Who are these little guys?

Good thing it is free so I can come back later. Started with the fiance because she liked the puppy dogs.


What has happened so far

With my recent return to DF I also began mingling with my old guild, Murder Herd. If you remember my previous DF ramblings you may remember me really hating some stupid fat bitch, well good news, she is gone being fat and dumb in Aion. Woot woot! I think some of the fags that like to act like big tough guys are still around though, which is pretty gay. All in all I don’t know if I’m sticking with them. I mean having a city was cool and really put the whole game on the front burner for me, but now, no city, and I still kinda hate the members? I just don’t know. I don’t think they could really get that mad at me anyway since the leaders have left the guild so that people don’t see them with the name Murder Herd and gank them in towns. Plus I’m on the road to being self sufficient so what the shit do I need annoying people for? The biggest straw however, is that in order to accept these people and interact with them on vent, I find that being drunk is highly necessary. That isn’t a good thing especially since I’ve been trying to not drink (and doing perdy good if I do say so muhself). So I bet I can use that as a reason to leave without them declaring me an enemy and making it a point to hunt me down and rape me. Good times lol.

Prior to my character successfully being transfered I created a character on NA1 and started out in the Ork newb towns. I refreshed my memory of the lay of the land and the controls as well. I remembered to delete him before I was done so that it didn’t cancel my transfer and played CS:S for the rest of the night (I’m now in the top 20 yet again, was getting close to the top 10 yesterday a little). I wasn’t certain what my plan was going to be but I knew I wanted to get to the Ork starting area. So I log in and find myself in an NPC town near the center of Agon, Nightspire was the name I believe. This was a good distance away from my destination so I knew I had a long trek ahead of me rife with danger. I set my compass to East and treaded onward! After about 30 minutes of running (sprinting on and off/conserving stamina) I appeared to be close to halfway, I had gone by what I thought could have been player cities or just buildings where players might be in general, so I was on my toes for a good thirty minutes. Then I saw a shiny object ahead, somewhat near a possible city, so I got close enough to where I could identify it with my xhair and it was a Chaos Chest. Hmm, I’ve never seen one of these before, I hope it isn’t a trap. I walk up to it and use it and tada, gold, resin, nacre, and a big mana pot (aka everything in my inventory in the last post’s screenshot). A good 30 minutes later and I was where I wanted to be, so now what?

Well I’ll tell you now what. I began doing all of the quests I could for the rewards (armor, little shit to sell, money) to get enough money to buy armorsmithing so that I can make myself many suits of armor, setting myself up to be ready for many battles some of which result in me losing my shit. Then I was going to do it with weapons and eventually horses (maybe even alchemy and fishing/cooking!) until finally I am ready to venture out and wtf rape some figgits.

I was using my greatsword for a long time (the newb one) and was getting so angry about my greatsword skill not raising beyond 17.9! Then I bought a 2hand sword and guess what, one little trip and I get a whole 1.00 :/, can’t believe I didn’t remember that change, I didn’t play but I read about it.

Once I was out of quests I began farming Goblin Scouts near Metal Heart for cashmoney/leather/arrows. They were going down fairly easy but god damn they would not stop spawning! I had probably 20 graves all over the place, majority looted, but damn it got hard at times to kill and loot and heal.

I got ganked once so far by some Goon fag with his Roosterfag friend (I say roosterfag because I’m pretty sure his name had something to do with chickens). I’ve since stopped going to that spawn as it is too far from the town. He hit me with a big ass fireball from a ways off and running didn’t do me any good, why he was out killing newbs, the world may never know (but I’m sure my huge stacks of loot valued at approximately 50 gold really add up).

So today I may be leaving my guild, I should be getting weaponsmithing, then farming iron nodes and making more suits of chain/orcish 2handed swords. Then it is steedgrass farmin/taming trainin along with gettin my weapon to 25+ to buy the scorpion get over here skill and the power attack that causes bleeding.

Anyways, that is it, ttyl honkeys.

Took 2 days off, Thurs/Fri

Had a nice, blurry, 4 day weekend. Finally canceled my Comcast (ROFL) and got a switch for my Verizon DSL(pewp). Routers wouldn’t work because the dumb modem acts as a router, I tried switching it to bridge mode and all the shit I read online for troubleshooting (all of which from pre 2007, so it was fucking helpful….). All I needed was a switch, and I wish I just knew that.

So now me and my woman are on a network. I installed DAoC on her system (though she doesn’t really want to play anymore, …BIATCH!) and resubbed my second account with my 50 Skald. Let my other account die, though maybe only temporary, due to having a 550+ Alchemist (which makes pots that every toon loves).

I’ve played my Skald mostly, I got about 23k RPs this week (which is weak), and have had a little bit of fun.

I must say 50 RvR has changed since I last played it. I feel much safer roaming around solo (though I still die just as much) and there just aren’t that many people out and about anymore. They added more repeatable quests for RPs/BPs that are quite enjoyable (grinding for RPs > grinding for XP).

I was able to get enough BPs to buy 2 more Bounty Items. Phat jewelry lewtz with uber utility for teh win! Which brings me closer to getting the foundation for a template (FINALLY!). I have bought 3 99 quality pieces of Dragonsworn armor, oh shit, one was Studded (god am I fucking dumb) and I’m out 720g. I also bought 3 reactive Omni-tap procs (dd reactive proc which returns 100% hp, 60% power, 40% end or somethin like that) which turned out to be one step down from the ones I wanted! Go me a-fucking-gain with the brilliant purchases. That put me down probably another plat, maybe 2. I still may use them though, who knows.

I got on my Mauler as well for a little bit. He was in CV (Cathal Valley 45-49 BG) and I ran out to see what was up. I got into a little scuffle with a couple guys (all solo) and was one of the 2 survivors (the other guy was some Shar beast I didn’t want nothin to do with). Which was a generally pleasing experience. Next I decided to take him to DF, figured he could beast farm some seals (which = moneh), and I was so right. In DF, Mid side, once you make it passed most of the low level mobs you come to a 4-way crossroads. Straight is the big purple demon mobs, left newb deamhanesses/soultorn/rocots, right is those annoying fucking tremors2/3 looking mobs, and back is the newb lilispawns/avernal quasits. I decided I would go straight, to the big purple demon mobs who drop diamond seals (teh best).

Now earlier on my Skald I was at this same spot, and one of the three demon mob beast bastards was red, at 50. I picked this one with my Mauler, who is level 46, and gave it a go. Well after about 5-10 minutes of “omg please don’t die”-ing I fucking beat the motherfucker. Level 46 beating down a mob (IN MELEE COMBAT) that neither of my 50s can beat. It filled my heart with joy and depression, all at the same time.

Then I tried another one while at less than 100% hps, and dieded. I was bound inside the Labyrinth, which I have yet to install, so I haven’t been back on that guy yet.

I decided to take my ol’ runie for a spin. Buff up in Leirvik, go outside, get to the bridge and see an alb with poor stealth. I try to cast on him but get WTF-interrupted followed shortly after with a WTF-raped. I /released roamed the land, got wtf raped by the same guy again and /quit. Fuck that shit.

One thing about DAoC now is that the majority of people earning RPs are doing so in the BGs. Which is why 50 RvR is so different now, and also why BGs can suck instead of be fun. See, a lot of the people playing in the BGs have multiple, or at least one level 50. This means they’ve got the resources to spend a fuckton of money on a level 24 template (yeah, I’ve heard of more than 1p be used to template a < 39 toon) whereas I am running around in fucking aurilite gear.

I mean, sure, it is fair. If I wanted to spend more mind numbing time on my 50 to amass a small fortune and appropriate tradeskill levels, I too could be a fucking loser. Shit sure is changing in DAoC though, boy.

There is a guild called Claret’s Complication. Their main focus is on the 10-14 BG. Yep, you read that right, 10-14 BG. Now let’s take it one step further. Some of their members have RAs. Now you may be saying, but wait Bonedead, you can’t earn RPs from kills in Claret. Well, you’re right buddy, you can’t. However, this lower level BG does not have an RR cap. Yep, that’s right, these guys went into big boy RvR and got some fucking RPs. Their bard has a 5 point RA (you know, like Purge, SoS, IP, the bigger RAs). Remember, this is the 10-14 BG.

Are you fucking kidding me? Not only that, but there is shit like this in every BG. There is a Skald who is level 9, he /xp off’ed, he now roams Demons’ Breach and The Lion’s Den (5-10 mini DF, 5-9 BG). I see posts on VN all the time saying “We’re forming a “insert BG here” only guild, pst!”.

But that isn’t even the worst part, the worst part is that they all fucking still talk shit. They talk like playing a level 12 is fucking tough business, they talk like they’re good because they followed some 50s in big boy RvR and leached some RPs (because EVERYONE has access to that). It is fucking pathetic.

I don’t talk like I’m amazing hot shit on VN, mainly because I’m pretty sure all the other people there are better than me. I’m starting to think that isn’t the case. If I put half as much time into all of my toons’ gear as most of the people in the BGs I’d probably have a couple @ posts.

Which reminds me, god has it gotten fucking gay. Now there is all this bullshit (omg don’t kill me, the bad guy, it isn’t fair) etiquette in not only big boy RvR, but little fucking pussy BGs. Are you fucking kidding me? I posted in the “Thidranki thread” once (when I was playing my other account) and some alb/mid called me a newb/fag/blahblahblah because I play a Ranger and I shoot bad guys. I mean, yeah, I fucking pull what these kids dub bullshit when I can, but most of the time I’m just trying to kill the weakest guy in range, just like everyone else.

I did roam with a group of 4 or so other rogue characters. We took out whatever we saw (if it is red, it is dead) including solo players, small man groups, and 8 man groups. I have a feeling this guy was apart of one of the larger groups we wtf raped. It was the biggest group we fought and it must’ve scared the shit out of them. Imagine running in a group of 6 or so and all of a sudden you’re all being attacked by 4 dudes that just appeared, you’re not ready for that shit.

But, I don’t care about the VN fags, that much. I just hate them.

I’ve started a hunter (because my ranger wtf pwned so much) and gdamn is Spear fucking powerful or what? I can’t wait to get into Thid and fucking rape faggots.

That is my new goal, to piss off everyone crying about pvp etiquette. This is PvP ladies and gentlemen, this is not /duel, I am coming to ruin your fucking fun in order to feed mine.

Oh man how fucking excited am I right now? I am totally going to raise my fucking crafting skills, I am totally going to fucking be a lame ass low level templater, and I am totally going to fucking piss off everyone. It is (totally) going to (fucking) rule.


Oh my goodness

I love you Jeff Freeman, and I’m not mad about SWG like everyone else, because I really do like clicking to shoot that fuckin asshole that I’ve targeted. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could be a Munitions Trader and make viable weapons for every player to use, but, that isn’t your fault at fuckin all, and I didn’t even know if it was either way.

So, as i was drudging through the SWG forums today I stumbled upon a link in someones sig to Raph Koster’s blog and it was about SWG/NGE/etc, I was excited because though I am aware of Raph and his blog and a little of his background (as with Mr. Freewoman’s) I was completely oblivious as to their involvement with NGE/whatever/SWG.

I’m not gonna link jack shit, btw, I closed the tabs, not gonna undo close tabs, not making it a big deal at all.

But it was neat to almost have an idea as to what happened. Raph said exactly what happened will never be known due to agreements and shit like that, but gdamn, JEFF FREEMAN PLEASE TELL ME! SO HE WALKED DOWN THE ROAD, GOOD DAY TO YOU BROTHER, AND HE GOT IN HIS CAR AND SPED OFF TO SAVE HIS BROTHER! (that’d be the video that was awesome, btw)

Oh man, what a good video.

Anyways, shit I wanna know what really happened. I mean, I’m playing the game right now, I’ve got a 62 Trader and a 30 Jedi, I’m not going to stop playing anytime soon, that I know of. But yeah, I understand if I don’t get to know.

I think the coolest thing was Mr. Freeman’s history, written by his friggin self! How awesome can you get, seriously?! Makes me want to host some crappy UO server and script an almost entirely new game out of it and be like, hey d00d check this shit out *shoots link to game designers inbox*. But, dreams are dreams for a reason.

I’ve been a lot happier than usual recently, and I just don’t know what to do about it. Everything is pretty awesome, I should be buying my cruise tickets tonight, grinding some fountains on my trader for a few minutes, and back to the jedi legacy quest pwnage with my neat 1st gen lightsaber with a good power crystal added (omfg what a joke btw) and my uber light purple color crystal, Samuel L Blackman style.

I’ve almost got a million creds on my Jedi and my trader is twice his level with 300k that was given to him by my commando (who was deleted for the Jedi reroll, along with my exp chip :()

A very nice uber crafter of old has lent me some BER44 mineral harvies, along with fusion power generators, and it’s so amazing how awesome people can be. He really made me want to stay with the game.

Which brings me to a new train of thought. Socializing in MMOs (inspired by Jeff Freeman talking about his and Raphs ideas on socializing in MMOs in that which shan’t be linked!).

I am not a very social person, unless I’m drunk. But that’s only real life! I can’t get drunk online and expect socializing to work very well, due to my speech resembling this: “Hayu cdan yoiu jelp me rewal quickl?”

In my time in SWG so far I have talked to one person back and forth in game, and it’s the guy who is hooking me up with the leets. I have one acquaintance, he leaves his house unlocked with some capped crafting stations and I use his house solely to grind my levels, we see each other from time to time with a /wave or I just jump up and down a lot.

Aside from this, I can only think of 3 occasions where I could’ve engaged socially and have (or chose not to). One was yesterday, Jasten Skyvvalker approached me twice and said: “hello”. First of all, his name was a slaughtering of Jason and Justin (with a dumb e thrown in for good measure) and since my name is Jason, fuck him. Second, he couldn’t use the last name Skywalker because the filter WON’T LET HIM, so he used 2 V’s instead, so, GAY. I ignored that 12 year old jedi.

The next occasion was also yesterday and it was I who initiated conversation.I was level 24 and saw a few level 26+ Jedi’s with Lightsabers around that day. So I ask one of them if 26 is when you get your first saber, he says yes. That’s it, short and sweet.

I’m remembering the few others I have had now.

Next one, I return to Anchorhead in the middle of the night during a sand storm. In the middle of town are 2 players. The following is what was said:
Player 1: “We have just stood here and talked for the past 10 minutes.”
Player 2: “Yeah.”
Player 1: “That’s sad.”
Player ME: “Yeah it is.”
*I buy my shuttle ticket and use it*
(before I start loading)

Oh man, I really LOLed at that one. I wanted to go back and hang out with them.

Another interaction I had was with a player who had the title enabled “Master Creature Handler” (or some shit like that). Now, reading the forums I had heard that /foraging could yield treasure maps and Lyase Enzymes (which are used for making creatures). I further read and discover that Lyase Enzymes usually only sell if they are 11s or 10s, so, from level 5 through 20something, I /foraged and deleted everything that wasn’t a 10, 11, or treasure map. By the time I ran in to this guy I had 2 11s and 3 10s, he wanted the 11s, I sold em to him for 50k a piece (which was undercutting by like 50% I believe cus im an uber merchant). So I made 100k at around level 20, whoopie.

The worst and last social interaction I had was also from yesterday. I have a mission to kill a boss in a sub lair/compound for some bad guys. It’s a race with another group (I’m solo, they’re 10 levels higher than the quest, both Jedis, only 2 of em) to kill the first of many boss mobs in the quest. I could’ve swore I attacked first, but I guess you need to do more than that, anyways, after the boss is dead I get an invite.

So, I accept. Then they move along, I say I have to kill this guy still because they out ninja’d my ninja, and disban because they don’t ever care.

That’s the extent of my social interaction in SWG since I began my trial account.

That’s how my social interaction is, in most MMORPGs I play. I don’t know why, but I just don’t mingle. I do my own damn thing and hopefully someone notices me, it’s odd.

Any thoughts, you fuckheads?

A conversation with a Comcast support chatter person dealy

I just figured I’d put this out there, because I have slowly been driven to hate Comcast. Here is a link to my first post about these assholes.

Anyways, here it is:

chat id : 9015bfd3-8561-4679-a71e-9ea842a1ce2f
Problem : When I moved into my apartments they supplied me with a Comcast reps #. He set up my account and I guess put me under a promotion. He did not tell me this and now I’m expected to pay more? Furthermore, he is not answering or returning my calls.

Jason > When I moved into my apartments they supplied me with a Comcast reps #. He set up my account and I guess put me under a promotion. He did not tell me this and now I’m expected to pay more? Furthermore, he is not answering or returning my calls.

Iris > Hello Jason_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Iris. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Iris > Welcome to Comcast! It’s an honor to have you with us! My name is Iris, nice to meet you. How are you doing? smile

Jason_ > I’m okay, is there any way to make the chat wider so I don’t have to side scroll?

Iris > I’m sorry Jason, but that’s the format of the window…

Jason_ > Alrighty

Jason_ > So yeah my bill has basically doubled out of the blue and “my comcast guy” is ignoring me.

Iris > Oh I’m sorry to hear that, but I will do my best to help you.

Iris > But before we begin, I need some information, don’t worry is just for security purposes, can you provide me your account number and the last 4 digits of your SSN, please?

Jason_ > Hah, that actually makes me worry, but okay one second


Iris > Alrighty! Please hold a moment while I check your information.

Jason_ > I’d also like to state that “my comcast guy” has ignored me almost from the start. See my internet has worked improperly since day 1. I’ve had comcast just about forever so I know how it should perform when playing online games. I assume that because I mention online games as my main activity on the internet that it is considered less important to most of the employees I came in contact with. I was even told by a phone rep that I’m not supposed to be allowed to play online games, like I don’t know that I am.

Jason_ > You know I’ve seen a ton of stories on the internet about comcast kind of sucking and I always thought no way, they’ve always been great to me.

Iris > Well Jason, I understand, don’t worry I will pass that report.

Jason_ > I had 4 techs come out to my house and they all played with the same friggin socket in the wall, and nothing, not one bit of difference ever occurred. I figured there was a problem with the cord in the wall or outside under ground, but I guess doing work is out of the question.

Jason_ > It was during this time that my comcast guy, whos first name and phone number I can supply, stopped taking my calls or returning them.

Iris > Well Ryan, what kind of promotion they gave you?

Jason_ > I feel like I’ve been “worked over” or “had a fast one” pulled on me. One guy called me out of the blue saying if things weren’t fixed he would give me like 10-18 mb down for the same price as my 6 mb and then he gave me a false number to contact him by. My comcast guy also told me he would refund the payments for the internet when it was improperly working. Now I can’t even get a hold of him to try and fix this crap he’s gotten me in or even to let him know I’m really considering canceling everything because of him.

Iris > I’m really sorry for the inconvenience Jason.

Jason_ > My names Jason, and he didn’t even tell me he gave me one. He just made it sound like he was giving me a great deal because I live in the apartments that I do, they did supply me with his name and number as a comcast representative. I thought I was just getting some more of the old comcast greatness that I’d always known and loved.

Jason_ > He never once said it would end and I would be charged more, not once.

Jason_ > If he did I would’ve said no, I just want the regular tv.

Jason_ > My bill has literally doubled because of this and to me, that’s outrageous.

Iris > Well Jason, let’s go step by step, that kind of promotion maybe has expired.

Jason_ > Well I assume that it has considering my bill has doubled. But to clarify again, I was unaware of any promotion.

Iris > If you like I can transfer you to the Sales Department to give a downgrade of your service, unfortunately I’m not allowed to do that.

Jason_ > Look at it from my view, I open my bill and instead of being able to afford it, I can’t, because some guy didn’t tell me anything. My account was created over the phone with this guy and I didn’t sign one piece of paper besides the services sheets the techs have. I was completely 100% unaware of this promotion.

Jason_ > I wouldn’t like to be transferred. What is it that you cannot do?

Iris > Because this is the Troubleshooting Department. I don’t have the necessary tools to do it.

Jason_ > Okay so what I’m gathering is that you know there’s no hope for me to come out of this happy, am I right?

Iris > Jason it has a solution, really. But I don’t have the necessary tools, but the Sales Department has it.

Iris > Did you try to report that person to your nearest Service Center?

Jason_ > No I have not, but usually when I call I’m not talking to the people in my town.

Jason_ > That is a good idea though.

Iris > That can comes in handy. smile

Jason_ > Alright I guess I’m gonna take this fight to da streets!

Jason_ > Thanks for your help, and have a wonderful day.

Iris > Yeah!

Iris > Is there anything else that I can do for you?

Iris > We really really sorry Jason.

Jason_ > No, this is just the part similar to the end of a phone call when you wait for the other person to hang up first heh.

Iris > Well Jason, just as a reminder! Remember that you can contact us via chat and also by phone at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-2662278). We will do our best to help you!

Jason_ > I’ll remember that, now you hang up first!

Iris > Sorry Jason, I can’t do that, company policies wink. I would be honored if you hang up first. And after you do that, there is a little survey that you can answer in order to improve the quality of the service.

Iris > Here in Comcast we are very happy to help you! Remember that you can always count on us! Thank you and have a good day!

Jason_ > Bai2u!

Jason_ > This should be good on mah blog

So some day soon I should be getting motivated enough to call the local place, hopefully get through to the local place and not transferred across the state, and then complain about this turd. I’m going to try the Turd one more time before I go to the local place though.


I needed something new, again

Screw trying to play WoW for free TBC, screw DAoC because.. I’m sorry DAoC I still love you. But seriously, I can’t stand so many of these games out.

I started a LOTRO trial. I have a level 15 Manstrel (Man+Minstrel) who, don’t get me wrong, is fun to play. However, I just don’t know if it’s what I’d play. I’ve discovered my problem is that I don’t have anyone to play with, that’s all I want, a trusty follower, I mean partner in crime.

I gave the PVMP a try yesterday, which was actually quite fun. I was able to participate in 5 kills (of real people ohmugawz) and once they scampered off we took the Lumber Camp. I almost died at the lumber camp due to not being able to heal and not being in a group, but I made it and even got credit for the quest (wowzors).

I’d like to get a video of some of the PvMP action, so keep an eye out. My Comcast still sucks, and I’m still lazy. I’m serious though guys, today! Really, I’m gonna do it, seriously. Yeah.

A new MMO would be quite awesome.