It works again!


Feeling pretty good!

As you may or may not know, I got a DUI in June. It is still hard to tell people because I know how bad it is, you never want to get that disgusted reaction, the one that says you could’ve killed someone, or the one that says I know someone who was killed by a drunk driver. It’s horrible, drinking and driving. But, I know that a lot of people do it, many have just never been caught. I mean think about it, you have to drive to the bar and you have to drive home (unless you taxi), a lot of people have done the same thing.

Last week I took my 12 hour DUI course, required by the DMV, and I learned quite a bit. I also slowly released a lot of the stress this has put on me. Seeing that I am human, that there are others like me, and that most of those people did way worse than I did on the nights we made our mistakes. It helped me feel better about myself. So last week I took my 3 4 hour classes (5pm-9pm) and got my “certificate of completion”, which I get to show to the DMV later to get a business license (can’t wait to drive again!). Last week was a very tough week for me, not only was this going on (live with my fiance and we share 1 car), but one of our clients at work had a rare accounting emergency and I had to work there for pretty much the entire week, figuring out how they do their accounting/pay bills/make deposits/do payroll for 50 or so employees. It was tough, but I did it. Normally I would have some help for something like that, but the person who would have helped me took her vacation that week. So it was definitely a very stressful week, there were times when I would get light headed/dizzy and just not know what to do, very stressed out.

But this morning I got out of bed before my fiance (fucking rare lol), still dragged my feet around, but I was moving much quicker than usual. I got driven to and dropped off at work, and I just feel so much better. I went downstairs and had a cigarette on main street to start my day, it is just all good right now. Sure I’ve got some dui counseling shit to do and the criminal side of my case hasn’t hardly started but for the most part the hard stuff is done. I’ll probably get some community service hours, but I’ve got a great place to do them, a ride there, it is all set. I can stop beating myself up and stop saying that I should have done this and I should have done that. Which means…..

I CAN FINALLY FOCUS ON MY GAMES AGAIN! HUZZAH! I may even be able to afford to resub to something, but, deciding on what is fucking real hard.

I returned to Uthgard, the free DAoC server based on the classic game (wtf, SWGEmu to a classic DAoC server?!?!), I guess I’m in a very reminiscent mood recently. I don’t think the Emu is going to be wiped anytime soon anymore, but, I played that for a good amount of time, which is I think my new game time limit. I used to be able to go a month max, now its nearing 2 months max per game.

I forgot how friggin slow the leveling is on Uthgard though lol. Talk about ugh! The lowest level battleground is still quite out of reach lol. Fuckin leveling! Arg! I keep running by all the task dungeons I leveled many characters quickly in and each time it saddens me that I can’t go level in them. Which may be why I am thinking about resubbing to DAoC.

Problem is I have multiple accounts with 50s on them and I don’t know which one is which. That and the fact that all servers have been merged into one, and it has ToA enabled. So all of my level 50 guys from classic servers are going to be playing on a gdamn ToA server. But, maybe that is good. I had a 49 Mauler that oculd solo just about fuckin anything, which is a reason I didn’t like ToA servers, having to kill big mobs a lot looking for rare shits. Hey hey hey, maybe we’ve got a plan here!

We shall see my friends! I am back and feeling bettar than evar!