we were both being teleported to the other’s location stuck in some sort of loop until one of us dodged in a random direction.  Oh, and you can dodge/roll by just pushing the right joystick in a direction and I hear it can be used to dodge attacks though we never really tested it for invulnerable frames.

We spent the next week and some change playing the shit out of it after work every day.  It was overall a much more enjoyable experience than duoing on PC with voice comms.  I progressed further than I did on PC as well, reaching paragon ~520.  I was able to duo up to greater rift 63 I think while only soloing up to around 55 I believe which is Torment 12.  Unfortunately I never found the ring that increased my Whirlwind damage by 300%.  My buddy was able to solo up to GR70 with some deaths, he could’ve possibly gone further but once you solo 70 you enable Primal Ancients which are Ancient Legendaries that have max rolls.  He hasn’t gotten one yet but it is cool that it exists I guess.

We haven’t played much recently probably due to burn out and lack of interest in the Necromancer dlc or whatever you can even call that.  The new zones are kinda meh from what we saw last night and we’re both kinda a little mad that they spent time making that shit and the dumb Diablo 1 eight directional shit they had instead of just working on D4.

But the moral of the story is D3 on PS4 is pretty fun with a friend, though I imagine if you’re not on the same couch it is probably similar to PC.  Who knew playing games the same way you did growing up would be more fun than sitting alone in your room on your computer.