Le Derpfall

Yes friends, I have decided, and that decision was Darkfall. But why Bonedead? Well, I will tell you why dear reader. Because I haven’t had an avatar that wasn’t a spaceship in almost 3 months. Frightening, I know.

What is my plan of attack? Fuck if I know. I made a shit ton of bone armor suits yesterday along with a shit ton of shitty 2h swords. I discovered that you can buy regs from NPC vendors (I knew but I never KNEW) which means I have no money. I bought some new spells, r50 Fireball, air/fire buffs to dex/qui, and air/fire debuffs which I’m still kinda meh about (maybe they’re better when they’re higher?).

My actions yesterday signify that perhaps I shall continue raising my magic skills along with my Weapon crafting. It also would appear that I plan on using a lot of 2h swords and losing armor as well. I attempted some harder mobs yesterday than I have before and actually won some, it felt pretty good. I assume the mobs I killed are classified as Medium, Kobold Strongman/Shaman, Gnoll Tribesman (those Shamans are fuckin dicks), and I even went for a little Troll Lord. Unfortunately with the Troll Lord I cornered myself in an attempt to knock the troll back, off the cliff of the floating rock we were on to his death, which somehow lead to me falling to my death. But right before I fell I noticed I had gotten him halfway and if I had just stood toe to toe with him away from the edge of a cliff I could have won.

I have not gotten any cool loot, of course, which kinda sucks. That is the one thing I miss from the weekend (you know, besides the 4x skill gain) – a chance to get something worth something. I sold my 2 runestones to some guy for 2k a piece and promptly spent all that shit. I have Thursday and Friday off…..and I am thankful for it, har har har. LOL GET IT, THANKSGIVING, HAR. Good one Bonedead, thanks me.

I need to find a good way to make some money that doesn’t involve interacting with other people, you know, for science. I could always return to the goblins and one hit go to town on them but, meh, I want somethin bigger. I am afraid to run into people, as I have been quite lucky to not do that so much. I do believe my Troll Lord corpse I left got jacked by some little dick though, I couldn’t find that shit where it was supposed to be. Anyways, thats aboot it chaps, enjoy your gaming!

Quite the Long Weekend

Hello friends, how you bezzin? I’m doin pretty good. Friday was two of my good friends’ wedding so I got pretty retarded that night. Saturday was spent throwing up a lot and sleeping a lot more, it was also my birthday, har har. When I finally awoke Saturday evening I dove into some EVE online. I have semi given up on trying to acquire enough ISK to fund my accounts, partly because I keep spending money, partly because the price of plex has gone up over 100 million recently. I still enjoy some rock minin but have been focusing more on pve pew pewin. I am most definitely torn on what account I should resubscribe — and I’m not only talking about EVE accounts.

Besides also finally getting into the SWTOR beta this weekend (didn’t even play, fuck dat shit yo) this weekend was Darkfall’s 4x skill gain, phat loot weekend. All previously subscribed accounts were granted access this weekend, Friday to Monday morning. I began my return really late on Saturday and by the end of yesterday I felt as though I finally had some good skills in DF. I GMed Tailoring, which means I can make my own suits of bone armor which iirc is the best caster armor suit? I got my two handed sword above 50 (I know, why didn’t I put more time into it?!) and focused more-so on my magic skills. I finally capped out Lesser Magic, lol. Greater magic is above 50 which means…. DUN DUN DUN…. ELEMENTAL MAGICS ZOMG!!1111

So I got Air and Fire magic, Air is slightly below 50 and Fire is slightly above 50 and the damage is quite sexy (if I do say so myself). I really wish I had gotten more time in, alas, I did not and must accept my current position. The question is, do I continue with DF, resubscribe and keep plugging along? Thinking about it, I didn’t really play much this weekend, so if I did that 4 times, I would have received the same result, right? So maybe I can hack it in DF.

My little alt in EVE is paid til early December so I could still do that during DF lulls. I don’t even wanna think of WoW, ugh, gross. SWTOR? Iunno, but to be honest I don’t know if I’m going to rush into that one or not. I guess we will see.

Fuckin decisions, moar EVE or moar DF?!?!?!

Makin some headway

I last left you with a tale of getting blowed the fuck up. Since then I have concocted a better way to jetcan mine. Have my main with strong mining skills stagger his Strip Miner cycles and drop each cycle into the jetcan. After one is dropped then my alt, in his bigger than my main’s hauler, picks it up and sits there til he is full. This way at most I only lose 1.3k m3 of ore, aka, 3 minutes. This new way has introduced me to a new kind of fuckhead though, the hauler thief.

The hauler thief flies an industrial ship and looks for jetcan miners. He warps from belt to belt and bookmarks any jetcan he sees. He then warps to the jetcan, aligns to his station, loots, and tries to insta warp. Their nature makes them greedy and impatient which I try and use against them. Why? Because even though I can drop my ore in the can and take it with my alt 90% of the time faster than the thief, I like to have a little fun. I had one pesky thief bother me a couple days in a row this weekend and I kinda used him to learn on. At the time my main and alt were in separate corps so I would have to try and get him to loot from 2 jetcans, one put out from each character. This way both characters can respond.

I started by fitting a warp disrupter on my alts hauler in an attempt to prevent him from warping so my main could throw some hobgoblins on the guy. I was able to attack him this way once, but it did not work out. I later discovered that he used 2 warp core stabilizers and if you use 2 points of warp scramblin on 2 points of anti warp scramblin, they can still warp. Thus, I have setup my alt hauler to no longer mine side by side with my main, but instead, carry fewer Giant Secure Containers, 3 points of warp scramblin, and a pretty little small pulse laser on the front (with some heat sinks down below). I definitely do not intend to engage any frigates, as they can’t do anything to bother me. But if I run into another hauler, I believe I will ruin his day, especially now that my miner will be flying a Covetor (up from a Retriever) which can hold 5 mining drones and 5 hobgobs.

After my few encounters with my favorite hauler thief I noticed a guy in a corp with a PvP tag (says PvP in corp ticker or alliance ticker some way) jetcan mining in the same belt as me. I just kept mining, filling up my hauler, and once I was full I dropped it off at the station. Right after I bookmarked his jetcan, of course. I knew that since I started before him and he came in the belt about halfway through me filling up my load, that he should have a decent amount in that jetcan by now. I took the time to refit my hauler with some warp core stabilizers, just in case, and flew back out there. Reached the can, align to my station, turned on MWD, opened the can, disabled MWD, looted his 43k of Pyroxeres (which barely fit in my new cargo size) and insta warped the fuck out of there. He attempted to convo me but I just denied his request. I wasn’t in the mood for any kind of cry baby shit or, wow enjoy your free 1 million isk, nice score durrrrrr. I stole my first thing, it was awesome, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that.

Big ol Noob

Hello my friends. I have quite a few things to write about but am not sure if I can get to them all or order them properly, meh!

Eve Online:
My subscription was about to run out so on the 19th I sent myself a buddy invite email, paid for that account, and pretty much got 2 months for the price of one. My original goal with my new alt was to be a huge dickface to anyone. I wanted to scan big haulers on autopilot and suicide rape their faces for the chance of making a bunch of money. Let’s just say I was a little premature, attempting to one shot a hauler with a fuckin frigate /facepalm. Needless to say, concordokken, giant sec status hit and omg, didn’t do enough missions to be friendly with anyone yet so now the popo be after meh! Oh well, went to Jita where the Amarr popo don’t go and bam, did some missions, able to fly anywhere again.

I realized that no matter what, I probably wasn’t going to be able to come up with enough money to buy 2 plex, one for each account, before my subs ran up. Upon this realization I decided it would be best for my little guy to get some mining and hauling skills. He is Amarr but I train for Caldari frigate with plans to go Caldari cruiser. Reason being, they’ve got good little mining ships. Trained Amarr Industrial up a little and bam, I’m already flying a hauler that can hold more than my main (why the fuck did I go gallente industrial again?). I have my main set up to mine in his Iteron Mark 3 pretty much afk, I just check back and target another asteroid and hit F1, doing this in super high sec .9-1.0 means no belt rats. If anyone wants to suicide my Iteron, what the fuck ever dude, enjoy getting practically nothing.

I had heard that Jaspet could be found somewhat easily in Amarr high sec by searching for Gravimetric sites. I wanted Jaspet because it is the best isk/m3 according to my little spreadsheet of dewm that seemed possible to mine the fuck out of relatively safely. Then I added Pyroxeres to my spreadsheet and realized, jesus effin christ, what have I been wasting my time on? Trained up Pyroxeres processing for use of T2 mining crystals, like a bawse.

Anyways, yesterday I was mining with both of my guys, sharing a single jetcan (I know, I know) and shit was going good. I was going to do multiple loads and make a shit ton of money from just mining, probably the most from mining/the fastest I’ve had. Jetcan is close to full, fly my little dude back to station switch to industrial, fly back out there to scoop that shit up. Well. Let’s just say that since I was using 2 toons in different corps, the yellow jetcan didn’t seem very out of place. Short story even shorter, I got raped by a fucker in a T2 dickship. That is what I get for disabling the, be a bad guy, steal people’s shit warning. That is also what I get for being retarded and not looting 1 second before I warp back to station. He even blew up my wreck, which to me, is a little shitty. That means this dude just did it for shits and giggles. He got nothing out of it besides a killmail worth 8 points and since I didn’t say a word to him he probably didn’t get erect. Here is a link to the killmail. I was kinda upset, I’ll be honest. I felt pretty dumb and I should have. I ended up just logging off so I wouldn’t do anything stupid and make that guy any happier.

This of course has me reevaluating my plan of attack. Sure I can’t suicide kill shit on my little alt guy, but I can scan cargo and haul shit. My big guy can fly battlecruisers and use medium hybrids somewhat ok. I have a feeling he could possibly one shot some dinky haulers. I know a good system to wait in (everyone else knows it too unfortunately) but it is just a hard decision to make. If I succeed, I will probably get kicked out of my corp. But the main reason I am in the corp is for the can system where they pay you Jita prices minus 10% corp tax and do all the heavy lifting. However, I am only 10 or so jumps from Jita, and they pay more there without 10% tax. Decisions decisions. One thing I found quite funny was looking through my killer’s previous killmails I find one where he was in an iteron carrying 600+ million of shit and he got wtf blowed the fuck up. Just goes to show ya.

CounterStrike Source:
I have been playing quite a bit of CSS recently. Of course my main Pub is the TU Server and I have even recently become a citizen there (applied to begin the ranking up process) after playing there for close to 3 years. But that is not why I’m talking about CSS. I have made a few friends at the server and we have been scrimming like nobodies business.

It really has been quite a bit of fun, having not played CS competitively in some time, I find myself a bit wet behind the ears. But I surprise people from time to time, that happens when you’re a randy ass bitch like me. I’m not sure what may come of this but I am having a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things.

Anyways, that’s about it beechays.