Working on Time to Fun

If you remember my list of games, Warhammer was at the top. Well, I said that list was tentative and guess what, I was right! I started a DAoC 14 day trial and made a Hunter on the Classic server cluster. So far he is level 19 and has only encountered a very very small amount of fun.

I’m still trying to think of a way to approach every game (a sort of template) so that I can compare them all.

I have probably 60 gigs of video that I need to encode (already encoded about 30!) to go into the videos I plan on having to attempt to make you feel what I feel when playing. I try to capture all of my bored moments, all of my fun spikes (when I start to have a little fun), and all of my fun encounters. I’ve been taking screenshots every time I level with my /played time in there as well.

I’ve basically recorded my experience thus far in DAoC. Whether I release the videos or not, I can use them to relive my experiences and thus delve deeper into how I felt at those exact moments. So it should prove to increase my awareness of what I enjoy, and yours as well.

It isn’t going to be a short time project, this is going to take a lot of time (I’ve come to realize) but I do intend on seeing it all the way through (at least once!).

I figure I’ll just go through my normal MMO cycle and just record the majority of what I do in the games, replay the moments and attempt to describe why I enjoy what I do and what I don’t enjoy.

Just playing a game and taking a screenshot of your /played the moment you start to have fun isn’t going to be very entertaining. It’s too easy.

I’m thinking of also having a Timeline (with more details/screenshots/video) of my characters /played. That would be the best way to organize the information I’m getting, but I’m not going to make people watch a bunch of crap to understand me. Which is why I will first review all of the material (in game experiences) and write probably multiple entries. Short, long, extra long, and the timeline. That’s the direction I’m currently leaning, anyway.

P.S. – This DAoC stint may get scrapped and turn into a trial run for establishing parameters to use when approaching the games.


Time to Fun

In honor of Jeff Freeman’s “Time to Cock” (Exhibit 1], Exhibit 2) idea that basically measures how long it takes for a game with player created content to have player created cocks, I am going to have a “Time to Fun” segment. In this segment I will be playing many MMOs while timing how long it takes for me to begin having fun, how long that fun lasts, why it is fun, what ends the fun, and as many other facets regarding the fun as I can think of.

It may be slanted more towards PvP because I feel that most PvE in MMOs these days (and those days) is just the same old shit. But that does not mean I will not be PvEing, I will indeed have to PvE in these games, however for a player like myself the fun comes in the form of competition. But that isn’t to say that I won’t enjoy PvE in certain games, I suspect SWG PvE may be fun for me.

Here is a tentative list of games that I am going to subject to my “Time to Fun” segment:
1) Warhammer Online
2) Dark Age of Camelot
3) World of Warcraft
4) Star Wars Galaxies
5) Everquest 2
6) EVE Online

The order is subject to change and the list itself will probably grow. I am unsure about Age of Conan since I haven’t even played it yet which could slant the results.

Core -> Open RvR / Destruction -> Order

I had to abandon my Destruction characters and my Destruction server because I had already wasted enough time there, knowing the whole time that it would suck at T4. Why would it suck at T4? Well because the majority of players are WoW fags, shit, everyone is a WoW fag nowadays. Well that doesn’t mean anything Bonedead you friggin butthole! Ahh, but it does young padawan, it does indeed mean something. It means that PvE server fags from WoW are going to choose a Core server because Core means PvE (Mythic changed a lot of names of things so they wouldn’t be WoW-like).

The problems come from WoW imo. Destruction = Horde. Horde = more PvPers/wins more in PvP. Order = Alliance. Alliance = more PvEers/lose more in PvE.

I understand that some really good PvP people pick Alliance/Order because of the above fact, but they are easily outnumbered.

So, here I was playing on my Core Server as Destruction. I never have any problems getting to a keep to buy some new phat Renown gear. I do, however, have problems trying to find Order characters in RvR. A look at Tier 4 RvR zones and what do I see? Red red red, everywhere.

I understand that Order would tend to naturally have less players just because it is Order, however, mix that with a WoW PvEers mentality (a.k.a. me want some sort of easyadvancement RIGHT NOW) and voila: you have Order refusing to take keeps for the following reasons:
1)As soon as we log off, Destro will retake them
2)We’ll get zerged if we try
3)Not as rewarding as PvEing

Shit one of the few people I did run into wasn’t in the RvR zone, so I couldn’t even fight him. I had to flag myself for RvR and then hope he would do the same.

Nowadays on my Open RvR server which I play Order on, if I get bored I can just go camp outside a Destro town and just wait for people to kill. Or I can queue for Scenarios and get in within 15 minutes tops.

Shit I even feel more inclined to group. Since I’ve been here on my new server of love I have grouped (outside of scenarios lol) on a few separate occasions. One to PvE a group of quests and another to take the RvR objectives in Tier 1.

What I have played so far as Order:
15 Witch Hunter
13 Bright Wizard
7 Shadow Warrior
5 Warrior Priest
5 Swordmaster

Most recent being Bwndead the Warrior Priest. I think maybe WP will be my class. I love healing (surprising to me), I like hitting, this is a bit of both. I topped Healing meters last night and had more damage than half my team with the most Death Blows as well, at level 5. I felt inclined to give WP a try when I heard that it could solo Champion mobs of equal level well into his 20s. I don’t know if that is true or not but it sounds fucking awesome. There was also this uber WP I saw in Nordenwatch a lot while leveling Momilda my Witch Hunter. He like never died, ever, with 12 dudes beating on him. It was amazing.

The Swordmaster shows some promise as well, I like being able to take damage AND hurt people. If I took SM further I would probably spec into the defensive Mastery tree (the increase parry swing and the self buff).

The BW is pretty sexy. Still very squishy though, I don’t know if I am a fan of that, I am a fan of shooting 5 zillion fireballs at their whole team though. I don’t know if I’m taking this one any further.

The Shadow Warrior is similar to the BW in that it is ranged DPS. They just feel so much alike, it is basically like this: Don’t get hit, stay far away, and do as much damage as possible. Which isn’t that fun for me.

The Witch Hunter is a joke compared to the Witch Elf. The Witch Elf has a 25% chance to proc a very strong DD EVERY SWING (as long as they open with the appropriate kiss) and can easily raise that chance to 50% as I did on mine. The Witch Hunter, however, deals an equal DD except it is every time they use an Execution. Yep, an Execution, you know…the skill that uses up all of your charges. Your finishing move. The one that you only use maybe twice in a fight against one person. The damage output just isn’t comparable at fucking all, I don’t care what you say, the Witch Elf is so much fucking better at being an assassin than the WH.

I’ve been wanting to do some more videos and take some more pictures but I really haven’t felt like anything has really been worthy recently. The Scenario scoreboard screenshots aren’t really that great imo. They don’t show how good I really am.

I love Warhammer

I really do and I’ll tell you why my friend.

It is CS, in RPG land, a perfect match made in my fucking image of heaven. I love every goddamn second of it because I am so goddamn good.

Waaahhh, Bright Wizards are soooo OP omg, I’m gonna cry!!!!

Stupid fucking baby destruction, reroll Order you fag. Bright Wizards are the squishiest motherfuckers in all the land, and I rape them for fun.

Seriously, this is what I do when approaching the mass of Order.

I stealth before I’m in range and since I am usually the first person they see, half of them lose their targets right before the 2 armies collide, so that is plus fucking 1 for me.

Then I pick my first target, a caster in the back or off to the side. I have 2 use from stealth skills, one does damage to the target whenever they use a melee ability, the other does damage to the target whenever they MOVE. Haha, I bet you can guess which one I prefer.

So I pick out usually a squishy ass bish who looks like he would try to run away in fear for his life, because doing damage every time they move really fucking adds up. Shit, pretty much all of the order on my server probably don’t even know I can do that. Sometimes I’ll put it on a guy and then switch targets and after I kill that guy I’ll see the first guy running away taking damage out the ass lol, they have no idea.

Sometimes I will put it on the first tank, because he is bound to do a lot of running around. Pretty much if you’re not an Ironbreaker or a Swordmaster and I jump you from stealth, you’re fucking done, just give up dude, I will die for the 1 kill and 1 deathblow you will give me. I will take scolding from my teammates to stick with the group just to make you lose, and I will never regret it. You should pretty much be shitting yourself right now.

Do not run away from me. I’m just telling you, that is a good way to die. In case you didn’t know, a Witch Elf’s throw slows you if it hits you in the back. Also, a Witch Elf’s throw can proc my bonus damage as well, it also uses less action than a regular melee attack. My proc chance is 50% buddy, my proc damage is around 120-140, after mitigation. You know you don’t have a lot of HP man, why would you run away?

I know I am not untouchable. I know that sometimes when I chase someone into the crowd that is their team that I am probably going to die, which means I also know that I HAVE to kill you or else I have failed. You should be scared. Not to mention the whole morale boost thing.

What is that, you say? Morale boost thing? Yes, this is not a game mechanic I speak off, but rather a human mechanic. Interesting Mr. Bonedead, but how does it work? Well my friend, I will tell you!

When I jump the Runepriest alone, in the middle of your whole team, my team sees this. They are rooting for me to fucking kill your only hope of survival, your healer. If I can do this, by sacrificing myself, my team will want to fucking destroy every one of you order fucks. Not to mention all of you guys switching targets to me, see because now instead of focusing on our healers you are focusing on yours. You’re not taking out my teams squishies, you’re taking out my teams assassin, you’re taking out my teams leader, which is exactly what I want. Infuriate my team, please, I beg of you.

Many people forget about IRL morale, it is a very powerful weapon, and it is easily controlled through psychology/sociology, especially in an US vs. THEM mentality.

Of course it doesn’t always work, especially when I fail. But you know, how big of a problem is that really? I mean we sometimes have scenarios with 1 or 0 healers on our side, that seems like a much bigger problem to me than one Witch Elf suiciding on their healer. At least I’m trying to help, you know.

Pussy losers on our team. Yep, all of you motherfuckers who startin whining in /sc within 5 minutes of the start of the scenario. You motherfuckers are the reason we lose. I can explain this as being the opposite of myself. I attempt to inspire my team and raise morale whereas you feel like a failure, like our doom is inevitable, and you spread your fucking pussy breath around all over everyone and it makes them more like you. They stop caring, they just want it to be over so they can have their shit ass xp/renown and queue right back up with the hopes of more players like me being on their team.

The winners are the rushers, who do not show fear, who assert their superiority on their enemies with their “body language”. If me and my 2-3 other rushing teammates wipe the floor with Orders 2-3 rushing characters, the rest of the order team is watching this from a distance, and it fucking scares them. They think, oh fuck we just lost 3 fucking guys, now it is 9 versus 12, we’re fucking screwed OMG RUN AWAY!!!!

Whereas my teammates see it and think, holy shit we’ve already got the advantage on these motherfuckers! Heal those guys in front! We’ve got them on the fucking run, boys! CHAAAAARRRRRRGGGGEEE!!!!!!

That is how you fucking win, my friends. You don’t complain, you don’t cry, you don’t accept defeat. You fight til the last second, you bathe in the blood of your victims, and you push forward to victory.

Pansies can keep their fuckin mouths shut, because I am not here to lose, if you are then I suggest switching to Order.