Alright this is starting to get old

Butt fuck it.  Second first person chicken dinner B O I Z.

Fair warning this one is boring as fuck.  I only get one kill in the whole thing.  You do get a glimpse into my paranoia, lookin at shit that isn’t there, hearing things that aren’t real etc.  It also has an example of how I sometimes shit myself in this game (much like in Arma).  You can see this when it is down to me and one other guy and he throws the first nade, I jump a little.  I’ve died because of jumping like that (albeit much worse) before.  Shit, one time I went inside a building, opened inventory to start looting, started getting shot by a building camper, freaked out and literally dragged and dropped my AKM to the fucking floor before closing my inventory lol.  Luckily I had another gun as well and killed the guy but, yeah, sometimes I get scurred.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Started playing PUBG recently, I’ve had it for a little while but only played like 2 hours initially.  Put about 12 hours in the past few days and finally got my first win tonight.  Right before the stats reset lol.

Anyways I like to use my nvidia fuckin hookie dooer to save the last 5 minutes of my shit sometimes, so, I present to you the last 5 minutes of my first chicken dinner in pubg.  Warning, I have a shitty headset that picks up my fan the whole time as well as my fucking breathing out of my fat face bullshit.  I definitely played it like a pussy at the end but I don’t even care.  I had to swim under the bridge and shit and run across tons of open fields to stay in the circle so pretending to be a worm for the last few circles is allowed in my book, especially since I didn’t find a 2x+ scope my whole time until the first guy I killed.  But since it was the last few circles I decided against it and took the suppressor instead.