Aion – The other white meat

I’m getting a little wary of Aion. I keep seeing all of this hullabaloo about the grind getting so horrible the further you get. I don’t think I’m seeing it yet, though I am probably getting close. I say this because the new areas I reach keep having fewer and fewer quests (I’ve since discovered the top half of Impetsium or whatever). What I’m wondering is how bad is it going to be in my eyes if at all?

That seems like part of the problem, that we only have a “bad thing” to look forward to. What are the positives to look forward to? I’ve heard nothing of the PvP quality except that it might be bad. I’ve heard of “rifting” as something to do but I don’t know what it is.

When did the MMO community get so negative? I’ve been trying to stay out of the mainstream opinion (pertaining to MMOs) but it seeks me out and finds me anyway. Here I am giving everything a chance and then some beta tester that probably didn’t test shit tells the world that this, this, and this sucks ass. Since the game company doesn’t tell anyone shit, this is the first thing anyone hears about it and our preconceptions become tainted. What the fuck is that bullshit?

Let’s use our jump to conclusions mat and say that the beta tester that didn’t test shit is some dumb kid whose first MMO (and probably only MMO) was WoW. Do you see where I’m going with this now? I hate to jump back on this train, but the scourge is spreading and it is important to talk about the 900 lb (or 90 stone for our “other” readers) gorilla in the corner throwing shit at everyone. Ever since the MMO community exploded and multiplied by about 10, I can’t play an MMO without running into some stupid effin WoW kids.

Aion is not excluded from this douchebaggery and that makes me sad and pissed off. Yesterday (Monday) I was doing a gathering quest to get 15 Kandula. I got fucked over left and right on this shit and god damn did it piss me off. There are mobs near this node, let me clear them away. Mid fight some shit bag walks right through me and steals my shit. So now to me, “It’s on!”, I hit my charge (sprint) spell and run to the next node, I’m at the node, it is all mine, yes! FUCK! I aggroed a mob, and now another shit bag that I sprinted passed is stealing my shit! Motherfucker! I need 3 fucking Kandula and its taking me way too long. I find one close to town and start harvesting. In between clicks to harvest, a level fucking 27 steals my fucking node! What the fuck.

Didn’t people used to show some god damn common courtesy? Didn’t people used to get into shit for impeding on a lower levels ability to do a quest? I didn’t try to report him because that’s not my style and I’m sure there are much more important issues for the GMs to handle, but god damn, what has this community devolved into? A bunch of lonely, shitty fucking give me now kids. And I hate it.

But thanks to the Change Channel option, I’m still able to have fun!

One weekend later

Well I got in ~26 hours this weekend and here is where I currently stand, or fly.

No comments at this time because I gotta get ready for work, but I wanna get further and see what is really up!

Aaaaand I’m bored

Right on time!

I am tired of Diablo 2, shocking, I know. I hate when you play a game long enough to begin questioning it. What am I gonna do today? Well I can play this guy and find items, this guy and find items, or this guy and find items…. So I have found myself playing CS and CS:S again, getting in some of that bang bang boom and such. Little bit of boom bam bing.

I just got back from a vacation to North Carolina to see my mom. The drive took quite a bit out of me but it’s always cool to look at the distance you traveled on a map and compare it to a globe or something. One day I’m on a big ass mountain covered in snow and the next I’m in Florida sweating. I saw about 30 elk at once which was pretty neat. They all had tracking collars and shit due to being reintroduced to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in 2001. There were 50 of them then and now there are around 125. There was a park ranger talking to people about them with props and shit. She said: “They also eat a lot of insects, which is why there are insects in *reaches for a container* this poop *moves poop around with finger*.” I wasn’t kidding about the shit, you see.

I watched some old VHS tapes at my moms and Return of the Jedi was on one of them. I’ve since been fiending for some Star Wars action of some sort. I don’t know if I can bring myself to play SWG again, in fact I think I can’t. I’m just going to have to wait for the new one and it better feel like the Star Wars universe, because SWG gave me that feeling all the time, and if SWG can do it then these new school motherfuckers should be able to.

DAoC can no longer be played, it’s done, and I’m going to miss it. Warhammer pops into my mind from time to time but I should know it is a pretty hollow feeling game, so I doubt I’ll play that again. EQ2 never rubbed me the right way, so I’m done with that. Anarchy Online is ancient and Diablo 2-esque in that you’re just leveling and looking for items in an old ass game. There just doesn’t seem to be very much to choose from.

The game I’m most leaning toward is AoC because I’ve still never played it. I’m a bit worried about the directional swinging shit but I’m a big boy and should be able to figure it out. There is also Aion but I think I’m going to give that game a bit of time as well before playing it, I’ve always known that it’s a good idea to do that but I’ve not really done it.

That’s about all I’ve got for you, wieners and biscuits and stuff!

Titles are hard to think of

I was wrong about the Wintergrasp quests being limited to 5 weekly quests for stonekeeper’s shards. I’m not 100% sure what the true setup is, but, I just need to do 1 more quest (10 shards) and then I’ve got plate shoulders. My DK is 64.5 now. I am leveling him primarily now, due to some changes in circumstance.

My friend who I’ve mentioned a few timers (tells me I’m wrong, Warhammer, ex raid leader) has finally given in to my peer pressure (still a maybe it seems now) and is resubbing his WoW account. He is transferring a 70 Protection Warrior to my server and wants someone to level with. Which is why I’m leveling the DK. Let’s hope he doesn’t change his mind (might already have lol, wrote this yesterday in class).

I’m starting to finally get Outlands gear that is better than my DK starter armor, which is nice. This time around I’m going through Zangarmarsh, which I skipped on my Warlock. I also plan on going through Blade’s Edge Mountains and the other zone after that one with Area 52, both of which I’ve not even seen. I think that should be enough to get me to 68, then it’s off to Northrend!

I was asked to join a Heroic ToC run. I responded by saying I’ve never raided. I didn’t get a response back, lol, he must have gotten DCed. I started working towards my 12 aspirant’s seals for the Argent Tournament again, meh.

What is the deal with being a Jewelcrafter? They’re just supposed to have the best fuckin stats ever? Have you seen the JC only gems? They’re close to offering 50% more the bonus of the highest bonus gems that everyone can use. Seriously, I feel like I have to be a JC on every toon now.

Sure wish I didn’t raise tailoring to 425 just for the Frostsavage set. I should just make like 50 big bags and change profession. I still don’t have professions on my DK. Probably going skinning and JC.

Definitely buying tome of cold winter flying for my DK to use at 68.

—-Written today—-

My friend is currently playing Diablo 2. We got to talking in depth about it online yesterday and it really made me want to play, so, I did! I created a Javazon (my fav) and got to level 11, after being rushed to Act 4 as a level 1 heh. I love how you can do stuff like that in D2. I’ve got a stash full of items I can’t use yet, plus I’m wearing some items that I shouldn’t have yet, huzzah for twinking!

I still plan on playing WoW, but also D2, so we’ll see where it goes!