I feel pretty damn good today, already! Sure getting up sucked but I got a small fire lit under me, got my shit done, and voila – already feelin good! I was dragging my feet (as usual) and then remembered a client was showing up at 8:30 so, oh shit, I started hurrying a lot. Moved money around, wrote rent check, repay loan to work check for lawyer fees (zomg lawyer fees are big as shit), did all that and still made it to work before 8:30 (I used to be here at 7:30 almost daily, but now that I can drive myself again…. lol), so, fuck yeah. Client already came in and it was quick pleasantries and that was it. Since that was the biggest thing on my plate today (client interaction wise, scheduled wise) it’s like the hardest part is already over.

I’m feeling frisky, which is why I will be embedding two videos of awesomeness that I haven’t seen in a while and I believe I have previously embedded here before.

Nothing in game news on my front really. Aion is still there. SWGEmu (link on right) wiped and introduced the OR (Object Restructure) code yesterday. I’ve started playing CS:S and even a little CS a bit. Other then that I’ve been having a Harry Potter marathon, cus I’m gay like that. (Hey, at least I have never and will never see Twilight)

Without further ado, the funny!:

Some of my favorite lines:
Let’s make apple juice and fax it to each other
Cheddar Cheese

Some of my favorite lines:
I wanna be a pancake, Tuesday
…Shit Face?

Happy happy happy happy happy happy duurrr durrr its a happy happy happy happy happy happy durrr durrr. Anyways, thats all for my craziness.

Have a good Friday and a good weekend, everybody!

edit– YAY 300th Post!

Livin the Darkfall Dream

I am a member of a large guild in DF, the Murder Herd. We have claimed probably the best city looks wise, defense strategy wise, and map location wise. We’re right smack dab in the middle of the shit. We have been grinding soo much on Mining and Lumberjacking and everyday it seems we add new awesomeness to our city. 3 of our 4 entrances have completely built walls and we should be getting the 4th soon. We are expecting cannons and maybe guard towers soon as well.

If you follow the clan section in the DF forums you’ve probably seen the Goons talking a bunch of crap and probably some from my guild as well doing the same. I’m going to try and explain this mess as best I can but first I must say that I have been having the best gaming experiences of my life.

Goonswarm (Goonfleet/Goons/Something Awful newbs/etc) has made a guild in DF named Awful Company. Sometime recently they charged our city (which is on an uber mountain, we call it Murder Mountain), killed our Queen, and that’s about all I know about that. I wasn’t on, I didn’t hear about it, I just saw the 30 seconds video the Goons made (which didn’t really show much imo). From what I can tell as soon as they saw our rubble/walls they just started shooting mana missile up towards the top of our mountain. Which don’t get me wrong, looks pretty cool, but was pretty much just that.

I spend most of my time in our city. I find a sparring partner and we beat on each other while the other parries. Some people raise magic skills, some archery, some craft, but we always have a bunch of people there. I’m always naked, I’ve died a few times and I just know that naked is the way to go, especially since I don’t have piles of backup armor in my bank or piles of harvesting tools. Well either Friday or Saturday (I’m thinking Friday) I was just standin around our bank mindin my own business, pretty much AFK, when I hear vent start going crazy. I come back to my screen and see some guy hitting another guy and I think hey, people sparring. Then I notice the people in vent are saying “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” and I move my mouse over the guy attacking the AFK and whatd’ya know, Awful Company. So I pull out my leafblade and my newb shield with 0 armor bonuses and start smackin people. Next thing I know we’re all running down our stairs/jumping down our mountain and chasing them out of our gates. Once we get em out of our gates we keep pushing them back and eventually make it to their town. I don’t know how that isn’t a win.

The best part is the Goons started saying on the forums that we all rushed the bank and put our stuff in there. If anything I bet people banked important stuff, like resources or money, things that we give as contribution to the guild (and are required to do). I think I went to the bank to grab my shield. From what I can tell most of my guildies don’t care about losing items, except the newbs like me with low skills. They said that after they saw that they decided fuck that, that it was bullshit and turned around.

I think they just saw us all at the bank (which is our hangout spot), we attacked their leaders (who weren’t being defended lol), and instead of having any sort of organization or tactics they just ordered a retreat. But, I don’t really know. They ended up back at their town lol.

Saturday rolls around and we haven’t had many attacks on the city, just a few harvesters getting ganked and our horsemen ganking the gankers and saving our resources. There is a tense hour or so when someone mentions that it is the time of day when Awful Company usually attacks. But nothing happens.

All of Sunday goes by with only a few skirmishes outside of our walls, we get 1 unguilded intruder running around in our city who was hard as shit to catch and then pretty much disappeared.

Sunday night rolls around and it is time for a guild meeting. We are given exercises to run and begin doing so. During rest time we notice in System chat that an Awful Company member has entered our city. We get a report over vent that tons of Awful Company are charging the city. They enter our city limits and System chat is spammed with Awful Company. We’re told a direction and we all head to the top of the stairs (strategic city location FTW). As they’re forced to walk our set pathways and funnel up our stairs we’re raining down magic and arrows all over them. We switch to melee and charge them out of our gates. We’re firing tons of mana missiles into the distance of the hills and fewer and fewer are returned. We receive orders to stop firing and the mounted players scout ahead. The Goons tried to flank around to another entrance lol. We were waiting for them when they got there haha, it was the funniest shit ever.

So we’re all just shooting mana missiles and arrows (I’m never doing this because my skills in those two areas blow, so I’m just watching until we’re told to charge) down at our enemies and they’re doing the same. We’re told to not go down yet so I run to the bank and grab a staff. I start shootin away and hit a couple of people, nothing big, I do like 9 dmg with mana missile. It is really bad. But that isn’t the point. Anyways, we get the order to charge, and we friggin do.

They turn and run so quick it is ridiculous. I see Sir Vival, SupremeGeneral (aka guild leader) running away and make him my new target. They all run behind this really big rock and we when get behind it….. We’re ambushed by 500 guys!!! Nope. That didn’t happen. Hmm, maybe uh, They switched to some crazy advanced AE magic spell and wtf raped us!! No, not that. These Goons with their skill must have done something awesome right?

Well, if you consider LOGGING OUT to be awesome, then they sure as hell did.


On a side note I wtfsuck at pvp still.

Here is the video they made of owning us. (my favorite part is how almost 0 mana missiles are being shot back down at them, must’ve been owning the side of the mountain real good)

Here are some videos made by one of our members (huge omg, only watched 1 of them).

Murder Mountain being attacked by 100+…..;/fileinfo.html

This is one of MH steam rolling goons in an actual even fight, instead of a 100+ zerg.…..;/fileinfo.html

Here is another video, I believe it is from the raid when we ran them off twice before they logged. From our perspective.