More Witch Elf Screenies

I haven’t played very much at all since last weekend, but I got in a fair amount of time this weekend. Going from 20-24 and entering Tier 3. The leveling sure is slowing down a lot, but you know, I am allowed to Death Match for fucking experience. I should not be complaining.

Moar Witch Elf Scenario Screenies


I did a lot of leveling this weekend, bringing my Witch Elf from R13-14 to R19. Almost got my mount. For some reason I thought leveling slowed down at 12, but it really isn’t that hard at all. I hope it is just me being in love with Mythic masking the grind to my eyes, because it sure would suck if it slowed down significantly in T3 lol.

I kinda wanna talk about how fucking cool the Stonetroll Crossing T2 scenario is. I mean what a simple yet awesome idea. Grab the ball (like Mourkain) but then you have to also cap the ball at these 3 locations. I thought it was pretty unique to say the least (which I am doing).

Hey Mythic, thanks for making your jumping so enjoyable/fun, maybe next time anticipate people like me trying to jump on hand rails, the edge of cliffs, the tops of walls, etc. I am really getting tired of being stuck in a fucking thing that I should be able to walk on. Thanks!


More on this later.

Screenshots of my Chosen’s Pwnage

That last one was from my Witch Elf.

These are from my Chosen 1h/shield.

One thing I’ve noticed is that getting renown does not mean getting kills. I used to think that getting renown had to do with getting killing blows. Now I am almost certain you get more renown for helping secure the forts. Sure you get some for kills, but not nearly as much as you do for standing there and making those little bars move.

I could complain about how actually killing people is worth less than standing there, but I guess I can accept that securing forts is more beneficial to your realm. Even though it’s gay.