Evil Loot Crates/Cosmetics Only/Shitty Game DLC Patches

Apparently there is a bunch of kerfuffle goin on all over the internet for a certain EA game.  First of all, the fucking first one was kind of a piece of shit that they totally could’ve built onto and made a better game, but instead they decided to make a brand new one only a short time after the first came out.  If that wasn’t enough of a sign that it would be problematic, I don’t know what to tell ya.  Of course that doesn’t excuse it, more just like a, no fuckin shit.

For a while I’ve been of the mindset that as long as the loot crates are just cosmetic, who gives a shit.  Now it is a bit different for me for CS:GO because these items could be sold on the market for real money which led to gambling websites being used by emotionally stable children who then send death threats to players who lost (not to mention some players throwing games for phat loot).  Another aspect in CS:GO is that you’re teaching children to fucking gamble and not only that but in public servers there are literally kids begging people for free skins, it is fuckin disgusting, they have no shame.

But, besides all of that, I was generally of the mindset that cosmetic loot boxes that maybe you pay for a key to open or whatever were fine.  I am now starting to not feel that way because of an undesired consequence of people like me feeling that way.  Every game and it’s fucking grandma now has these loot crates for cosmetics.  Now, normally that wouldn’t be a problem, fuck it, just ignore that little number in a corner of one of your profile screens or something.  The problem is as soon as you open the games now your fucking game is advertising bullshit to you.  Buy the new fuckin dumb bullshit pack or upgrade to the omg I want two ingame items that give me an advantage over others edition.  It is the same reason I haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet.  As soon as I did I noticed there was a fucking store button on my goddamn start menu with built in links to fuckin newsbullshit.com.  No thanks, I don’t want to have to fuckin groom my computer to be the way it should be, that is, without bullshit.

And the same thing goes for games in my mind nowadays.  I already fucking bought this game, stop fucking asking me for more money.  If you want more money, FUCKING EARN IT, and that doesn’t mean selling me shit that should’ve been in your shit game as an extra tacked on bandaid.  Your game fucking sucks, you should be ashamed of it and fix it, not try and get more money out of me to pay you for your fucking incompetence.  For an example that may shock you, look at No Man’s Sky.  They have more than doubled the amount of shit you can do in that game since launch and they haven’t charged a penny for any of it.  Should they have clarified more about the game before it launched or delayed launching for longer?  Yes, but they’ve kept quiet and kept their nose to the grindstone and delivered a product much closer to what people thought they were getting.



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