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Work Punch in the Dick

I done got punched in the dick by work recently.  Final push for tax returns that were extended.  It’s kind of hard to believe it has been about a month since my last post.

I haven’t played PoE in a bit, PUBG either.  After a recent PUBG patch the game started feeling kind of fucking wonky again, which is really kind of frustrating.  It just keeps going from being better to being worse like every fuckin patch and while usually I’m willing to defend the game from the haters on reddit, it keeps getting fuckin harder.

For the first time since launch I started to actually get angry at the game.  I’m not sure if I was just unlucky or if the game is functioning differently for me than the people finding me.  For so long I’ve played this game and rarely get snuck up on or shot in the back and then one day it happens so many fuckin times.  I watch the kill cam and they just fuckin run up stompin like nobody uses headphones and walk through part of a building or something and there I am as visible as can be.  I don’t hear my footsteps on the killcam, I don’t hear their footsteps when I’m playing, I’ve got headphones and everything is turned up all the way so that I literally die on the airplane when everyone starts yelling bullshit, so I don’t know wtf is going on.  I did manage to pull things together a few times and after like 30 or so games I was ranked in Diamond at about 1700 rating, but I don’t know if I’m going for a high placing this season or not.

Especially since Black Cow is out now.  I don’t own it yet but my roommate is gettin a fuckin beast ass computer soon and may play it.  I assume he will and if he does then I will just because playing with friends is better than not.  I’m pretty sure he wont play it very long though but whatever a week of fun is alright.  I really prefer what PUBG is supposed to be to Black Cow but they have such a fuckin hard time keeping it in good working condition that I don’t mind straying from Jesus’ light a bit.

In D&D we finally made it to Castle Ravenloft.  I’m wielding the mothafuckin Sun Sword beeeitch and our first session in the castle we actually kind of walked right towards one of the main goals.  We found a secret passage behind an organ and followed it to some stairs which we went straight to the top of instead of exploring the other floors.  From there we were on the walls around the castle, did a perimeter check and found a spire with a crystal at the top.  We had read in Strahd’s journal that his heart is now a crystal or some shit and when we started walking up towards it the whole spire started shaking.  So we shot at it a little and got attacked by flying halberds that we beat up pretty easily.  Then we noticed some vampire/vampire spawn climbing down the walls at us.  We ended the session there since it was getting late.  I’m pretty sure we are all gonna make it out of this eventually because we did almost everything you can before fighting Strahd.  I mean it took us almost a year to get this far in the campaign.  But we are all really looking forward to getting out into Faerun and developing our characters a bit more.

Small side note.  Holy fucking shit Cloud 9 at Worlds yesterday!  God damn, I’ve been watching professional League of Legends since the summer when Cloud 9 got into the LCS which is like 4-5 years now or some bullshit.  My interest has been waning the past couple years, but yesterday’s game with Vitality and C9 fuckin shit up just really made me care again.  Incredible showing and I’m so bummed that Vitality didn’t also make it out with C9, really looking forward to what they do next year.

Anyways, that is it.  Brain fart dump complete.