What the fuck is going on?

Hello errybody, Mr. Bonedead here, on this wonderful Friday morning. I’ve been quite absent here for the past year or two it feels and while I am not pledging to change that I feel it is a good thing to acknowledge. So, what have I been up to?

Fucking nothing! I have had stints here or there in games I’ve already played tons of times but nothing has really stuck or attracted me to hang around. I broke down after cancelling my GW2 preorder and bought it. I am around level 16 and the last thing I did was a bit of RvR after 16 levels of questing/exploring. To be honest I’ve had more urges to play Diablo 3 than GW2 since then, but I haven’t even played Diablo 3. I’m just not really playing games. I will do some CS:GO every now and again, my favorite is Demolition on the new small maps.

The game that has the majority of my attention as of late is Black Mesa. It is far superior to Half Life: Source which just takes all of the bad textures and everything from Half Life 1 and puts it in the source engine. Black Mesa is taking HL1 and making it fucking pretty and awesome as shit in the source engine, definitely doing it great justice. I say that this game has the majority of my attention but it is important to note that that is not a large amount of attention.

I’ve been taking more classes that I should have years ago and am finally getting through a lot of the “core”, “general education” bullshits that I love so dearly. Does that mean I have been studying everyday when I get home from work? Lol, nope. I wait til the last minute and do everything then. But, when I am procrastinating I usually just watch TV or even browse Reddit (something I’ve never done at home until quite recently).

Apparently Aventurine said something about DF2 and some people care while others don’t. Meh!

Personally, MMOs are becoming harder and harder to enjoy for me. I don’t really like what GW2 is offering, which honestly I can’t even describe because there isn’t really anything different. It reminds me of playing WAR at launch with less enjoyable PvP. I may go back for Pandaland simply to get those 5 levels, grind whatever rep I need to, and then as a guild work on clearing the new content – as that is some of the most fun I’ve had in MMOs save for DAoC (which GW2 is definitely NOT like in the wvwvw area). My biggest gripe with GW2 is the lack of a healer, wtf is that bullshit? Hey we made a new car but we decided to do something different this time: We are not adding brakes to the car. Oh, cool, good idea.

But, hey, at least it is Friday!

So effing bored!

I lost it with Anarchy Online. I wanted to play it and get big and shit and see what the game has at higher levels, but, nope. I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore for some reason. Don’t know why, don’t really care why.

The game I’ve been most active with is Tribes: Ascend, which is pretty fun imo, having never played previous Tribes games. I’m usually a Juggernaught who sits on the flag.

I’ve tried a few other MMOs to bide my time. First it was DAoC which I uninstalled later that day. Then I went to Fallen Earth, which I’ve yet to uninstall since I regretted uninstalling DAoC the next day. After Fallen Earth (via some new thing I’ve never heard of) I downloaded Knight Online which was an old f2p asian as shit MMO I dabbled in a bit. I installed Knight Online and opened it once but when it started patching, I closed it.

Tuesday night I decided I should download LOTRO and gave it a slight whirl on my day off, yesterday. Got a Hobbit Ranger to like level 3 and gtfo of that shit. I wanted to fight people and in a game other than Tribes.

Downloaded DAoC again! Started out making a Lurikeen Nightshade which quickly turned into a character I wasn’t going to play anymore. I switched over to Albion due to Midgard and Hibernia having more relics than Albion and from what I saw in the low level battlegrounds, they had more low level players pvping too. So I rolled Alb for plenty of targets to fight.

To be precise, I rolled a Highlander Minstrel (Thrust). I did this because I know that Minstrel gets DDs via Instruments/Music and that the Thrust line they get has some powerful bleed effects tied into the styles. Spammable bleed effects, mind you, so it is pretty much like having a damage add buff.

I didn’t really run into many people to fight, harumph. However, I did manage a few kills on some Hibs and 2 gray Mids (which I think was played by 1 gray mid). The Hib fight was definitely cool. There was a team of 2 albs and another of one or two (no idea) at the Scrags spot where I was. The Hibs rolled in beatin people up. I fought a small lurikeen for a little bit before kinda kiting him/getting him to leave me alone. When he turned around I just watched for a second before deciding to go back into the fray and stab some bitches.

I was able to take down all but a lurikeen vampiir (op as shit zomg) who was 2 levels above me. I kited him away a bit and he attacked the “afk” minotaur. The minotaur became un-afk and started putting a good dent into the vampiirs health, so I turned around and helped finish him off. There must have been 5 or so Hibs against 5 or so Albs and the last 2 standing were me and a minotaur. Not just any minotaur, but the same minotaur I’d leveled next to the whole morning, from tutorial zone to low level bgs. It was kinda cool.

I’ve been tempted to return to the ol SWGEmu since they’ve begun Alpha testing the OR code. Almost there! I’m just afraid it will be lacking too much for me still, or that it wont be and I’ll love it and then it’ll get wiped for some reason that my little monkey brain wont be able to accept.

Anyways, prepurchased GW2 so I can BWE next weekend wuuuuut. May give the TERA beta a whirl this weekend but, maybe not.

That is it bitches! Bai2u

Well holy shit – a post!

Hi, I like to update my blog frequently. HAR HAR HAR. Man, I am so funny. Ok, so, wtf is up, huh?

Well, I have been playing Anarchy Online like a muhfugga. I am currently paying for 2 accounts like a boss (yes, subscribed with 2 accounts to a f2p game). Why? Simple. We kill the batman. I mean, we go back to old games I liked/didn’t get far in and try to get far in them! I really enjoy this game for some reason. I think it is the ability to twink/ladder buffs/implants to equip better weps/nano programs which, guess what, leads to better implants which leads to better weps/nano programs! It never ends, unless you run out of money or have reached your levels full potential (of course not having the amazing low level items that add +5 to some stats also limits how far you can twink).

That is all I’m gonna say about that. /gump

Guild Wars 2 zomg. I am so glad someone finally decided to remake DAoC. But, fuck hype! Fuck it fuck it fuck it in its hypey ass. Pre-gaming is not for me, at least this year, so far. This is just another defense mechanism to not get my hopes up and crushed due to 😦

I built my new computer, even bought a legit version of windows 7, wow! I can finally try out ffxiv!!!!111 Har har. Not 100% certain what I’m workin with but like i5 3ghz something, 560ti, and 8gb of big ol tastey ram. The only thing I use it to play is Anarchy Online. Yep.

I’d invite you to play with me, but, I am still learning. However, if that doesn’t stop you, I am on Atlantean (RK1). My toons are Bonedead, Ohsnapyo, and Jeffer. I should be on one of those. I expect to get many tells from tons of people.

Personal note, I think I stopped drinking right before I became a big fuckin alcoholic! So that’s good. Still smoke a shit ton though….no comment.

Anyways, I posted! Fuck yeah!

Berry Berry Interesting


Not really sure what to say about this, just a bit of a coinky dink I’m sure. Some of those comments sound familiar though. Other comments appear to be from horses wearing blinders, if you know what I mean. “I hope they don’t keep the original Guild Wars clothing style” LOL – cus thats whats important when it comes to MY games!

Wuteva, wuteva, I do what I want!

Learning Nothing: MMO Players and the Hype Machines of DEWWWWMMMMM!

Who remembers a game called Warhammer Online? If you can remember it, what do you remember about it? How about Age of Conan? Tabula Rasa? APB? Is it starting to make sense? I sure hope so, because guess what? I have a feeling there is another one on the way. Any guesses? Come on, you know you can see the hype train running amok all over the bitch. Guild Wars 2. Yeah, I said it.

How does the hype train hurt a game? Well, it is very easy to get caught up in your own hype, especially if you’re the conductor of the hype train. You put out a video talking about your game and use some vague words to describe not so vague systems and holy crap, you got so many more hits than your last video because now people are curious as to what that vague shit means. So, why not make another video, with some more vague shit? Man, look at those hits! We should totally show this to people who give us money and ask for more! The demand for this game is through the roof!

Yeah well, thats because you lied, jackass. So, the game gets closer to launch, you start to realize what you’ve been doing. Shit, you’ve got a problem haven’t you? With people expecting Open Beta soon, you know you’ve got to do something before everyone finds out that you’ve been lying, but what? You can be honest and say that vague system #3 isn’t quite ready yet, won’t be launching with the game, and that you are very sorry. No, can’t do that one because everyone really wants vague system #3. Well shit, what else is there? Oh damn, I’ve got it! It doesn’t need to work perfectly from the get go, we can just limit the level cap in the beta to the first 20 levels and polish up that section of vague system #3 so that people will get to see it and won’t doubt that it will be there, thus, they will still order the game! Perfect!

Now, sure, I could be jumping the gun here. I mean, GW2 has really only lied about one thing so far that I’m aware of, you know, the whole “you change the world and it stays that way forever” thing. Yeah, no game is ever going to pull that off and survive. So of course we now find out that the changes are instanced and only you and your npc henchman will ever know that you changed that rock over there a little bit. Cool.

I did see some dragon video today, it was on the Death & Taxes guild website (friend linked me), and I just wasn’t impressed. I mean, GW is a PvP game right? As Cartman would say: “What’s the big fuckin deal with all these dragons in my PvP game?” and I must agree with Cartman. I fought a dragon years ago in DAoC, do you really think it is going to be that different? Plus, and here is the big kicker imo, have you ever heard of this game called World of Warcraft? Yeah, they’ve got this new expansion coming out, you know the one, with the BIG FUCKING DRAGON THAT IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE THE FINAL BOSS? You’re going to take Blizzard head on with your end game PvE encounter? Really Mr. PvP MMO/CounterStrike game maker man? Yeah, I wouldn’t count on it.

Stop buying into the goddamn hype, have you learned nothing in the past people? I mean come on, every new MMO (which I wouldn’t classify GW or GW2 as) is coming out with some new twist or trick that for some reason they thought was a good idea to try out.

Hey guys, wanna play our cool game that you’ve loved since childhood on your computer? Oh, it kinda sucks huh? Well, thats because we want people to play it on consoles too. Yeah, sorry.

Hey you wanna play my game for free? Seriously, it doesn’t cost a thing!*

*Unless you want to level up, fight monsters, talk to players, trade anything, do anything, or play the game.

Hey we’re gonna make this new cool game that has so many things you want and…..
(company couldn’t afford to finish their statement because they’re already bankrupt)

Here is my bet, and I don’t make these bets very often. The GW1 players that enjoy the game and whose computers can run GW2 will move on to GW2. A lot of people who buy into the GW2 hype will purchase the initial box along with their current fanbase. Since they do not have a subscription model, they are pretty much the one game that can run a stupid crazy hype machine and gain from it (initial box sales, anyone?). The game will probably be a lot like GW1, just prettier, oh, and you can be the guys you used to kill now. Plus, we printed 20 more books of lore and T-Shirts and buy our stuff please! Ninja expansion! You can be a ninja now! Astronaut expansion, welcome to space bitch! Housewife expansion, you can now bake cookies and make sandwiches for the whole GW family, ingame and out!

Big ol meh face. (wtb meh emoticon)