Two milestones in one weekend! Frostsavage set at 78 (made by me)


ding dung dong level 80, huzzah!

No time to say more!


Another SWG update, not as big, quick post

So I was able to get to 90 on my Trader, hooray! So, I celebrated reaching max level by building myself a Medium Tatooine House (could’ve gone large but didn’t wanna run the factory) and setting a few things down inside. In my basement I put a Fountain, which I made about 350 of while grinding, figured I’d save one, well it fills the entire room, and it’s the biggest room in my house. But hey, it doesn’t even look cool! So, it stays!

Put down my Structure and Weapon crafting stations. Made 3 Toolboxes for resources/loots that I gather. Went to SWGCraft.co.uk and found some uber resources and put my 2 elites on them, and then waddled on home. On my way I stumbled upon a spawn of Krayt dragons! First time seeing those in game, so, I tried to kill one lol. They conned yellow! But, I’m a trader with a level 50 pistol…. So, yeah.

My Jedi is now 39. At 38 he received a lightsaber crafting kit, but i had already bought a +15 one. So I used my Traders uber resources and made myself a sweet double bladed lightsaber (type 2). Has about 60 extra DPS over my nubly one. Can’t wait to level more and make a better one. At 34 I got my level 2 heal, which went from 1000 to 3125, so i put another point in advanced healing and it heals for 3750 which is well over half my health. Hooray!

That’s all for now, I’ll keep ya updated, and it’ll probably always be boring.