Holy shit I hate what the internet is turning into

What is the best way to be the best class in the game? Is there a step by step guide that details how I should go about beginning my world domination? What are some things you wish you had known when you first started playing the game? Why aren’t there any guides about how to fuckin not make decisions on my own? I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER THAN ANYONE EASILY, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

I really don’t want to stop playing games but holy goddamn shit do I hate all of the fuckin kids. Not only do they want it all, easily, at record pace, but they’re also the fucking majority! Change this game to suit my desires! “How about you just play the fucking game the way it was meant to be played?” -10000 downvotes, because I’m a giant piece of shit.

Maybe I should just stick to old bad graphics games that these little shits don’t care about. Or just play Arma 3 persistence mods like Exile or Breaking Point because they’re rougher, losing all your shit after being sniped from beyond your view distance.

Ugh. I just needed to get that out.