No post for you!

I don’t have much today so I will be leaving you with two of my favorite videos.

I didn’t run but one mission in Anarchy Online yesterday. Partly because I’ve upgraded to chronic, but also because I’ve started watching Firefly again, and I can’t stop until I finish.

The last one I saw was Jaynestown. That’s a good one. I think I’ve got like around 8-12 more episodes, so I’ll probably get back to AO at the end of the week and definitely the weekend.

Without further ado:


Only place I could find that allowed me to embed. I think it’s a Dutch site, but I’m a stinky american so I can’t be certain.

You can’t take the sky from me

So, where do I start?

We’ve got crazy ramblings on WoW hate, knowing the whole time we’re arguing opinions, and we’ve got bad feelings about it still. I don’t want to have these feelings, I just do. I don’t get it. I even almost attempted the WotLK 14 day trial. Except that once you click to download it, it activates your trial, and then you have to download like 6-9 gigabytes…. on DSL. Yeah, fuck that. So there goes my trial, fucking bastards.

From now on I’m just going to try and do my own thing, stay out of other people’s business and such. Who know, maybe doing so will get Mr. Jennings to stop his comment boycott on myself (due to not having any comments to boycott! aha!).


I believe we last left off on DAoC, somewhere. I’m assuming I was talking about my Theurgist and how cool he is. Well, he is pretty cool. I got to level 15 and so far have only seen 1 enemy player, but he had just died to mobs, and then didn’t come back. So, no PvP.

After playing Darkfall for a few weeks, who needs PvP though. I don’t, that’s for sure. Maybe in a month or so, who knows, but for now I am perfectly fine without owning newbs.

I’ve pretty much abandoned my DAoC trial, however. See what happens to me when I go back for more?

So, you’re probably wondering, Mr. Bonedead, what are you playing then? Well, I will tell you my friend. See, I have been playing a game that I really forgot about. Sure, I mentioned it in that post of games I’d like to play soon, but I forgot how enjoyable it really can be.

Any guesses?!?

Anarchy Online! DUN DUN DUUUHHHNN!

I discovered that I have two accounts! Who knew? One has a 38 (now 43 or 44 not sure) Opifex Martial Artist along with a 25 Atrox Enforcer (me big, me smash!) with an alt on the Atlantean server (the MA and Enforcer are on Rimor).

On the other account I have a few toons under 15. They’ve got weird names too.

My 25 Enforcers name is pretty cool though. Deytukarjurbs! Haha, man that’s so good.

I remember the leveling being much slower on my MA when I stopped playing last. I went from 38-43(or 44, not sure) pretty quickly imo. Once you kind of figure the game out again, your alt-itis starts kicking in. I haven’t given in yet, but maybe soon.

I like the games where you have to google a ton of shit. Figuring out how to do things is half the fun (no rly). For those of you who have played (pre level 100, post 50s need not comment!) this may sound familiar.

I downloaded ClickSaver. I figured out how to use it again. I found a thread on the forums that lists items newbs can find/sell to make tons of money early on (hooray!).

One of the items on the list is a Galahad Inc T70 Beyer (don’t quote me on that) which is a pistol that adds 20 to Computer Literacy. Computer Literacy, what the heck is that? (You may be asking yourself) Well, you’ve got a ton of skills, you put points into them, and since there are so many skills there are so many items that require certain amounts of skill to use. Computer Literacy is used for equipping items that increase your NCU. Your NCU is basically your Conc (DAoC buffers know what I’m talkin about), or how many buffs you can have on you at one time.

For instance, I currently have I think 36 NCU (which might be bad). I can run 5 buffs on myself at once because one takes 1 NCU, another 7, two others take 4, and one more takes 10. That leaves me at 26/36 NCU. I have another buff that I’d love to run, but it takes 11 NCU. Also, it is good for me to leave at least 4 NCU open because I have a short duration buff (aka a OMG DONT DIE PLS button) that boosts my damage, freezes my ability to use Nano Programs (buffs/spells) for 15 seconds, and takes up 4 NCU.

Anyways, the pistol adds +20 Comp Lit. The lowest level the pistol comes is 44 (you can pretty much get any level any thing, which is cool) and you can dual wield it with minimal requirements (not minimal to me, at friggin all, but “they” say it is minimal).

In the outdated forum post, the guy says they sell as a pair for 500k.

So I walk into the Advanced store (basic->advanced->superior) which is an instance that everyone shares. The items sold in the store reset when no one has entered/been in the store for I believe 2 minutes. I begin looking through the weapons even though I don’t need one and what do my eyes see? A Galahad Inc T70 Beyer, staring back at me! It was QL 45 too, just 1 above the 44 which is the desired one.

I had about 75k at the time and they were selling for 15k, so I bought 2 pairs at 60k. There were plenty of people inside the store so I figured I could go outside and sell them without them going poof. But I had to sell them fast.

I was paranoid from the get go. Anarchy Online has a strong community, much like SWG, the people playing have been there for a looong time. So, you don’t want them mad at you if you intend on playing long and still enjoying it. So I was nervous about speaking in the trade chat. What if someone called me out and then I was stoned in public (wouldn’t be the first time!)!

What I decided to do was to sell a pair for 100k, this way I’m making 70k a pair, which is not too shabby imo. I post in trade chat and instantly get two tells. One guy wants all the ones I have, the other just wants a single pair. I ignore the single pair guy and focus on finishing my deal with the greedy SOB (who was obviously buying low to resell higher). Once I wrap up business with him, I respond to the single pair person and set up a meeting as I’m running back to the Advanced shop.

I was able to buy I believe 12 more guns this trip. I sell the 2 to the guy and make another 100k. Then I send a tell to the greedy guy from the beginning and tell him that I “stumbled upon” 10 more of these bad boys and he just cant help himself. 500k later and I’m back in the store buying even more! I believe this time I got 30. But instead of running outside and selling more and letting people catch on to me I just banked them and went back to running missions.

The missions are really great imo. You go to a terminal and hit request and then you get 5 choices. There is the assassinate style, get an item bring it back, see an item report back, and maybe a see a person? I don’t know. I just like the assassinate and see an item ones. Anyways, if you expand the options on the mission menu you see a bunch of sliders centered in the middle of their bars.

Bad/Good, Order/Chaos, Hidden/Open, XP/Credits and some other shit. There is also Easy/Hard at the top. Changing these changes the kinds of mission you will see after hitting request, but it also changes the mobs and the instance in which the mission takes place (ie, more robots or more animal or more people etc).

Each mission has an item reward as well as credits and xp. This is where ClickSaver comes in. ClickSaver looks at all 5 missions and shows you everything you need to know about them (without having to shift click each one individually ingame). You can set up item and location filters (but never at the same time!) as well. The best part about this program is the ability to have it keep refreshing the mission menu until you find an item or location you’re looking for.

For instance, I use a 1 handed claw weapon. I wanted to get another so I could dual wield them. So I set up a filter for Hazangerine and let it ride! When I came home I found that it discovered one and I made my trek across the big ass world (extra bigass fries!). So now I’m dual wielding some claws and I’m cool and stuff.

When I’m just leveling I set a filter for the location Rome Blue, as that is the city I’m currently in (aka the main city for Omni peoples like me). This location is becoming more and more rare as I level though, so that sucks a lot.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I’ve got to get back to work, meh!

Why WoW tourist are a problem (imo)

So I was replying to a comment who replied to my comment on Isobelle’s blog. Well, it turned into it’s own blog post. COPYPASTA

Originally said by me

WoW Tourists started with the release and subsequent massive server closing of WAR. We blame it on “WoW Tourists” because they didn’t really want something besides WoW, they wanted something just like WoW. Some people think that is why Aventurine is doing this staggered release, so they do not fall victim as WAR did. That’s probably not true, but it is pretty funny.

response to me

Is there no room for the fact that WAR was a bit of a mess when it launched to be the reason people left?

yes there was some “tourism” going on but it’s not the only reason. The game shipped with loads of issues from balancing, to gameplay, to server population imbalances.

There is and always has been Tourism going on. It happened when WoW launched people left all their old MMO’s to get a look at the new kid..but you know was good enough to hold on to a majority of those tourists plus add new people.

Yet somehow for WAR, or Darkfall, or any othe rnew game that comes out it is not the Developers fault for releasing a mess but the Tourists fauls for not taking a subpar product and forcing themselves ot play it?

How does that make any sense?

Oh and I’d like to point out that the same thing that happened to WAR happened to AoC..but you don’t see people blaming the “WoW Tourist’ for that do you.

and finally, me responding to that, not in blockquotes

The people that don’t love everything WoW didn’t quit until after the WoW players went back for Liche King (which if you remember launched about the same time WARs one month free time ran up). The reason they did quit was because of barren servers because a game like WAR requires dense population for it to achieve the desired effect (for the game to work as the devs intended).

Server population imbalances? Because WoW doesn’t still have that problem, nope.
Same with balancing, which class is FoTM in WoW this month? (every mmo will always have balancing problems)
Gameplay is such a blanket statement that I can’t even respond except to say that I think WoW has “gameplay issues”. (Yeah, take that!)

When WoW launched, there was no tourism. That’s like saying when everyone started boating over to America they were all tourists. You’re not a tourist unless you go back where you came from.

This is my favorite part though. Where all new games are released as a “mess” and are “subpar” therefore cannot retain membership.

Why do you think you and WoW players consider these games a “mess” and “subpar”?

Well I can tell you why one of my RL friends stopped playing WAR (and went back to WoW where has has 4800 hours logged on his xfire). He told me he just didn’t like it, I asked why, he said it was just too boring. So I asked him how he tried to level.

Turns out he just did a bunch of quests and a couple of PQs (which he thought were cool). He didn’t try Open RvR (which admittedly wasn’t that great at release, but is now) and he didn’t try a single Scenario.

He even got to level 26. By solely questing and doing PQs.

Wonder where he adopted that playstyle.

Wonder why he would try to apply that playstyle to a game that advertises itself as the opposite of what he is used to.

As for AoC, I can’t really comment much because I still haven’t played it. However, my guild played it since release up until Darkfall came out, so I can’t see it being that bad. Plus they shipped over 1 million boxes (sold over 500,000).

But this is the big point.
Over 500,000 people signed up for AoC beta.
The month after release, over 500,000 copies were sold.
They had 49 initial servers, giving each server over 10k people a piece.

Where the hell do you think all of those people came from? (hint: before WoW the estimated number of MMO players was <500,000)

Warhammer had 750,000 people playing one month after release (Mid October of 08).
WotLK released Mid November 2008.
Warhammer had over 300k paying subscribers in December of 2008.

You’re telling me that is Funcom and Mythic’s fault? What would have happened if they didn’t put up enough servers to accommodate the estimate player base? Would people have said what they’re saying about Darkfall now? How dumb they are for not letting everyone who wants to play actually play?

What if Aventurine, indie game company, exhausted it’s resources some more and put up enough servers for the people who obviously aren’t going to stick around? Do you think they could afford a loss like that? (aka, losing 70% of their servers)

Plus, the majority of WoW players who try out games that aren’t WoW pretty much NEVER stick with it. Especially if the game was just released.
Because every MMO in the history of MMOs has released with bugs and lack of polish and queues and server downtime. The majority of WoW players did not play WoW at release and those who did like to conveniently forget that it had the same damn problems.

So what do they do after that? head on over to the WoW forums of course! We have important “THIS GAME IS TEH SUX” threads to make, which in turn, affirm the notion in WoW players’ heads that there is no game out there “better” than WoW.

So when a game has been around a year and has polished up quite nicely, they’re still not going to get new players because the only possible new players they could get would be coming from WoW, but since they all heard “THAT GAME IS TEH SUX” they won’t even consider it.

Blizzard has raised an army of ignorant, whiney little bitches who only expect WoW quality MMOs out of every fucking game that releases. Which pretty much goes against the “Constitution” of the MMO genre (but why would WoW players bother to care about history of something they’re supposed fans of).


I guess I just hate all of the fucking new kids WoW brought to the genre, because they don’t care about the foundation that the genre was built on, because their parents spoil them or they think they’re some super special fucker that game companies have to listen to. If you feel like this is directed at you, fuck you!

that is all

Ehh, It’s not so bad!

First off, looking at my Xfire, I have not played that much DAoC (I wish though). I accidentally left the character select screen on the last two nights (because quitting the game doesn’t really quit the game).

Next, DAoC update. I started at level 6 and ended at level 10. I didn’t play very much at all. I remember 7-9 took a whopping 17 minutes. What I did was go to Tomb of Mithra and for a level or so I just killed the 2 mobs at the front of the entrance (orange and red con). I was able to solo a red like nothing, which always makes ya feel good. After a level or two I began moving deeper in. I found a room I remember being in some time ago with guardsmen and a giant model (but small in size). By giant model I mean the giants in Muspelheim/Vanern Swamp in Midgard.

Anyway, I died in that room because I tried to take on too many guys. Stupid me though, I realized I have an AE mez I could’ve probably lived with had I quick casted it. All in all, good times. Crap loot, uber crap loot (except for 1 bracer that does 4 quickness 3 dex, even though I only needed the dex), but I did enjoy the small amount of time I played still.

Why I don’t try Free to Play games anymore. Before I get into the reason, let me first attempt to recall all of the free to play games (MMO) that I have tried.

Knight Online
Ragnarok Online

I know there was at least 1 maybe 2 others from the original makers of Knight Online (Malaysian website I remember)

I enjoyed playing most of these games for a little bit, never Runescape though, I always wanted to hate that game (and did a pretty good job of it too). I would say Knight Online and Ragnarok Online were my favorites.

I played every class in Knight Online. I enjoyed running out of town and killing tons of those worms, then then walking bulcan thingies, werewolf dudes, goblins, and the mean orcs. My favorite parts were being able to create/upgrade my own weapons (after I figured it out) and finding phat loot at low levels that you could sell for a ton (for some reason I want to say a crystal or some shit).

For some reason I think Ragnarok wasn’t free to play when I played it, or maybe it was beta, I don’t know. But I had a thief guy and I got to like level 28 or something, I could attack really fast and that was neat.

Flyff was le boring, 9Dragons was repetitively boring (see my screenshots in either my flickr or photobucket), which turns out is a common characteristic of most of these free to play games.

I guess when you’re free to play you don’t need to hide the grindy-ness as much as a pay to play.

Enter: The reason I hate Free to Play.

The grindy-ness isn’t masked for a reason. It is supposed to bore you. But why would they want to do that Mr. Bonedead? Well I will tell you my friends. They want you to get bored because then maybe you’ll start clicking around the interface. Hey, what does this “SHOP” button do?

It opens a gateway to the very depths of hell! A place where you can trade your integrity for shortcuts!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of shortcuts. I just prefer the kinds you don’t have to pay for, the ones where you have to use the game mechanics in such a way that you avoid certain, unnecessary things.

I know RMT is not always the devil, because hell, there are some places where “the devil” is going to be, because he fits in. But it isn’t in the games that I play.

Which is the main reason I don’t play free to play games (anymore).

Ugh, not this again!

Yep, this post’s name is the same as that little tagline doohickey at the top of the page. But, it isn’t because of the tagline, it is because I am not playing Darkfall.

So since I’m not playing Darkfall, I’ve got to be playing something, right? I mean, how the hell am I supposed to pass the time after work without playing some sort of MMO?

Since I need to spend more time off the computer (even though it doesn’t even seem like it’s fucking working) I decided I would play some Diablo 2 in single player mode. I wanted to relive one of my first class builds and rolled a Paladin. I intended on speccing into Concentration and Blessed Hammer, which are received at level 18.

As I said last time I was level 17. Well, I hit 18 recently and got both of the skills needed to live out my Diablo 2 dream. After using it a bit and leveling a couple more times, I began to realize that this build sucks. See, the problem with Blessed Hammer is that if the spiraling hammer hits a wall, it fucking stops existing. Why would this be a problem? Oh I don’t know, Maggot Lair in Act 2, anyone? Every small quarters place in the game, maybe?

Indeed I did not think it through.

Which brings me to the title of this post and tag line of this blog.

I’ve started another DAoC free trial. I decided I would play Albion this time ’round and have chosen a Wind specced Theurgist (oh hells yeah). I’m already level 6 and I just started last night. I’ve pretty much done everything I usually do in the Tutorial Zone (get a full suit of armor) and I believe I will be heading back to the main land today when I play.

What makes me sad is that I will probably end up either farming mobs in BGs, running Task Dungeons, or some other new fangled way to level extremely quickly. My best memories are of farming those fuckin Tomte and the Drakes near Nisse’s. So that is what I would like to try and achieve.

Now I know I can’t go into Midgard and go to Nisse’s but I can find the lowest level Albion dungeon and WTF rape that shit for breakfast. Then again, casters suck in close quarters (dungeon) combat. I guess the worst part is that it is a game where you care about phat lewts but the best phats for low levels isn’t even dropped but bought off an NPC. Sure I’ve got to go into Catacombs and dungeon dive a bit farming aurulite, which could be considered as dropped, but let’s face it, I’m buying it from an NPC.

Now I could go full on rebel and boycot aurulite armor, only wearing phat lewts dropped by mobs in the classic (or even SI, or even Catacombs!) lands, which may be something I try, but if I decide to PvP after that I’ll probably get raped.

Quite the conundrum!

But is it even going to be worth it? I know I can make it to max level before the 2 week trial is up, I’ve done it before, but I won’t be able to do anything Labyrinth of the Minotaur, I won’t be geared at all for any kind of RvR, and I won’t have any Champion Levels/Abilities from Darkness Rising. So am I just making a BG warrior? Am I just trying to relive my past of farming mobs instead of questing to level? Am I even going to enjoy myself?

I don’t know.

But I do know that a few other games are looking like mighty fine choices as well, it’s just too bad I’ve already played them all.

So if I make it beyond Thidranki in DAoC my lineup of games I’d like to play next looks like this: (In no particular order)

AO (That’s Anarchy Online, not Atlantica or whatever)

I could throw WAR on there if I didn’t play it so recently and you may as well consider SWG as the game that I’m going to be playing last (for the same reason).

Anarchy Online almost always gives me a feeling of shitty everytime I start playing it. I like being able to /random me some missions, especially with that program that scans them all for phat lewts you want to acquire, but I could see myself getting burned out quickly. But hey, it is free and I already have a level 30-40 something Martial Artist (I think) so why not just have as much fun with it as I can for a few.

EQ2 gives me similar feelings to AO, mainly because the Commonlands are so hard to get the fuck out of. I’ve got at least 2 toons near the top of that level range and once I get there it just sucks ass. Die to 3 mobs die to 2 mobs die to mobs mobs, soloing isn’t allowed here! I know that isn’t really true, but it is close. Plus the PvP server is ridiculous, I’m not even going into how lame it is to have a twinked out commonlands bitch (especially when you have much higher level toons to play, you fuckhead).

GW would probably suck pretty quickly. I don’t have any of the expansions and I don’t want them either. My PvP toon is an Elementalist (right?) / Scout (Ranger?). I am set up to do uber fire spells with lots of AE, lots of DMG, and lots of knockdown. When I get in trouble, my Ranger skills save my butt. There was a time when I could really kick some ass from a distance and then when they get close to me they’re pretty much asking to die. Ahh, the good times. Probably not going to play.

Of the games I’ve gone more in depth on so far, I plan on playing zero of them long term. Which probably means I won’t even bother.

You can go ahead and include LotRO in the list of games I will not be playing long term/probably at all. I got to 15 on a Minstrel and while the screaming thing was pretty cool, I don’t like being forced to group. (Well, unless it is Darkfall)

WoW I honestly could see myself sticking with for at least a month (a month used to be my limit but with my last SWG stint lasting 2 months, I may have evolved) if not more, and it really hurts me to say that. However, I am only level 56, so it isn’t like I’ve been there done that yet. Shit, I don’t even have TBC yet. What!

I bet some are wondering, what about EVE? Haha, no no no thank you. I did that for a little bit and that’s about all I’m doing with it. I hate being forced into grouping when I feel retarded. I want to feel good about my skills before I am forced to group. With Darkfall, I was pretty sure I was a leet mofugga from the get go, which made it much easier to group. Plus my guild was a bunch of drunks with mandatory chuggings on vent.

I do miss my guild.

Fuck Diablo 2, srsly.
Fuck CoH/CoV, cereally.
Fuck EQ1, UO, AO, EQ2, LotRO, and GW, indeffinitely.

The pool sure is getting smaller. I keep making my rounds in the MMO worlds and keep chucking more to the weeds each time.

I feel like I am forgetting about some game that I have toons in and I enjoy playing, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. It sure is depressing though!

DAoC, WoW, WAR, SWG, UGH! Not this again!

Buh-de-ba-dee-dee-dee That’s All Folks

First of all, I know Porky says it longer, but just typing that much was pretty difficult. Let’s spell sounds! Onomatopoeia and all that. KABLAM!

I am done with Darkfall for now. Maybe I will return after the NA release, but I just doubt it. What is the problem? Well, the game is pretty much too good. Yep, you heard me right, I’m laying down Darkfall because it is too good.

But how is that even possible, Mr. Bonedead? Well, I’ll tell you my friend. Ya see, when I like a game, it is the only thing I care about until I no longer like it. That is where the problem arose. Ya see, I’m engaged to a lovely lady that I care for immensely. Turns out she was feeling a little neglected with all of my Darkfally-ness going on, so I picked what is more important to me.

Plus, Mortal Online is going to be starting beta (if they haven’t already) and that’s gonna be the same if not better than Darkfall. So instead of saying but but but I’ve waited for 8 years for something like this! I can say, well shit, there’s going to be more than 1 eventually, which could lead to even more, so fuck it.

I would’ve just cut my time back to an hour a day, maybe a little more, but I just can’t get a feeling of accomplishment in that time playing DF.

I can in Diablo 2 though!

Single player Diablo 2 LoD (even updated it to the most recent online version) is the shiznit. I decided to attempt to relive a nifty Paladin build that impressed me dearly when I was but a wee newbie. Blessed Hammers and Concentration! I get both skills at 18 and am currently 17. My plan was to reach 18 yesterday but after I got the Horadric Cube (DECKARD CAIN!!!!) I decided that was enough. Well after I transmuted my chipped gems into flawed, mofucka!

Yeah, Diablo 2 is hardcore, Darkfall can’t touch that shit!

Well, technically it is in a way. I’ve even been considering giving it a shot. Remember? Once you beat Diablo 2 online (closed Bnet) on any difficulty (I believe) then you can make Hardcore characters. You remember, the ones with PERMADEATH!

That is the most hardcore shit in the world mane. You can’t touch permadeath.

Yeah I don’t know if I will do that, but I may, who knows. I’m not really ever looking for HARDCOR3 FUCK YEAH shit, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

I’ve put in my leave of absence at Murder Herd. I wish those guys the best of luck, I had a blast with them, and they’re going to be a rather annoying force for the remaining players of Darkfall. I logged in Saturday morning to find 2 buildings, our grove, and our clan bank smoking. Apparently Awful Company, being extra awful, decided to bully some small guilds into becoming their loyal peons, and about 10 guilds attacked our city with siege hammers as well.

We were able to repair the bank with the 1 repair kit we had to go with a repair shard. Repair kits were a secret in the morning and by the end of the day we could buy them from our merchant, go Aventurine! Hah.

It sucks that I’ve got to stop playing because we were about to start being more offensive instead of always defending our city. Fuck our city lol, we’re gonna rape some people. Meh!

Diablo 2.

I’m a dick

Possible Side Effects:
-Anxiety, agitation, or panic attacks
-Hostility or aggressiveness
-Restlessness or inability to sit still
-Extreme elation or feelings of happiness that may switch back and forth with a depressed or sad mood
-Other unusual changes in behavior

At least I’m trying to fix me.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I’m going to be going all over the place today. Not really, but I’ve got a few subjects I plan on touching on and they are as follows: Strength and safety in numbers, my guild raiding Sinister’s hamlet, I finally paid my 500g guild tax, Darkfall is finally supported by Xfire, and my plans during my next few play sessions. Enjoy.

Strength and Safety in Numbers
As I have been checking out other blogs playing Darkfall I have noticed that others are having problems that I have not had. Well, I actually did have Iso’s problem when I first started, but I got positively aligned much quicker than he is. I couldn’t imagine being red and outcast and alone. That does sound about impossible. Which brings me to my point: You need friends in Darkfall. Apply to a guild that seems the least likely to fuck you over. But that isn’t going to be easy. It was for me but I got lucky. I seem to keep getting lucky in Darkfall, who knows, maybe if I wasn’t as lucky I would be writing about my struggles instead of my adventures.

Lands that used to be open and barren when I was red are fast becoming dangerous and populated with the influx of sales and players moving away from starter towns. Even the easy goblin spawn by our city isn’t safe anymore, solo or duo. I was there with a guildie and we got jumped by 2 guys. We would’ve won until a third slow ass straggler suck newb showed up and then I was being DPed. I soloed there yesterday and got attacked by a guy when I had low health. Luckily (odd how I keep getting lucky) I had plenty of stamina and ran through all the goblins (hoping he would follow) then into their goblin village and then jumped on top of their goblin houses and back over the wall! Haha, follow that shit bitch!

The most common number I hear of is 4. 4 mounted/geared guys is pretty damn solid. More is even more solid of course. However, some soloers are fucking amazing. For instance, some dude came to our town when half of us were in queue a quarter were afk and the rest were either not in town or weak/naked. This dude had full plate and was a polearm sprinter fag. Someone called out the entrance he was by and then like a retard lost him. I saw him the whole damn time, I was moving closer to engage, but once I did engage him I realized this was not going to go well. None of my teammates were even near me, ugh! I was standing at the bank naked practicing mana missile because I was told to by my leader. But nooo, the gatherer/goblin warrior must single handedly kick the polearm sprinter decked out in plate out of town. Right.

So I pipe up in vent and say, so is anyone else going to come kill this guy or what? Then I hear about 5 retards say oh he’s back? (he never left) A couple others ask which direction he’s at? (it was said less than a minute ago) But finally, our fat single female higher rank in the guild stuck in queue cus she’s fat and annoying (see: The Guild, the fat lady) bitch face pipes up, Well usually we at least try and fight the guys, like I’m totally new to competition/PvP/the guild. I had to throw myself at this guy like 3 times before other people started engaging him. Good thing the only armor I had at the time was cloth chest pieces and armguards. But I can be mad at those fucking failure fucks later.

The point is, strength in numbers ftw in DF. Even though I wish I had uber combat skills, unlimited suits of plate, unlimited mounts, and not having to deal with lazy fucking failures who can’t even have some guild pride and defend their fucking city, that isn’t happening anytime soon. So I must sit back and wait and hope that strength in numbers remains plausible.

Sinister raids
Yesterday I logged in and heard of a couple more raids on Sinister’s grove. Sinister is a guild that owns the hamlet north east of our city. They have purchased a grove (lumberjacking inside your city) and we have been attempting to make it our grove by raiding and killing all of their lumberjacks. We’ve had a few runs and from what I hear we get about 1k wood a run, which is pretty damn good.

So I logged in and start hearing tales of a failed raid on their grove that happened the day before. Apparently Sinister hid on their roofs until we all swarmed in and began blasting hellfire down on us. That was how the story went anyway. I believe my leader (the guy not the girl, the one I want to listen to) heard this at the same time as me because he began gathering forces to attack yet again! I readily volunteered.

We gear up in our best (for me it was a chain vest and padded pants lol) and gather in the center of our city. We’re given the order to move out and begin our march. I have not ventured very far away from town, in fact, I am pretty much a newb who stays in the safety of his town for the most part. But not anymore I’m not, because we’re marching to battle!

We see a mounted player as we near their hamlet and he turns around bolting back to his friends to raise the alarm. At this point our nicely zerg like “herd” if you will dissipates around their hamlet. I don’t know where anyone is but I get to a wall and peek around to see Sinister guys firing to my right. So I charge and a few are behind me, we quickly dispatch a captain of the guild, and then we get orders to try and get on the damn roof.

Long and boring story short (I began writing this the other day) we fought for a while and eventually we fell back due to farming naked guys and subsequently getting farmed ourselves. Since our towns are so close you could literally see the battle changing hands depending on whose town we were closer to, which was pretty cool imo. We got around 1k wood or some shit.

Finally paid my tax
My guild has 2 taxes. The first is called a donation and it is 200g. The second is called a tax and is 500g. I am a retard and do not know how to make money, mainly because I don’t want to get in trouble and get kicked out of the guild for being selfish. Well I’d sold 1 steed grass in town to a guy for 250g and while I was farming another I got ganked by those 3 fuckers (may have mentioned them here, if not check ixo or hardcore casual comments) and respawned back at our guild city (where I cannot sell them for 250g).

It took 3 trips to the goblins west of our city to gain the money. I would wait until I had about 40-50 gold and then bindstone recall to sell all the crap junk and add the gold together. It was stupid as shit and sucked ass, but I paid my tax so now I feel less burdened. COOL!

Darkfall on Xfire
Xfire now supports Darkfall. When I began writing this yesterday it was ranked #71 (in most minutes played per day) and today it has fallen back to #74. That may seem like a big decline, but consider that it has only been supported for a few days. Then consider that yesterday the servers (Darkfall) were down pretty much ALL FUCKIN DAY.

My plans
I honestly don’t know wtf I’m going to do. I am kind of getting tired of all the bullshit to be honest. From the ridiculous fucking retard army that is the Darkfall Forums to my own guild annoying the shit out of me to not being able to play until the weekends due to server downtime/needing multiple hour play sessions to feel like I get something done, this shit is starting to drive me away.

I’ve considered rerolling and attempting to play solo (because it’s harder, you become self sufficient, and you don’t have to respect retards because they have vaginas and play video games) but I’m sure then I’d be considered “RABBIT” and MH would hunt me down for 1 screenshot of me dead. It’d probably be one of the retards that can’t get over themselves too. I fucking hate being on vent and 5 fucking retard 25 year old burger flippers all try to talk at the same time, then stop, and then try again. I GOT THROUGH LIFE BY TALKING LOUD WHENEVER I WANT TO HURRRRR.

Man I like certain aspects of my guild but there is just so much fluff.

I think the game in general has just made me more hostile.

‘Neakin behind enemy lines

As you may be aware, my guild hates Awful Company, and rightly so. Well a few of us low rank people with our bad skills decided we were going to go and gank some of their gatherers. I was very excited about this because I like gathering but I also like fighting and this plan satisfied both, sorta.

So we get on our mounts….scratch that. We don’t have mounts so we head out of our SE gate and keep going straight. None of us really knew where their city was, but we all knew it was in that general direction because that is the direction they run off in.

As we’re hopping from tree to tree, attempting to be sneaky SOBs with non existant stealth, our leader spouts off in vent that, hey, there’s a guy! Well we all set our paths to engage and everyone but me sucked at that. So I was the only guy whacking this guy in the back with my 1h sword and he wasn’t dying. I started strafing to the side to let my teammates try some ranged attacks as well.

All of a sudden I take a decent bit of damage as a mounted big friggin dude decked out in uber gear rides by and slashes at myself and the person I’m pursuing. So I shit my pants a bit and think, it’s cool, we can probably take him eventually after most of us die, but then I realized it was a guildy! Huzzah! He raped the guy down and he was naked without loot. Sadface.

We continue on our way and begin to notice more and more loading lag (when you can just tell a character is being loaded within a mile range of you, somewhere), so our group leader begins telling us to be sneakier! Bonedead! Get your fuckin head down!

Damn man I’m fuckin sorry I’m not an emo elf or puppy dog, I’m sorry I chose Ork because of the disadvantages, to prove I’m a bad ass. Excuuuusee me.

Anyways we continue on and see a mounted character in the distance. He is riding a drake which is a pretty sweet looking mount, especially off in the distance with the fog and shit. Whatdya know, another guildy! This one is a higher up fo sho and tells us to watch out for the hill giant sluggers which we’d been running from already. We parted ways and continued on!

After only about 2-3 minutes after leaving said guildy we encounter some uber loading lag and the group leader starts freaking out. Fucking Lieutenant Dan style from Forrest Gump. SIT DOWN, AND SHUT UP! So we did (people call me Forrest Gump). We start crouch walking from tree to tree and then we see some mana missile effects in the distance.

As we approach from the side we can now see about 7 Awful Company sitting on a rock. Only 1 is moving and the rest are sitting down. We begin discussing the possibility of attacking and winning. I mean shit, if 6 out of the 7 guys are afk, I think we have a pretty good shot amirite? As we’re about to move in, people start standing up! Fuck fuck fuck, bonedead crouch your big ork ass back down behind that tree (mothafucka!)!

Someone in the group said they were exploiting, I don’t necessarily think that was the case. Even if they were, they didn’t need to, they had plenty of people to mana missile some hill giants down before they reached them. I don’t know if standing on the rock changes THAT much.

So we moved on from those guys, knowing we must be close if this is where their farming group is. So I hopped tree to tree, again, I got yelled at to keep my head down, again. Then we saw it. On the top of a plateau with a small lake or some shit near it. We stop at a tree and discuss our plan. We remember that we’re here to kill gatherers and so our plan is to start hopping tree to tree some more, somewhat away from the city, and look for people gathering on trees, rocks, plants, etc. Right after we talk about this, one of our group members pipes up in vent:

“There’s a guy lumberjacking on the other side of this tree!”

Oh man was that fucking great or what. We got 2 guys on each side and once we were in position we rushed in and gank gank gank. Awful Company, afk gathering, because we’re really good!

We get a little freaked out and run off a bit in an attempt to stear clear of any mean guys trying to defend their city. Well, one of our guys somehow gets bugged and the only direction he can move is backwards lol. So we’re all hiding behind a tree and he’s crouched walking backwards saying am I getting close to a tree? It was pretty gold. He rested and it corrected itself but for a second there we seemed a man down.

We swing around the city a bit more and begin to see a ramp in the terrain that leads up to the plateau. It has a funny dick shaped rock on it with two completely differently sized testicles. Our order from our group leader was to run to said dick rock and climb/hide on the enormous left testicle. From there we peered over to see the city gates, tee hee hee hee.

There is another big rock towards the gate and to our right, we’re told to make a dash for it. We get behind it, hopefully unseen, and begin discussing what to do next. Well I guess some gatherer or something decided it was a good time to return to town because he came up behind us, stopped for a second, and then took off for the fuckin gate.

CHARGE! Stop that man! The group leader and the guy who noticed the lumberjacker stuck to the Lieutenant (his rank in Awful Company). Myself and my buddy Murderface noticed a miner just kind of sitting there to our right and charged his ass. This one is a Colonel in Awful Company and is one of the SDS (Seven Deadly Sins). His name is Sloth. Sloth was afk and we took his pickaxe and his 20 stone (baaad).

The other guy didn’t drop much either, so our mission was technically pretty damn fail.

After we killed the guys we knew we had to get the fuck out of there and now. We jump down the plateau and head for some rocks close by. Shit, there’s a mount in front of us in the distance. We sit still, because sometimes that is all you have to do to avoid being detected. The mount runs off our screens into the distance, we assume he is looking for us. Sloth SDS runs from the same direction as the mounted player, so I guess that is where they respawn. He ends up running right passed our group leader and didn’t even see him. Then another mounted guy does the SAME THING. Didn’t even see him.

We’re trying to decide which way to run. We don’t want to run into anyone looking for us, this mission will be a failure if we die. Someone suggests going to the left (opposite direction of mounted guy), the leader says south (could possibly lead us into the mounted guy who went SW), and I say we should go SE because then the mounted guy probably wont find us. Group leader was alone to our right, we were behind a rock. Well the mounted guy goes around our rock and comes up beside us! Fuck! I say in vent, alright we’re going south east, see that big rock, fucking get behind that big fuckin rock, and I took off. Somebody reports more mounted players on top of the plateau looking at us.

The rock seems so far away but we just keep sprinting. Since I am in the front I decide to take a second and check behind us. The mounted guy that snuck up behind us was not giving chase! WTF?

We were not being pursued at all. This did not make us anymore calm though, if anything it made us more paranoid of a mounted army or some shit coming out of nowhere and raping us. In hindsight I believe they thought we had a bunch of guildies behind the rock for an ambush.

So we get to the rock, climb a bit on top and rest. For all we know we still have some defending to do and stamina is friggin important. The group leader gets up and looks around, seems clear, and we get the order to run to another rock.

Once we get to this rock we’re told to bindstone recall and that we did a good job and all that jazz.

It was a good feeling and I had a great time.

Oh and (look at system chat)

Livin the Darkfall Dream

I am a member of a large guild in DF, the Murder Herd. We have claimed probably the best city looks wise, defense strategy wise, and map location wise. We’re right smack dab in the middle of the shit. We have been grinding soo much on Mining and Lumberjacking and everyday it seems we add new awesomeness to our city. 3 of our 4 entrances have completely built walls and we should be getting the 4th soon. We are expecting cannons and maybe guard towers soon as well.

If you follow the clan section in the DF forums you’ve probably seen the Goons talking a bunch of crap and probably some from my guild as well doing the same. I’m going to try and explain this mess as best I can but first I must say that I have been having the best gaming experiences of my life.

Goonswarm (Goonfleet/Goons/Something Awful newbs/etc) has made a guild in DF named Awful Company. Sometime recently they charged our city (which is on an uber mountain, we call it Murder Mountain), killed our Queen, and that’s about all I know about that. I wasn’t on, I didn’t hear about it, I just saw the 30 seconds video the Goons made (which didn’t really show much imo). From what I can tell as soon as they saw our rubble/walls they just started shooting mana missile up towards the top of our mountain. Which don’t get me wrong, looks pretty cool, but was pretty much just that.

I spend most of my time in our city. I find a sparring partner and we beat on each other while the other parries. Some people raise magic skills, some archery, some craft, but we always have a bunch of people there. I’m always naked, I’ve died a few times and I just know that naked is the way to go, especially since I don’t have piles of backup armor in my bank or piles of harvesting tools. Well either Friday or Saturday (I’m thinking Friday) I was just standin around our bank mindin my own business, pretty much AFK, when I hear vent start going crazy. I come back to my screen and see some guy hitting another guy and I think hey, people sparring. Then I notice the people in vent are saying “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” and I move my mouse over the guy attacking the AFK and whatd’ya know, Awful Company. So I pull out my leafblade and my newb shield with 0 armor bonuses and start smackin people. Next thing I know we’re all running down our stairs/jumping down our mountain and chasing them out of our gates. Once we get em out of our gates we keep pushing them back and eventually make it to their town. I don’t know how that isn’t a win.

The best part is the Goons started saying on the forums that we all rushed the bank and put our stuff in there. If anything I bet people banked important stuff, like resources or money, things that we give as contribution to the guild (and are required to do). I think I went to the bank to grab my shield. From what I can tell most of my guildies don’t care about losing items, except the newbs like me with low skills. They said that after they saw that they decided fuck that, that it was bullshit and turned around.

I think they just saw us all at the bank (which is our hangout spot), we attacked their leaders (who weren’t being defended lol), and instead of having any sort of organization or tactics they just ordered a retreat. But, I don’t really know. They ended up back at their town lol.

Saturday rolls around and we haven’t had many attacks on the city, just a few harvesters getting ganked and our horsemen ganking the gankers and saving our resources. There is a tense hour or so when someone mentions that it is the time of day when Awful Company usually attacks. But nothing happens.

All of Sunday goes by with only a few skirmishes outside of our walls, we get 1 unguilded intruder running around in our city who was hard as shit to catch and then pretty much disappeared.

Sunday night rolls around and it is time for a guild meeting. We are given exercises to run and begin doing so. During rest time we notice in System chat that an Awful Company member has entered our city. We get a report over vent that tons of Awful Company are charging the city. They enter our city limits and System chat is spammed with Awful Company. We’re told a direction and we all head to the top of the stairs (strategic city location FTW). As they’re forced to walk our set pathways and funnel up our stairs we’re raining down magic and arrows all over them. We switch to melee and charge them out of our gates. We’re firing tons of mana missiles into the distance of the hills and fewer and fewer are returned. We receive orders to stop firing and the mounted players scout ahead. The Goons tried to flank around to another entrance lol. We were waiting for them when they got there haha, it was the funniest shit ever.

So we’re all just shooting mana missiles and arrows (I’m never doing this because my skills in those two areas blow, so I’m just watching until we’re told to charge) down at our enemies and they’re doing the same. We’re told to not go down yet so I run to the bank and grab a staff. I start shootin away and hit a couple of people, nothing big, I do like 9 dmg with mana missile. It is really bad. But that isn’t the point. Anyways, we get the order to charge, and we friggin do.

They turn and run so quick it is ridiculous. I see Sir Vival, SupremeGeneral (aka guild leader) running away and make him my new target. They all run behind this really big rock and we when get behind it….. We’re ambushed by 500 guys!!! Nope. That didn’t happen. Hmm, maybe uh, They switched to some crazy advanced AE magic spell and wtf raped us!! No, not that. These Goons with their skill must have done something awesome right?

Well, if you consider LOGGING OUT to be awesome, then they sure as hell did.


On a side note I wtfsuck at pvp still.

Here is the video they made of owning us. (my favorite part is how almost 0 mana missiles are being shot back down at them, must’ve been owning the side of the mountain real good)

Here are some videos made by one of our members (huge omg, only watched 1 of them).

Murder Mountain being attacked by 100+…..;/fileinfo.html

This is one of MH steam rolling goons in an actual even fight, instead of a 100+ zerg.…..;/fileinfo.html

Here is another video, I believe it is from the raid when we ran them off twice before they logged. From our perspective.