No Time

It is tax season so I have to pretend like I’m busier than I am.  So I don’t really have time to post stuff here.

Some quick notes about games I guess.


Slay the Spire is cool.  I want more characters though.


I was almost tempted to join Syncaine in Life is Feudal MMO but after playing on the newb island for a little I decided against it.  I had maybe 12 hours in the singleplayer version when it was early access (is it still?  I have no idea).  If I were to play a game like that it would probably be Wurm as I kinda got “far” in that already.  Plus in my “old age” I’ve found I kinda hate PvP getting in the way of my mining for 12 hours so I can get enough materials to make 1 piece of shit nobody wants.


Subnautica still scares the shit out of me.  I took my cyclops to a biome I’d never been to before the other day and that was cool until some fuckin spider monster showed up trying to EMP me.  I still really want to beat this game sometime but holy shit my fear of water fucks me so hard in this game.


D&D has been good but I want more.  Unfortunately my group can’t really handle 2 days a week and I think everyone read something and have just accepted it as fact, that something being that if you try to have a dynamic play time, just whenever everyone has time, you eventually just never do it.  I think that is some bullshit, if you want it you’ll try to find a way to make it work.  Might need another group for 2nd day.  Might need to just make myself work on learning Gamemaker more so I can at least feel like I’m getting closer to scratching whatever itch it is that D&D gives me.


I’ve been continuing a Mount and Blade Warband playthrough I’d started some time ago.  I’ve now created my own faction and have 2 towns along with maybe 6 castles and however many villages come with that.  For the first time since I’ve started playing this game (think I have 250 hours) I have vassals that work under me.  The ultimate goal is obviously to conquer the whole world and I’m not doin too bad.  I wiped out the Nords by coming into existence (they only had 2 castles left when I took one of them and became my own faction).  Right now I’ve got the same amount of towns (major cities) as the Rhodoks which I guess means I’m tied for last.  The Vaegirs have 3 towns and so do the Khergits.  Right now I’m at war with my old faction the Swadians, they had 7 towns but I took one for myself so they’re tied at 6 with the Sarranids.  I’m kind of hoping the Swadians want to make peace with me so I can take a breather/build up my garrisons.  I mainly only warred them for their town in the middle of all my smaller property, which I’ve got now to solidify the old Nord land as my own.  For some reason I have trouble actually pushing myself down these roads in this game.  Actually warring a faction while knowing that what comes next could be more challenging than I thought.  Kind of like Subnautica except easier to get through.


I guess that is about it for now.  My personal life is weird now.  I was walking 3 days a week when I was working from home.  Now I’m coming into the office for tax season, mainly to help my dad not feel as stressed out even though I don’t really get why he is stressed out (besides that he always is this time of year no matter what).  So I don’t really walk anymore.  I stopped making my lunch and breakfast everyday as well because just getting out of bed and getting here on time is enough shit to eat for one morning.  It’s kind of depressing to be honest but I know it is temporary and tax season will pass and I’ll be able to try and take care of myself again.  Thank god for games and weed.