Well it’s here again, friggin Friday

An hour and a half left of work and then it’s time to!!!! Drive to the other office and put boxes in my car. But after that I get to!!!! Drive to Applebee’s and pick up my woman, maybe grab a beer while waiting. But then it’s time to!!!! GO FUCKING HOME AND PLAY GAEMZES! YEAH!

I really want to just turn off my phone when I get home, screw party goers, I don’t want to! I’ve got WoW to zombie-it-up in, I need more honor!!!!! Fucking assholes why can’t you understand that real life just can’t compare. But yeah, main reason for not wanting to party = not spending all of my money because hey, it seems like a good idea when I’m fucked up.

So, ONWARD! I acquired a version of Fraps… somehow… and I found out that in WSG (maybe elsewhere, haven’t tried yet) I can record video/audio and still kill people. Ahh the possibilities, especially since I recently reformatted and haven’t installed much else besides WoW. Which means, come on say it with me: “SET IT, AAAAAND, FORGET IT!!!” Yes, that’s right, it’s the most efficient way to cook almost anything!

Fucking chefs. So yeah, I’m going to be doing a lot of recording, probably a lot more deleting, and then I’m going to try and have a mildly entertaining video of a warlock killing people, oh wait there’s already a million, shit guys, fire our shit. But you’ll love it, I’m sure… that I’ll even do it.

I do consider myself quite the funny fucker of mothers, so I want to somehow expose my soft underbelly, which is located slightly north of my wiener, to all of you.

You’ll probably have to be high, fyi.

It’s probably going to be the worst thing ever, fyi.

There will be mandatory smoke-alongs, I’ll take a break and recommend you do as well, so that I’m even more funny, fyi.

Oh yeah, I might talk about MMOs, or I’ll just own my girlfriend repeatedly in normal conversation, or maybe I’ll even do impressions of everyone else who blogs, fyi.

If anything, I’ll have a notepad next to me while I’m gaming and I’ll jot down things that annoy me or intrigue me or that I can rant rather “funnily” about, fyi.

But mainly, I’ll be hard to understand, because I like to speak and leave out thought processes, leaving some hopelessly eating my dust. I also make up words, fyi.

If you’re a fan of different voices and schizophrenic type behavior with a side of pothead, hillbilly, and pirate-like qualities, then make sure to check back sometime in the next year. I’ll probably do it by then, fyi.

Loves you all so much!! MMMMMMWAA!1 xoxo


Another 4 day weekend, maybe I can make more out of this one

Wouldn’t count on it though.

I’ve had a few ideas bouncing around in my head on ways to entertain, you know, beyond the text. I wanna take blogging to the next level (this one’s for Zubon)! So who knows, maybe I’ll just make bad movies with Fraps and windows movie maker pewp. But I could also record all my posts, so you can hear what I’m sayin’ man. There’s always the third, bad, option of video. But I’m not sure, it’d definitely have to be horribly scripted.

Waking up at 1:45 am is pretty cool, when you go to bed at 10 PM. I gotta say, this doesn’t suck at all. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to sleep by 4 or 5.

Bungle in the jungle, well it’s alright by me.

So So Sorry that I lied again, I’m lazy, sue me

I’m not going to say Happy Holidays or any of that politically correct shit because I think it’s fucking stupid. I don’t believe in God, but I do say Merry Christmas, why? Because that’s what I call the shit, if you don’t call it that, I think you can figure out what I meant, asshat.

So, you remember the whole, let’s play Vanguard idea that I had? Well I resubbed my account on the 16th, and then on the 18th, Vanguard announced that all accounts will be reactivated until January 20th. Fucking cool, you assholes. So I decided to uninstall that game (it crashed a couple times, I can’t believe it still crashes).

Okay so, fuck Vanguard, hooah!. I reformatted my computer, for maybe the third time in the last hmm 6+ years? Then what did I do? I installed World of Fucking Warcraft. What the hell is wrong with me.

I’m a Warlock, so it’s not that bad. I’m really good and rarely die. But I hate leveling and always want to PvP. Wow you can buy shit with Honor now and those fucking badges, jesus tittyfucking, this is awesome. Screw you bracers with +spirit, I got some Master Sargeant shit now mfker. You too cape of gheyness.

WoW really does bring out my adolescent side. Fuck yeah.

So yeah I basically just played a lot of wow and smoked a _ _ _ of pot (lot or bit?, you decide :D).

Monday night I took my girlfriend out to look at Christmas lights, which was pretty fucking stupid. But there was this house with a penguin that I thought was really cool.

On the topic of Christmas lights: This goes out to all the people who think buying inflatable fucking frosty the snowmen, polar bears, and snowglobes makes up for not having Christmas lights or not having Christmas lights that aren’t shittily strung across your property. You’re bad at Christmas, learn2play newb.

How did I win at Christmas (I don’t know why I keep capitalizing it)? Well I didn’t but my girlfriend did. She bought a big red bow, like the kind you put on a present. We stuck it to our apartment door. Bam, that’s it, no overdoing it with fucking polar bears (IN FLORIDA), just a simple dash of xmas spirit.

Xmas day involved a lot of po… WoW, some xmas music in the morning, followed shortly by large amounts of unhealthy fat man approved food, more WoW, more food enhancers, more food, rinse repeat. Then came dinner time, no more food in teh house :(SADFACE. So what did we do?

CHRISTMAS DINNER AT DENNYS! FUCK YEAH! God was that place fucking dirty. I want to make it a tradition, though. Who can be upset when they’re being served breakfast at fucking 8PM?

I say fuck a fucking lot, sorry.

So, My Warlock was 43 when I started playing on Saturday. Now he’s almost 47, made about 1.5-2k honor, bought some PvP gear, and I’m set to level when I get home today. Hopefully I don’t wind up in IF or SW anywhere near a BG battlemaster of any kind. The PvP really distracts me and prevents me from leveling. Plus I can’t turn in my badges anymore for exp, shit guise fire our shit.

So yeah, I let you guys down so much, I’m sure.

Fucking Merry Happy Christmas Honda Kwanzichanukah mother fuckers. Praise be to Allah!

So lick my ass and suck on my balls, America, fuck yeah.

Oh yeah, on a side note- Mr. Jeff Freeman decided to link to me, which gave me quite the boner, so I linked back. You can now reach his cozy little corner of the interwebs on the right side (Freewoman, teehee, get it) or you can be a lazy asshole and just click here.

Jaded and Bored: The Average MMO Player

Levels, gear, grind, downtime, orcs, elves, humans, gnomes, dwarfs, dungeons, instancing, raiding, lotto, dkp, guilds, groups, mobs, con, ding, gratz!

I don’t even know why I care about this shit anymore. I mean, don’t get me wrong, please, I love wasting my time on these games. Well, for a month tops, then I switch to another and don’t reach max level.

I recently reactivated my Vanguard account, I have a 14 Bard which is apparently one of the best PvP classes in the game. I’m on the Free For All PvP server, so this is important to me. This game is just so poor in some areas that it fucking saddens me.

Most games have set paths for you to advance through via quests and cities. Vanguard does as well, however, their calculations are a bit off. My main problem with my toons in VG is that around level 10 the leveling gets noticeably slower. Mainly this is due to my lack of grouping, I’m a soloist, big whoop wanna fight about it? The problem with VG is that around level 9-10 you are near your first dungeon which means Group quests. If you skip these group quests (most impossible to solo) and proceed to the next town, you will find it almost equally difficult to complete the regular quests. Why? My theory is that during the testing there were people around in the low level areas to group with, so the majority of players were able to complete those quests. Whereas now, in the state of death that the game is currently in, I’m lucky if I even see another player, more so if they’re within 5 levels of myself.

It’s sad, really. If you played in the open beta and didn’t cry about the bugs and lag, then you know what I’m talking about. The game was fucking fun and exciting. Here you are sitting around in town trying to figure out what the fuck is even going on and then SHIT, some dudes wailing on you out of nowhere! It was fucking exciting, like UO once was. I can only hope to reach max level and participate in the endgame PvP, but I have quite a few hurdles in my way, and the closest is the biggest.

I haven’t been gaming nearly as much as I’d like to recently, I don’t know wtfs up with me. I get home and end up spending time with my girlfriend instead of ignoring her and playing games. It’s pretty fucking stupid. Oh wells, maybe I’ll just try extra hard today.


I don’t have work Monday or Tuesday (really? How’d you get Tuesday off? lulz) so this motherfucking weekend I’m going fucking hardcore balls out fucking internet mode. That means tons of fucking gaming, tons of fucking cussing, and tons of fucking blogging (that’s the plan anyway). I know you’re excited, it’s okay, I am too.

On a side note I feel really gdamn blessed. If you head over to Plaguelands and click the “Click to Inspect” button near the top right, you’ll see my name linked to this blog under the word “Servitors”. How fucking amazing is that? I’m fucking nobody and that asshole linked me, it really is a thing of beauty and awesomeness. <3s to my Krone(y)s


Some recent ideas for an MMO

Okay so I’ve been readin around the block a bit, mainly Mr. Jennings’ post of PvP and the comments following that post. But I thought of a couple ideas and I might not know how to explain them. My ideas usually come in the vague form of a game that doesn’t exist, so you may have to try and imagine this game with me.

First off, Player Controlled Advancement. I didn’t play Face of Mankind much, but I believe they had a form of this. I’m not exactly sure how it would work, but for idea #2, it would make it quite interesting to have this. Mainly, think of a corporation, there’s levels, hierarchy, some of these levels you won’t even see the waiting room for. That’s life, I think some people would be able to accept this (I mean shit look at WoW, look at all the drones), and others would be attempting to climb some ladders.

For this you will need levels (maybe skills, but yes, numbers by which you judge your capability), your level cap shouldn’t be cut short by your lack of ladder climbing. For this to make sense, think of military movies, the best at fighting soldier isn’t the highest ranking soldier. It sucks to say think of movies when describing a game, but I think back to the Jennings/Rickey interview and they talk about movies a lot so I’m no longer trying to hide my source of inspiration/influence.

Okay, so some people will never see into the bosses office. That will infuriate them, that they aren’t trusted. But so what if someone can get into the bosses office and gank him, why would it be that big of a deal? Well here’s where idea #2 comes in.

Permadeath by Zone. If you die in the bosses office, you’re permanently dead, people don’t fuck around in the bosses office. So people can try coups at their own risk, and the boss will definitely want to surround himself with plenty of trustworthy people. The cool thing is there can be more than one corporation. There can be small player run companies, I guess business will mainly involve killing or crafting, but who knows. So, say a subsection of Player Run Company A’s purpose of existence is to infiltrate Corporation A’s bosses office and take it over. They have to lay low, they can’t be known as a threat to the boss of Corp A, they have to leave their company and infiltrate the corporation. (Can anybody else hear the EVE players rejoicing?)

Let’s say Corporation B doesn’t like the way Boss A at Corporation A is running his shit. He can hire a player assassin to attempt to infiltrate the Corporation’s offices and kill the boss. Which is risky. You know how he’ll do it, obviously, I mean you’ve seen the movie right? Air ducts! Durr! But how does the assassin get paid? Half now half later, newb. Deposits his first half in a family bank account so only toons from his account can access it. Kind of a neat idea huh?

Next, I’d like to bring to light an idea I’ve had for a “Carebear Race“. Okay so, there’s a more advanced race, they’re “better”. They’re less violent, more passive when it comes to fighting (pvp), and they’re able to discourage fighting. Here’s an imaginary encounter as a PKer attempting to kill one of these races. I attack, he uses his defense mechanism of pacifism which makes him invulnerable 100% for 2 seconds, 80% for 2 sec, 60% for 2 sec, etc. They also get a movement haste that works like the invuln shield except in reverse. So for 2 sec they get 20% haste, 2 sec 40% haste, etc.

How do you make it so the invuln can’t be exploited? SNURF SNURF. Well, I’d say make it only usable once you’ve been flagged for PvP. Maybe this carebear race could even toggle (in town or somewhere special) if they can be attacked or not for PvP. This would make them a juicy challenge for the scary PKs, that’s the goal anyway.

This race dying would affect the others of that race. Possibly sparking a retaliation. When these guys work together, amazing things can happen, they’re the superior race remember? The only thing is, teamwork is crucial, so I guess imagine heroic opportunities in EQ2 except on a possibly larger more complicated scale. Mainly what I’d like to see when they do work together, is a zerg being covered by a massive invuln bubble or a massive half invulvn have uber dmg shield. When these guys work together, I want them to have triumphant victories, I want my team to be pissed off at them so much. I want to ween them into PvPing more.

Alright, the third idea about the carebear race isn’t apart of the first “game”. It probably could be on a gay friendly alien ally scale, but who cares.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about a Lack of Information problem a lot of newer games are experiencing. One thing that I enjoyed the most in my earlier online gaming years was looking at websites that had all of the skills/factions/races/classes/INFORMATION about the game I was playing. Sometimes if a games skill set was too bland (WoWhat?) I could even get discouraged by the lameness and quit. It was good. But nowadays when I go looking for this information for the game I want to play, it’s nowhere to be found.

So in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld I say: “What is with all the lack of information for today’s online games?”

That is all, thanks for stoppin by.

Friends are dumb, partying is dumber

I hereby vow to not have people over every Friday night. It’s costing me too many Saturdays and game time. It has got to stop.

So, on the topic of Counter Strike and the stats server. I haven’t played in a while, my stats page probably shows a session late last Friday, that was a drunk person that wasn’t me, friggin assholes. I would like to prove that I can be good at cs so don’t toss this plan out the window just yet.

I have been accepted into the Mythos beta, which is quite a fun game. It’s like D2 a lot so when I et tired of it I’ll go back to CS and alternate between them.

I plan on playing Vanguard again sometime soon, we’ll see how that works out. It wont unless I stop spending money on stupid Fridays.

So that’s all for now, fuck you guys so much, you’re great.


So yesterday I played a good amount of time, almost 4 hours, and I played against some of the best people that I’ve never seen at CSG before. They just dominate everyone most of the time, so I made sure to be on the team opposite of them, you know, for the practice.

I had less kills than deaths regrettably, but I’m fine with that because in my victims list my #1 and 2 victims are the guys that are really good.

I’ve killed them both 15 times, one has killed me 24 and the other 26 times. They beat me, but they’re also better than me right now. I’m just glad that I could play against them and kill them as many times as I did. I was usually looking for them, but since the three of us always rush I would usually run into at least one of them right off the bat.

One is ranked 35 and the other 178, which is weird because the 178 kills me more and is more scary imo. Most ranking systems are flawed, though, anyone remember TheCLQ? I got in the top 100 for Quake 3 on there, it’s definitely not based on skill heh.

Pogo (the less scary, reminds me of an younger version of me) was a bit mouthy to me at first. I sort of brought it upon myself though. After killing him he disconnected and reconnected. Usually when people do this it is to reset their score (and when you get killed by someone with more deaths than kills, it hurts). So I say to him, retry ftl! To which he repsonds with the error message he got from the console when disconnected. Meaning he wasn’t trying to reset his score, then he called me a fag or some shit. Neat. I’m used to this world, I’ve been everyone I’ve ever played against. By that I mean I’ve been the guy who laughs everytime someone gets knifed, I’ve been the guy who saved the day for the team, who knifed the best guy, I’ve done it all, said it all, and seen it all when it comes to this game.

When you’ve played it that much you realize there are only so many roles one could play, you spot them by their actions, their score, their ping, their name, everything.

Anyways, my rank fell, not good, I’ve got to focus more on dying less. Which is hard since my platstyle requires me to always rush as fast as I can. When I’m in my prime I kill everyone I see, so rushing is just the best idea for me then, it’s hard for me to not rush. But I’m gonna work on it.

Anyways, here’s a clickeh to my stats page.

Feel free to join me! The server IPs are at www.csgamer.com

My names always bonedead, and don’t forget it’s CS 1.6, not Source.