RPers wonder why they’re made fun of

I came across these two love birds right outside of Bree in the middle of the road. Odd place for a picnic I’d say. I wonder if he actually opened his character sheet and chose to “hide” his cloak. What about the floor though? I mean she’s sitting down but it’s definitely going to look like the ground and not a cloak because you can’t drop items on the ground in games anymore. DAoC is the last game I can think of that puts it’s items on the ground. So they tried to RP but technically the game didn’t even support it. Tough break Romeo.

Last Week in SWG

Alright, so if you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to post once a week. Every Tuesday, that’s the plan (and it is failing miserably).

I’ve had a busy week in Star Wars. Levie (my leveling trader who sells the cheap pass power) has had a very interesting week. Scuffles with the neighbors, his new apprentice/employee Teokip (my engineer trader on the 2nd account) and a bit of frightening slow business. Bonedead’s life has been a bit dull, though he made $5 million in one transaction thanks to a little marketing. I see an apprentice/employee in his near future.

I’d like to start referring to my characters by their names. I’ve taken a bit to Roleplaying on Levie, Yrqo, and Teokip Oho due to my neighbors being RPers. Let us start off telling about my recent neighbor encounters.

When I first started playing Levie a half a year ago I made some friends. Well I made one friend, but he had a friend who was showing him the game. They were the “Resistance”, when I asked what they were resisting they said everything. I realized they were a couple of kids by the way they talked.

Fast forward to now and my buddy no longer plays, but his friend does. My house is next to his in this sweet ass valley. He now has a big guild hall and apparently a guild and some members. My first encounter with them was on Teokip. He was in the shop when behind him he heard: “Get off Resistance property!” I turned around, looked him in the face, and threw up the ole /rude and promptly logged off. (To avoid drama and to continue my Trader work which takes multiple characters)

Later that day while on Levie, he approaches me in my shop yet again and goes through his whole spiel. So I said: “Hey guy, you know what, I’m going to build another house right now and place it right next to this one.” That’s exactly what I did too.

After that I was bothered by the guy a couple more times, I offered to sell him my land and eventually he just gave up.

My neighbors and their guild are really into roleplaying. They do the Storyteller shit and everything. What is the Storyteller shit? Well, apparently you can place your own NPCs and objects as a Storyteller (after you start a “Story”, you invite people to it) and then you and your friends can act out a little scene. This is what my neighbors do for fun. Yrqo is a Spy, so I was able to observe them in their natural state for a bit lawl.

A couple of days pass and the leader is in my shop yet again, I wonder what the crap he wants, and he starts talking about me joining his guild. I tried to change the subject by saying that I found some really good Steel for making harvesters, but he was persistent saying: “That’s why I want you to join.” lol

I took down most of my harvesters due to not selling anything for a few days and having hardly any money. Here I was trying to run harvesters on 3 toons with a nonexistent budget; not to mention my accounts were running out of time soon and I didn’t have enough RL money due to my employer switching payroll companies.

I took a little break, played some CS, and avoided my computer like the plague.

Then I decided that I would get to work some on Bonedead and that inspired me to do some work on The Ohos as well. I settle my differences with my neighbors, join a guild, and realize that patience truly is a virtue (kinda) as well. But that’s for the next post.

Character Introductions pt. 2

Last time I introduced you to my characters on Bloodfin. Today I am going to be introducing my characters on Chilastra, my lower level, for some reason more enjoyable characters from Chilastra.

First up we have Levie Oho. Levie is a Structures Trader who currently sells Power at 2cpu. He is looking to expand his business into more things Structures (or Resources), but will need to master his profession first.

Levie Oho:
Here we see Levie sitting in his ‘Thinking Chair’ at his ‘Planning Desk’. This is where he gets his business ideas. Those crafting stations right next to him is where he creates the tools needed for his business ideas.

When he isn’t sitting in his office thinking of more ways to make money or more projects to create a greater supply of resources, he just might be standing outside of his shop admiring what he has accomplished so far.

Levie’s older brother and original business partner, Yrqo Oho, helped Levie get his initial funding for his business via his skills as a Spy.

Yrqo Oho:
Since Yrqo has taken a break from the perils of being a Spy (the killing) he has taken to helping his brother out with his business. Usually this involves gathering resources from harvesters.

Though he avoids killing, Yrqo still enjoys sneaking around and eavesdropping on the neighbors. Sometimes his stealth can be good for business.

The youngest of the three brothers and the newest employee of Levie Oho’s Cheap Pass Power is Teokip Oho, an Engineer Trader.

Teokip Oho:
Teokip is the only of the three brothers with the gall to go to Mustafar. This makes him a very valuable asset due to Mustafar being a very volcanic planet with high quality metals.

To give you an idea of how valuable of an employee he is, take a look at this Intrusive Ore he mined just yesterday.

Well, those are the Brothers Oho. I hope you enjoyed meeting them. My next posts are going to be on their life/goings on in the galaxy. There have been some interesting encounters with certain neighbors that I feel I should share with you.

Talk to you again soon!


Character Introductions

In my following posts I am going to be talking about my toons by their first name, so before I just went ahead and did that I thought, why not do introductions?

First we have Bonedead, owner of the currently private business: Bonedead & Company. He is a level 90 Structures trader based out of Tatooine on the Bloodfin server.

Here we see Bonedead doing what he loves: Gathering resources from his harvesters. There even appears to be some wildlife in the background.

This is Bonedead’s profession window showcasing some of his leet skrillz.

Next we have Bonedead’s employee and probably some sort of eventual “bodyguard”, Inept Eoshiswo. Inept is a level 50 Zabrak Jedi.

Inept Eoshiswo:
Inept prefers the environment on Tatooine. When he isn’t working he enjoys just walking around in the sand by Bonedead’s house.

Here is a gif of Inept doing his Jedi thing, which he doesn’t do very often.

Unfortunately it is 5 am, I woke up at 3 thirsty like a mofugga and look at me now. I wanted to update Tuesday but work sucked and today I’m in our main office so no goofin off. Here is a brief introduction for my favorite character family: The Ohos.

These toons are my favorite to play. I don’t know if it is because there are 3 of them, that they’re lower level, or that they have a vendor/business. What I do know is is that Levie, Yrqo, and Teokip Oho are a wonderful bunch of brothers. Levie is the middle child who started and runs the business as a Structures Trader. Yrqo is the oldest brother, a Spy by trade but works for Levie now to put his skills to a more interesting use. Teokip is the youngest brother who just recently joined what is becoming a successful family business as an Engineer Trader.