DayZ Advent.. ahh who am I kidding? Other Games!

I wanted to try and strap myself down, make myself blog in a linear fashion, but I should have realized that even I cannot contain that which is bonedead with measly planned out shit from memories that become more vague as time passes.

Moral of the story?  I played DayZ Overpoch for a while, I had fun, and now I will briefly summarize the rest of the planned stories I had.  I started killing anyone I ran into if I could, including killing 2 guys I ambushed and there turned out to really be 3 guys and the 3rd surprise guy killed me.  I screwed with my neighbors who shot at me for no reason, by destroying their vehicle tires, and camping for them outside.  One time when I killed the neighbor, I got his key to his helicopter which I used to learn to fly (again).  Then after feeling like I could hold my own after all of that, I returned to my castle and started building more shit.  The end.  Woooo we did it, wooooo.

Anyways, all of that is gone now because I haven’t played it/maintained my structures in a while.  The game is really fun, I will most likely return sometime, but at the moment I’ve really been on a turn based game bender.  Namely AoW3’s expansion and Divinity: Original Sin.  I’ve been looking for more to scratch that itch as well but have been coming up empty handed.  Part of me wonders if I just want an adventure game maybe due to a slight urge to play D3 again (saving that for Season 2 though).  I do own TL2 and I didn’t really dabble in it very much class wise so maybe I’ll do that.  Another option is playing PoE again due to the same sort of gritty feel as Divinity (and AoC tbh).

Iunno, we shall see.  I’ve enjoyed playing co-op Divinity with my bud but I’m really annoyed trying to play this game solo and having to do the same shit all over again.  I wish I didn’t feel guilty about continuing the big game without him, because I’d fuckin do it.  The more I think about it now, the more it seems I will try TL2 or PoE.

On a side note I treated myself on Xmas to some case keys in CSGO.  I bought 5 Vanguard case keys and 1 Huntsman case key.  After my 3rd Vanguard case I wondered if I have ever even seen a Legendary icon scroll by when you unlock them and decided to pay attention for it.  I ended up getting a M4a1-S purple con skin which felt good.  Then nothing on the last Vanguard case.  When I opened my Huntsman case though, I saw the yellow Legendary icon, and actually landed on it.  I got me a Huntsman Knife, not colored.  Was able to sell it on the market for $150 the same day, and used those steam funds to buy a bunch of shit like a rockstar.  Feelsgoodman.jpg