So effing bored!

I lost it with Anarchy Online. I wanted to play it and get big and shit and see what the game has at higher levels, but, nope. I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore for some reason. Don’t know why, don’t really care why.

The game I’ve been most active with is Tribes: Ascend, which is pretty fun imo, having never played previous Tribes games. I’m usually a Juggernaught who sits on the flag.

I’ve tried a few other MMOs to bide my time. First it was DAoC which I uninstalled later that day. Then I went to Fallen Earth, which I’ve yet to uninstall since I regretted uninstalling DAoC the next day. After Fallen Earth (via some new thing I’ve never heard of) I downloaded Knight Online which was an old f2p asian as shit MMO I dabbled in a bit. I installed Knight Online and opened it once but when it started patching, I closed it.

Tuesday night I decided I should download LOTRO and gave it a slight whirl on my day off, yesterday. Got a Hobbit Ranger to like level 3 and gtfo of that shit. I wanted to fight people and in a game other than Tribes.

Downloaded DAoC again! Started out making a Lurikeen Nightshade which quickly turned into a character I wasn’t going to play anymore. I switched over to Albion due to Midgard and Hibernia having more relics than Albion and from what I saw in the low level battlegrounds, they had more low level players pvping too. So I rolled Alb for plenty of targets to fight.

To be precise, I rolled a Highlander Minstrel (Thrust). I did this because I know that Minstrel gets DDs via Instruments/Music and that the Thrust line they get has some powerful bleed effects tied into the styles. Spammable bleed effects, mind you, so it is pretty much like having a damage add buff.

I didn’t really run into many people to fight, harumph. However, I did manage a few kills on some Hibs and 2 gray Mids (which I think was played by 1 gray mid). The Hib fight was definitely cool. There was a team of 2 albs and another of one or two (no idea) at the Scrags spot where I was. The Hibs rolled in beatin people up. I fought a small lurikeen for a little bit before kinda kiting him/getting him to leave me alone. When he turned around I just watched for a second before deciding to go back into the fray and stab some bitches.

I was able to take down all but a lurikeen vampiir (op as shit zomg) who was 2 levels above me. I kited him away a bit and he attacked the “afk” minotaur. The minotaur became un-afk and started putting a good dent into the vampiirs health, so I turned around and helped finish him off. There must have been 5 or so Hibs against 5 or so Albs and the last 2 standing were me and a minotaur. Not just any minotaur, but the same minotaur I’d leveled next to the whole morning, from tutorial zone to low level bgs. It was kinda cool.

I’ve been tempted to return to the ol SWGEmu since they’ve begun Alpha testing the OR code. Almost there! I’m just afraid it will be lacking too much for me still, or that it wont be and I’ll love it and then it’ll get wiped for some reason that my little monkey brain wont be able to accept.

Anyways, prepurchased GW2 so I can BWE next weekend wuuuuut. May give the TERA beta a whirl this weekend but, maybe not.

That is it bitches! Bai2u

RPers wonder why they’re made fun of

I came across these two love birds right outside of Bree in the middle of the road. Odd place for a picnic I’d say. I wonder if he actually opened his character sheet and chose to “hide” his cloak. What about the floor though? I mean she’s sitting down but it’s definitely going to look like the ground and not a cloak because you can’t drop items on the ground in games anymore. DAoC is the last game I can think of that puts it’s items on the ground. So they tried to RP but technically the game didn’t even support it. Tough break Romeo.

My LotRO weekend!

I played quite a bit this weekend. Nevermind my Xfire, I turn that off sometimes. Mainly when I’m really stoned and feel like my internet is lagging, I’ll close anything and everything. Steam? Fuck you, probably downloading some stupid old game update. Xfire? Let me guess, still automatically updating “insert game here that I used to play” even though I fucking disabled that shit. Turbine Download Manager? Nope, can’t close that, the one program actually uploading shit, it might close my game! Can’t risk trying, might have to log back in!

My Rune-keeper is now level 19. I began doing the Epic quest. I’m currently on I believe Chapter 11 of Book 1, which is the first group necessary quest in the chain (I believe). I tried to solo it though, because I didn’t realize I had blown through the other Chapters that quickly. But now, I’m starting to think I’ll just level way ahead and come back so I can solo it. But why Bonedead? Why oh why would you want to solo in such a group friendly game? Because I still hate people, I’m sorry.

I have 200/200 Apprentice Scholar on my Rune-keeper. I got Weaponsmith to 60 or so Apprentice. Which I have since abandoned. I needed Bronze bars, but I couldn’t make them, so I bought 50 copper bars, whoops. So I spent all my money on Bronze bars and gear and twink gear. Whoops. So I rolled an Elf Champion for dual wielding badassery, and trained Two-handed weapons. Whoops. I then found a purple Spear assuming it was a two handed weapon (thanks DAoC!) and equipped it. Then I realized I had a low level sword in my off hand and checked my woodworking to see that I can make another spear for a simple 2 Rowan wood. So I go to find Rowan wood and then realize I probably can’t gather it because I’m not a Forester.

So I ponder creating another alt to handle that profession. I do not. I quested out of the Dwarf starting lands and I’m now in Bree. It turns out I’ve done all of these quests before, so much for running into new content. I go to Trestleridge or whatever and gather quests. These quests are red yet I still attempt them. I almost complete two when I die to red orcs. I teleport to the Lone lands. I have done these quests before. I am almost finished with all of these quests, after which I intend to return to Thistleridge or whatever. After there I’ll return to Bree and do that book shit.

I hate my Champion at first, because I wanted a class that can take multiple mobs at once, like a badass, and I get hurt a lot doing that. Heavy armor here I come! As soon as I do my Journeyman Scholar quest I can make better heal pots, and mail them to my champion!

I canceled my sub, so I don’t get charged again while I’m too high to remember it’s been a month. I could see myself going alt crazy for professions and being fine with that. I could see myself playing this game for a little while and not getting bored, though I already have gotten bored on more than one occasion. I made my Champion yesterday and was level 8 in one hour.

I like naming characters by following the rules at character creation screen. Because every combination of the provided prefixes and suffixes is taken, so you have to get creative. My champions name is Borabar, and I think that name is pretty sweet.

I’ve grouped three times. Once I didn’t want to. Another time I didn’t want to. The third time I wanted to, but just so I could kill the mob in 2 seconds and not get hate tells for not grouping before killing it. I disbanded immediately after, and the guy followed me. Why? Apparently he just wanted to say Good luck, aww, how sweet.

I wish I got more whacks at copper and tin deposits. I don’t like using food but have started to more often. On my Rune-keeper I have two of the purple horn items that grant +10 radiance, on my Champion I have one and threw the other “this item starts a quest” item away. I hate how at level 15 your pocket item that increases your run speed must go bye bye. I like getting traits/deeds/titles.

I prefer farming humanoids as they have better loot tables. As soon as my Weaponsmith is Journeyman he can make a purple 2h axe recipe that I found, hopefully this happens when he is 16 so he can use it immediately. Hopefully the ingredients are crazy fuckin expensive.

Monster play is pretty lame. I got 2 deathblows I believe, which was pretty lame and stupid. More freeps enter the ettenmoors now than I’ve ever seen, and that makes dying easy. Respawning across the map is gay. Playing a gimped mob who has to team up with other gimped mobs is gay.

Fishing is pretty lame too. I’ll get a bite and no matter how quickly I press the fishing button again, I can never make the animation look fluid. Ever. I always get a bite, my pole bends back to straight, and then I jerk it (little graphic, eh?). Because when I set the hook in a fish, my pole is always straight.

I’ve caught about 15 goldfish, 3 minnows, 20 weeds, and 2 broken daggers. I have about 8 fishing skill out of 200. I feel like I wasted a lot of time fishing.

People who play songs you know are fucking awesome. I was chillin at Thrasi’s lodge when I saw a crowd start to gather around this dude wailin away on his Lute. I joined the crowd and began listening, trying to figure out what song is being played. This may lose me some man points but I don’t care, I’ll lose more shortly after. The song he was playing was Too Late by I think One Republic (whoever that is). You know the one, it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late (timbaland timbaland timbaland– that’s what he’s saying right? who knows lol, definitely not saying too late). I showed Melanie and she thought it was pretty fuckin cool too.

Then she told me it isn’t a Justim Timberlake song, and I felt gay and sad at the same time.

I’ve run into a few others playing at the Prancing Pony and didn’t like a single one. Because they sucked at picking good music that wasn’t some gospel choir song.

I plan on eventually playing cool music in public. Maybe find out how to do Benny Hill and just follow people around playing it. I fully intend to annoy people with my music.

I want to see shit from the movie already.

I forgot the story takes place during the movies (or the books for those anal fuckers just waiting to correct me).

I’m a bit disappointed that I left my Xfire off the whole weekend, because I played a fuckin lot-ro. Lol get it. Man I’m clever.

LotRO, err I mean LotR:O, err LOTRO, err…

Let’s stick with the first one. LotRO, Lord of the Rings Online. I recently won a free copy of the game courtesy of Kill Ten Rats (Clicky is that way—>). I haven’t played the game since open beta. Now that I think of it though, I think I did. I think I did a free trial at one time, I mean, I pretty much had to. I’m sure if I go back a year in posts I will discover that I have, which I honestly forgot. I knew I leveled a Manstrel (man minstrel) to around 15 (and think I even started Book 1 or some crap like that) and also an Elfanger (elf ranger). I say I just realized this because I just figured out how to get MyLotro to work (hint: use your forum name/password) and saw that I had a 14 Guardian and a 50 Wolfman or something. No Manstrel nor Elfanger.

So I’ve got another account out there somewhere. Big whoop.

I downloaded the game on Sunday, intending on playing all day Monday, due to having the day off and such. I took a nap (read: smoked all day and it always catches up to me in the PM) and woke up at around 11 PM EST. I had about 20 minutes left on the download, awhellyeah! It finishes, starts installing, aaaand I hit my first snag. I need .Net Framework 1.1 or some shit. Turns out Vista doesn’t “come” with it. Download that, install, retry. Okay that works, installation complete. Click play, type in my password, and click okay. Alright it opens up, resizes, and it’s gone. Hmm, let’s try that again. Click play (not an icon on my desktop or anything, noooo, we have to open the download manager and click play every time, joy), type in my password, and click okay. It opens again, resizes, again, and it doesn’t disappear! Full screen mode is entered and the Moria loading screen comes up, huzzah!

Well shit. What class am I going to play? I remember the Minstrel being okay but not really for me. I like being the class that can do anything because it is overpowered. That’s why I eventually made a Mauler in DAoC, why I liked Warlocks in WoW, and Witch Elf in WAR (and Structures Trader in SWG…). Anyways, I remember reading recently about the Rune-keeper being amazing. As in a group of them beat some crazy Turtle encounter in around a minute (and from what I understand Turtles are really hard in this game). So of course I made a Rune-keeper.

Dwarf Rune-keeper to be exact, named Thirmur. Why Thirmur you ask? Well when choosing my name I followed the rules so graciously bestowed upon me by the great LotRO gods themselves. If more games did that, more names would fit in the world, just sayin’.

I leveled to 7 and Dwalin (from The Hobbit, right? been quite a while for me) had one of those instanced, Travel Now, quests. But wait! Before I can continue with this quest, apparently I need to download the game… But wait, didn’t I just do that? I quit the game, check out the download manager, and what dya know the fucker is downloading an 11GB file. Great. That should go over well with my 1.5 mb down DSL, yep. Oh well, I tweak my settings for downloading it, in an attempt to reduce download time as much as possible, I even open up a port. I go back in the game, get back on my Dorf and begin roaming the lands looking for a way out! Nope, not today sonny!

So I rolled a new guy. A Hobbit Burglar, because, well I don’t know why, because it’s what Frodo would’ve done? Hey what dya know, I’ve done all these quests before and I kind of remember that (the same happened for the Dorf but on a much smaller scale). I get to level 7 pretty quickly, maybe an hour, and I go back out of the game to check the download (hurray for alt+tab capability!). So in around an hour or two it has downloaded pretty much 1gb. That’s not great, but it’s something. I figure, if I go to sleep and wake up in 6-8 hours then I’ll only have to wait a couple hours in the morning until I can resume play! I can easily play CS for 1 or 2 hours! So I go to bed.

The next morning my fiance is up and getting ready for work (haw haw, I don’t have to) and I ask her to tell me how close it is before I even think about getting up. At this point I am not planning on taking her to work (we share a car) because I hate having to go pick her up after a day of weed and games. She says it has 1 hour and 7 minutes remaining. Alright! Then she says it has downloaded 2gb out of 11gb. Wait a second, that doesn’t make sense. Upon further review the estimated time of download said one DAY seven hours remaining. Fuuuuck that shit. This is my last day of this weekend, and I’m fucking playing a game I haven’t played in forever, and I’m going to fucking love it god damnit.

It is at this point when I realize what I must do. I must turn off my computer (rare occasion) and put it in my car. I must take Melanie to work. I must pick her up from work while not feeling up to it. Because I must take my computer to my work and take advantage of the FIOS goodness. So I drop her off, go to work, hook up my computer and begin the download. I also begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring because that’s how I roll. I then go to Burger King for some om nom nommin breakfast. I return to work and I have about 2 and a half hours on the download. I go home, take a shower, and begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring on Melanie’s computer. Because that’s how I roll.

After my DSL fails at streaming and I’ve got some weed in me, I decide it is time to return to the office. My download has about 50 minutes remaining, awhellyeah! I continue watching the Fellowship for about 30 minutes and check the time again. 30 minutes left! Yay! I load up Steam and fire up CS. Wow, downloading LotRO, streaming Fellowship, and playing CS with a lower ping than I get at my house. Man I need FIOS. So I play some Gungame and surprisingly win and get accused of cheating in the same game, how great? I really need FIOS at home. Before I know it the download is complete and installed.

I fire the game up just to make sure it is done and there are no surprise patches or some shit. When I see Dwalin is willing to talk to me again I shut down, pack up, and head home. I almost stopped by Wendy’s for a triple cheeseburger ketchup only with a medium fry and a large frosty, but I didn’t because I am strong!

Anyways, I leveled and shit. I reached probably 11 and yesterday I made it to 13. I haven’t had any problems fighting mobs, but I did die once and it made me feel bad. It was at that goblin place by Gondamon errr the place before it? The one where you attack 1 dourhand and he comes with 2 goblins then 3 goblins come out as well and rape rape rape. Yeah it never happened again, but it still happened. And now I don’t get any more cool titles like The Wary or The Undefeated. Because I have been defeated. It is almost reason enough to reroll, but I shouldn’t.

I am currently at Thrasi’s lodge. I believe I will be moving forward soon to wherever is next. I remember being in this place and doing most of these quests still, but I cant wait for the new stuff I’ve yet to see. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I liked that UOWoW server, fast leveling, and thus seeing the new zones and beyond where I’ve been. I just like it.

Without further ado, here he is!

In other news:

LotRO’s Welcome Back Weekend

So I heard about this on Massively and since I’ve been tiring in AO, so I figured, maybe I’ll give it a go. The only problem is, I never actually paid for LotRO. I did the free trial exactly two years ago, but I wonder if I’ll be able to download/log in. Who knows (probably can’t).

Anyways, as you can see, my free trial ended exactly two years ago. The welcome back week begins tomorrow. I’m going to remote to my home pc and start downloading (if I can), hopefully it will be done or close to it by the time I get home (never under estimate the power of DSL!).

If I can’t play, who knows, I might just buy it finally. Maybe not though, maybe I’ll buy Conan since I haven’t played that, even in a trial. I’ve been saving money like a good little boy, it’s time to splurge a little.

Here’s to splurging!

Good bye LOTRO

You were a good trial my friend. I enjoyed levelling to 15 on a Manstrel and to 8 on a Elfanger.
Not to mention 12% on a Creep in PvMP (12% is the equivelant of nothing I believe).

I enjoyed your newness initially but it quickly faded. My Xfire clocked me at 27 hours, weak LOTRO, very weak indeed.

Another day another trial, until I run out of free games to playwhich will motivate me to call verizon for the dsl and say die to the comcast. I choose you CoX!

God that was gay.

I needed something new, again

Screw trying to play WoW for free TBC, screw DAoC because.. I’m sorry DAoC I still love you. But seriously, I can’t stand so many of these games out.

I started a LOTRO trial. I have a level 15 Manstrel (Man+Minstrel) who, don’t get me wrong, is fun to play. However, I just don’t know if it’s what I’d play. I’ve discovered my problem is that I don’t have anyone to play with, that’s all I want, a trusty follower, I mean partner in crime.

I gave the PVMP a try yesterday, which was actually quite fun. I was able to participate in 5 kills (of real people ohmugawz) and once they scampered off we took the Lumber Camp. I almost died at the lumber camp due to not being able to heal and not being in a group, but I made it and even got credit for the quest (wowzors).

I’d like to get a video of some of the PvMP action, so keep an eye out. My Comcast still sucks, and I’m still lazy. I’m serious though guys, today! Really, I’m gonna do it, seriously. Yeah.

A new MMO would be quite awesome.