Well holy shit – a post!

Hi, I like to update my blog frequently. HAR HAR HAR. Man, I am so funny. Ok, so, wtf is up, huh?

Well, I have been playing Anarchy Online like a muhfugga. I am currently paying for 2 accounts like a boss (yes, subscribed with 2 accounts to a f2p game). Why? Simple. We kill the batman. I mean, we go back to old games I liked/didn’t get far in and try to get far in them! I really enjoy this game for some reason. I think it is the ability to twink/ladder buffs/implants to equip better weps/nano programs which, guess what, leads to better implants which leads to better weps/nano programs! It never ends, unless you run out of money or have reached your levels full potential (of course not having the amazing low level items that add +5 to some stats also limits how far you can twink).

That is all I’m gonna say about that. /gump

Guild Wars 2 zomg. I am so glad someone finally decided to remake DAoC. But, fuck hype! Fuck it fuck it fuck it in its hypey ass. Pre-gaming is not for me, at least this year, so far. This is just another defense mechanism to not get my hopes up and crushed due to 😦

I built my new computer, even bought a legit version of windows 7, wow! I can finally try out ffxiv!!!!111 Har har. Not 100% certain what I’m workin with but like i5 3ghz something, 560ti, and 8gb of big ol tastey ram. The only thing I use it to play is Anarchy Online. Yep.

I’d invite you to play with me, but, I am still learning. However, if that doesn’t stop you, I am on Atlantean (RK1). My toons are Bonedead, Ohsnapyo, and Jeffer. I should be on one of those. I expect to get many tells from tons of people.

Personal note, I think I stopped drinking right before I became a big fuckin alcoholic! So that’s good. Still smoke a shit ton though….no comment.

Anyways, I posted! Fuck yeah!