Firelands Raidin, I has dem

Hola mi amigos! Long time no nothin amirite? Well, I have been busy “doing things” that are “important”. Anyways, where am I now in the cyberspace world of internetness?

Back in WoW! Surprise! I know that it makes me gay but, fuck (that’s it, buttfuck). Firelands came out which is the new zone with all the dailies etc as well as a new raid zone. I have been raiding! I haven’t successfully downed anything yet but I’m getting my feet wet and it is pretty cool.

Currently our guild has completed 3/7 of the encounters. Apparently we bashed our head against Alysrazor while most people do Baleroc 4th. I’m not sure if we’re going to try and finish Alysrazor or skip to Baleroc but either way, I need to gear up so I can help.

My item level is 357 or so, still wearing quite a few 346 blues, but for the most part I can hold my own. Sometimes I get all retarded and turned around but, its fun. I recently ground out 7500 honor so I could buy a sweet 359 pvp 2 hander, also snagged chest, hat, and legs of the pvp suit.

Oh, I’ve been playing my DK because Rogue meh, Priest leveling meh, Warlock leveling meh.

Exciting post is exciting!