So guess what?

We got stomped.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4

Yep, that’s right, we lost 4-0.

But hey, even when you lose you can turn it into a good thing. I now know that the way I’ve been playing in pubs, thinking that I am good because I can sneak around newbs and blow up a building. Good people don’t fall for that one heh. I’ve got to start trying to dominate the pub servers with melee. So, that’s what I’m going to be doing until our next scrim.

Well, besides playing another 14 day trial of Star Wars Galaxies, woooo! I don’t gots no bad intanets no MO! So I’m going to have some fun owning it up with a Commando or a Jedi, can’t decide yet. Commando pwns with the AoE dmg but Jedi pwns because it’s a fuckin Jedi AND they kind of get to craft (making lightsabers), and I kind of like crafting sometimes.

So it looks like it’s time to put up or shut up

So I found out on Monday that my clan Cake or Death has scheduled a match against the clan named The Stack, which is comprised of some (a lot) of the best players in the game. Soooooo hopefully we don’t get fucking stomped lol.

It’s kind of nerve wrecking for some reason, I guess I’m just a tool or something, but it’s been a while since I’ve participate in a scheduled competition. Not only that, but the guy TotalBuscuit from WoWRadio is going to be the commentator, which means a lot of the players will be listening. Not to mention that the game’s community is rather small, so iunno, they’ll all be waiting for me to fuck up.

But, I am strawng.

As long as we work together it should be an enjoyably challenging game.

As it is right now my rank is lower than most of the players participating. Though, I have played with many members of the Stack, so, I guess what I’m saying is, hopefully they underestimate me. If not, then shit, I guess I’ll just have to try and piss them off.

It’s hard to lose when you’re pissing the other guy off.

Ground control to Major Tom

Somebody set us up the bomb.

Help computer.



Hello there stranger. It’s been a few and for good reason. Right now I shouldn’t even be doing this. See I work at an accountant’s office, for my Dad actually. It’s that time of the year too, busy as all shit until after April. It’s my first tax season, and I’m strugglin’. Which is why I shouldn’t be typing this right now, I’m at work.

But yeah, out of work I’ve still been playin’ some Savage 2. Here is a link to my player stats page. As you can see I’m still gaining. My W:L ratio is evening out more and my K:D is staying the same, which is good enough for now. I’ve been raising my hp repaired; kills and assists always go up, same as deaths :p

Been playing with one of my clan mates a lot, BLUEPOWERVAN, he’s good and when I’m aware of where he’s goin’ we usually stomp people. So, I’m still having fun.

I went to buy the Collector’s Edition yesterday and got charged for a regular game purchase, received 1 scratch off instead of 5, etc. Hopefully this will be taken care of today, which I’m sure it will because S2 is good people.

Don’t forget to TRY SAVAGE 2. Free game download, 5 hours demo time (with few restrictions), and gameplay like you’ve never experienced before!

Oh damn, I almost forgot about this

So, I’ve been playin a decent amount of Savage 2, still, and it’s goin good.

I had a rough start with my old account and trying to gain some SF and rank, and I still am a bit I suppose. The way they have the servers set up separates the players by their skill levels. Plus people like to stack teams, now, I’m not complaining about stacked teams that much. I can understand a clan or group of friends wanting to play together. But there are still soloers who join the team with the highest average SF, which to the naked eye means highest chance of winning.

One of the things a few people are finding out is that you need to be in a clan so that you’ll have people to, well, stack with. That’s where I’m at right now. I got my initial rank of 2000+ down to 1500 in a few games one day. Then a days worth of stats didn’t get reported, I believe these stats are not lost and should be added to the website soon, hopefully they will help.

I die a lot. I saw someone on the forums say that K:D ratio just shows how much of a pussy you are. So that makes me feel good.

I’ve met a good commander and he’s begun to amass a small amount of followers, me being one of them. So we’re makin a clan, and I believe it’s called Cake or Death, because we couldn’t agree on anything, an executive decision was made.

I suggested we use Indecisive, but we couldn’t agree on it. Ohhhh how punny.

We’ve got some good dudes. Our highest ranked is in the 200s, but, there is a match between a couple of our guys and a couple members of The-Stack (best clan, has like 5 million top 10 players). Actually now that I look at it, my commander is commanding and the 200s ranked guy is on the winning team as well, lots of others thrown into the mix however.

Anyways, here’s the link to the match info.

Commander = braddock, BLUEPOWERVAN is the buddy we gots in there.

On the opposing team, /me points to Naj, Pontifx, optimize. That’s just from The-Stack, fenix is a bad mammajamma as well, and hey lookie there it’s my ol buddy futch. Played with him a bit during my demo account phase.

Basically, it’s starting to get exciting. I know I’m going to eventually be in the top 100. My ranks for most stats are better than my actual player rank. My biggest downfalls are my K:D ratio and my W:L ratio. But once the clan gets rolling, the W:L ratio should begin to pick up and over time I assume that the K:D will as well.

There’s a lot of little tricks people don’t tell you about, I need to start discovering them.

I’ve seen a lot of peoples names in the ladder that I’ve seen in other games. Lots of people who may be from CSGames community. Such as Erethrin, scorp, PeanutX, have yet to confirm with any of them. Theres a guy named Paragod that I may have known in DAoC as well. The community seems small but I see new people everyday that I’ve not seen before.

I really do enjoy the community of Savage 2.

If I ever decide to do anything with movies and this game, it will sure be a lot better than any other. Due to all replays being saved online and available for download. I’ll just have to run the fraps while watching the replay, so easy!