I could never be your blogger

Hello google bots, thanks for scrubbin my page and cachin it or whatever it is you do here.

I’d like to do more here in terms of things I used to do but every time I open a new post and start typing something either comes up or I just feel like I don’t have anything to say.  I recently caught up with an old blogger friend and we reminisced about the good times and bad in the ol blogosphere/mmo world.  It was cool to reconnect not only with the person but with my mentality from that time.

Thinking about it now I used to kind of always have a little program running in the background of my brain that was constantly thinking things like “what should I write about next?”, “should I increase the size of my blog roll to try and get more traffic or keep it to only people I read regularly?”, even things like “what game should I play or revisit that I can get some good content out of?”.  Realizing that helped paint the picture that of course I’ve been feeling like I don’t have anything to write about, I’m not even trying to anymore!

I’ve always kind of internally viewed my blog as sort of a creative outlet and perhaps I’ve finally got some other outlets nowadays with D&D as well as toying around with Gamemaker occasionally.  They definitely scratch different itches.  D&D is more of the imaginative/wondrous itch whereas Gamemaker is more of a logical itch I guess.  I’m not quite sure what kind of itch writing my blog would be categorized as and maybe that is also part of my problem.  I feel like nowadays I’ve mainly been using it as sort of a “look at how cool I am!” tool whereas thinking about how I did things in the past I would sometimes feel like I made a “profound” connection between certain game systems or player behavior or some shit.

So I guess what I’m saying is maybe I’ll try and leave the blogger.exe process running in the background more often, see what comes of it.  Gaming wise I feel like I have a pretty full plate.

I’ve been playing Rimworld like it’s fucking crack.  I beat it once a while ago but I’m now opted into the unstable version of 1.0 and also always starting in Extreme Desert.  I haven’t played in one of the safer biomes in a while, I like the Tundra/Desert challenge.  I think the thing I like more than anything though is building everything out of stone, because fuck wood (obviously).  Just this weekend I played through maybe 4 or 5 colonies, getting like 4-5 hours in before some fuckin shit happened that spelled defeat.  One time I ended up acquiring too many nonviolent colonists which caused raiders to outnumber my combat people by an unmanageable amount.  Another time I was trying to recruit prisoners more (I normally never do this) and while installing a vent in a prisoners room he fuckin bolted.  When I tried to arrest him he somehow ripped my dudes leg off, instead of having a dude with a pegleg that early on I just started over.  Another colony ended abruptly when I was out caravaning (also something I don’t normally do but am trying to moreso now) and had a few wounded caravan members during a fight with some mfkers.  Things were going well enough during my assault but I needed to heal some people and my last guy standing (while waiting for others to heal and stand again) went berserk and started meleeing the last enemy (who was manning a mortar that we weren’t in range of, thus being harmless) who promptly beat him down.  Since my 3 members in the caravan were now indisposed that meant they were all lost.  But my most current colony is probably my best so far, I’ve got like 7-8 colonists, only like 1 is nonviolent, almost everyone has like 6-8 medical skill, lots of good shooters, my power situation is good, food as well, pretty much everything comin up Millhouse.

But that’s enough of my Rimworld ramblin.  I’ve got some other things on my docket.  I’d like to take another run at No Man’s Sky since their NEXT update.  I also would like to start getting into Pillars of Eternity 2 even though I didn’t quite finish 1 (I did spoil it for myself so I can just play 2 though).  Someone was tryin to get me to play some WoW recently and I was kind of tempted though I’ll probably wait for the expansion.  Funnily enough last night my roommate actually said he was gonna start playing it again too which is not like him at all lol.  I’ve also been kind of working on an idea for D&D, maybe trying to DM a little bit with my own story, who knows, I’ve only been working on the story in my head but I think it could really entice some players.

Anyways, I’ve spent like 30+ minutes writing this shit and I feel like I’ve gotten enough out.  The title was just a play on that song “I could never be your woman” as it came on  my pandora when I clicked add new post.