Berry Berry Interesting

Not really sure what to say about this, just a bit of a coinky dink I’m sure. Some of those comments sound familiar though. Other comments appear to be from horses wearing blinders, if you know what I mean. “I hope they don’t keep the original Guild Wars clothing style” LOL – cus thats whats important when it comes to MY games!

Wuteva, wuteva, I do what I want!

Learning Nothing: MMO Players and the Hype Machines of DEWWWWMMMMM!

Who remembers a game called Warhammer Online? If you can remember it, what do you remember about it? How about Age of Conan? Tabula Rasa? APB? Is it starting to make sense? I sure hope so, because guess what? I have a feeling there is another one on the way. Any guesses? Come on, you know you can see the hype train running amok all over the bitch. Guild Wars 2. Yeah, I said it.

How does the hype train hurt a game? Well, it is very easy to get caught up in your own hype, especially if you’re the conductor of the hype train. You put out a video talking about your game and use some vague words to describe not so vague systems and holy crap, you got so many more hits than your last video because now people are curious as to what that vague shit means. So, why not make another video, with some more vague shit? Man, look at those hits! We should totally show this to people who give us money and ask for more! The demand for this game is through the roof!

Yeah well, thats because you lied, jackass. So, the game gets closer to launch, you start to realize what you’ve been doing. Shit, you’ve got a problem haven’t you? With people expecting Open Beta soon, you know you’ve got to do something before everyone finds out that you’ve been lying, but what? You can be honest and say that vague system #3 isn’t quite ready yet, won’t be launching with the game, and that you are very sorry. No, can’t do that one because everyone really wants vague system #3. Well shit, what else is there? Oh damn, I’ve got it! It doesn’t need to work perfectly from the get go, we can just limit the level cap in the beta to the first 20 levels and polish up that section of vague system #3 so that people will get to see it and won’t doubt that it will be there, thus, they will still order the game! Perfect!

Now, sure, I could be jumping the gun here. I mean, GW2 has really only lied about one thing so far that I’m aware of, you know, the whole “you change the world and it stays that way forever” thing. Yeah, no game is ever going to pull that off and survive. So of course we now find out that the changes are instanced and only you and your npc henchman will ever know that you changed that rock over there a little bit. Cool.

I did see some dragon video today, it was on the Death & Taxes guild website (friend linked me), and I just wasn’t impressed. I mean, GW is a PvP game right? As Cartman would say: “What’s the big fuckin deal with all these dragons in my PvP game?” and I must agree with Cartman. I fought a dragon years ago in DAoC, do you really think it is going to be that different? Plus, and here is the big kicker imo, have you ever heard of this game called World of Warcraft? Yeah, they’ve got this new expansion coming out, you know the one, with the BIG FUCKING DRAGON THAT IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE THE FINAL BOSS? You’re going to take Blizzard head on with your end game PvE encounter? Really Mr. PvP MMO/CounterStrike game maker man? Yeah, I wouldn’t count on it.

Stop buying into the goddamn hype, have you learned nothing in the past people? I mean come on, every new MMO (which I wouldn’t classify GW or GW2 as) is coming out with some new twist or trick that for some reason they thought was a good idea to try out.

Hey guys, wanna play our cool game that you’ve loved since childhood on your computer? Oh, it kinda sucks huh? Well, thats because we want people to play it on consoles too. Yeah, sorry.

Hey you wanna play my game for free? Seriously, it doesn’t cost a thing!*

*Unless you want to level up, fight monsters, talk to players, trade anything, do anything, or play the game.

Hey we’re gonna make this new cool game that has so many things you want and…..
(company couldn’t afford to finish their statement because they’re already bankrupt)

Here is my bet, and I don’t make these bets very often. The GW1 players that enjoy the game and whose computers can run GW2 will move on to GW2. A lot of people who buy into the GW2 hype will purchase the initial box along with their current fanbase. Since they do not have a subscription model, they are pretty much the one game that can run a stupid crazy hype machine and gain from it (initial box sales, anyone?). The game will probably be a lot like GW1, just prettier, oh, and you can be the guys you used to kill now. Plus, we printed 20 more books of lore and T-Shirts and buy our stuff please! Ninja expansion! You can be a ninja now! Astronaut expansion, welcome to space bitch! Housewife expansion, you can now bake cookies and make sandwiches for the whole GW family, ingame and out!

Big ol meh face. (wtb meh emoticon)

A Few Minor Things

First of all, fuck you spammers. I’ve had a new spam comment almost every day for the last week, this is very new to me, and even though I just have to click 2-3 times to delete it, I don’t like it. Fuck you, suck my balls, you’re never going to get through so stop trying.

Alright! Next on the list is that tomorrow is kind of a big day for me. I have a meeting with my lawyer and after that I get to go sit in the DMV for fucking ever, hopefully I get in, if I do I should be walking out with a business license which means I can drive for most of my daily activities again! Yaaaay!

It has been so difficult riding shotgun to my fiance, one because she is a woman and we all know how they drive, two because she scares the crap out of me when she drives, and three because I am a better driver. Can’t wait!

That is about it, a few is 3 or more, I only said 2 things, I are liar!

Wewt Wewt

I may have mentioned previously (I don’t remember what I write here) that I was farming glass on my Ranger (after saying this I stopped playing my Ranger lol), well, I started playing my Ranger again. I thought that the only use for glass was to buy Master Levels, well, I was wrong! Apparently you can buy Artifact encounter credit (each artifact has an encounter which is kinda like a public quest or one time drop, kill the mob or mobs and tada, you got credit) which I assumed previously was just credit for the encounter (which it is), from that point I assumed you would have to go to the market place and find someone selling that artifact at a probably inflated price. However, this is not the case. A vendor right next to the artifact encounter credit vendor sells the scrolls for the books (each artifact has a book), you turn in the book to the correct NPC and they give you the artifact!

So, now I am the proud owner of 2 artifacts! I picked up the Golden Scarab Vest (I’ve seen it used in a template on VN, so, could go either way lol) and Mariasha’s Sharkskin Gloves. I mainly picked these two because they have archery speed bonuses, which is just what I want. I ventured out into big boy RvR a bit last night and found myself roaming the middle ground between large standoffs, then I found that every stealther in the world does that, and got raped. But, the biggest thing I noticed was that other archers could shoot me, while I was stealthed, from a long ways away. Well, those Gloves I just got once leveled up, will give me that same ability 😀 (and by those gloves, I mean the ring I’m getting next but don’t have-ninja edit)! I also noticed that people were shooting me really fuckin fast, which is why I went for the speed bonus.

I am pretty excited now, I can’t believe I fucking missed that, I could’ve done this so long ago! Anyways, I stayed up last night longer than I have been this week and am actually tired this morning. I managed to get my artifacts to level 2, I tried to farm some more glass from Colossus but was too tired to be competent and failed. This weekend is looking quite promising with this newfound goodness!

Hope everyone enjoys their gaming this weekend!
Bonedead. Out!

A new old way to play

I have been playing DAoC rather extensively as of late, but for some reason I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough done in-game. This could be due to the fact that I for some reason can’t play any of my level 50s and have been making alt after alt, but that is beside the point. I have also been spending a little less time with my fiance, kinda, she sits right next to me the whole time but it is hard to find my chair rolled by her desk for 30 mins without it rolling back to my desk.

Well, yesterday I decided to spend some more time with her watching her favorite (horrible) shows. Before I knew it, the time had reached 9 PM, which is usually when we start winding down, line up a nice movie/tv playlist, and head to bed. But last night I asked her how late she wanted to stay up. Just asking that helped her stay up til 10 PM. Then I said that I kinda want to play my game and stay up later, but that I wanted it to be okay with her. Well, she said that would be just fine, because she thinks she sleeps better when she falls asleep with me out of the bed (aka, in the middle of the bed).

So last night I stayed up until 11:30, like a real champ! It was so great, I slept just fine, I woke up fine, feeling quite fine, and now I am at work feeling fine. I think I may start doing this more regularly, which of course opens more doors. Maybe after a few nights it catches up with me and I do begin to feel tired, who knows?

I’ve been playing a Mercenary (Half-Ogre) in the realm of Albion, he is currently level 22. I started my late night play session at level 20.8 and was able to get up to 22 while also getting around 100 RPs as well. I was playing in Thidranki (the 20-24 BG) and was having much better luck than earlier in the day. Most of my RPs came from running solo, though I did group a few times (I even typed /reg lfg, crazy huh). I wonder what I’m going for sometimes with this month subscription, I don’t really have a plan except to play and try and have fun.

I know the thought in my mind should be end game, which is something I’ve really never experienced, believe it or not. I’ve had the game since 2001 (release year) and still haven’t really felt like I’ve experienced end game content. Sure I’ve gone on a dragon raid, done some master level encounters requiring groups, and even been a part of an 8 man rvr group for a week or so (how do you think my skald got his RPs? lol), but I still don’t feel like I’ve done it. I want that feeling. I want to beat DAoC, so to speak.

Perhaps my new old way to play will help me accomplish this goal.

A friend, dancing kids, and a bit of a YAY moment

So I texted one of my RL friends yesterday who is pretty much the only person I know who played DAoC as much as I did. Well, it turns out he is still playin, so I has a friend to play with now, huzzah!

And now for dancing kids.





Now for my little YAY moment. Yesterday on my Ranger I discovered that I can kill Colossal which is the ML 4.1 encounter mob (ML = Master Level aka Trials of Atlantis content) and he drops 200 Atlantean Glass which can be used to buy ML credit. So I farmed him til I had 1400 glass and then bought the Complete Master Level 1 Credit token and turned it in, so now I am ML 1. I could probably get ML 2 and 3 today, maybe more if my friend helps (with a buffbot as well as a tank), which is a nice change of pace.

The point of leveling my MLs is that higher level encounters are farmed by groups, these encounters drop glass, scales (the big money imo), and ML10 encounters drop some of the best items in the game. So theres some motivation.

Anyways, more later, suck it bitches!