Little Update

I’ve been playin D3 like a mad man, kind of. I’m Paragon level 18 which isn’t really high at all. I’ve done tons of key runs and done Ubers a few times. The first time it was just me and my friend in like MP3 or some shit (30% chance to drop mats for Hellfire ring) and neither of us got a single mat drop. A friend of my friends who is a big badass came and helped us out a bit. With him and his wife we were able to do some MP7 ubers a few times. I managed to get enough mats for a few Hellfire rings and am using one of them on my Barb. It unfortunately didn’t get good offensive rolls but the defensive ones were good enough imo to equip it.

The new patch came out Tuesday. They increased the drop rate of all recipes by like 400% (still don’t see any jewelcrafting ones though) and added some new recipes as well. The new recipes are ilvl 63 with a guaranteed base stat (str, dex, int, vit) and 5 random properties. Gloves, bracers, chest, amulet, and shoulders and the items crafted are BoA (though you can sell the recipes). Some of the items are worthless as most players will use Vileward for Shoulders and Lacuni Prowlers for bracers, not to mention most people’s ultimate goal of getting a 6-100million gold for a set chest piece.

I took a break this last weekend and was rewarded the other day when I finally returned. I found a 1080 dps Echoing Fury (1h mace) with dex and a socket on it. I was able to sell this for 2 million rather quickly. So now I have the most money I’ve ever had and am actually going to save up for my set chest piece (unless of course something shiny catches my eye). Taking my computer and kitty up to my friends this weekend for a shit load of farmin, should be fun.

Here is a link to my D3up page to check out my barb.