Off Topic as shit: Grove Square Cappuccino

I’m just writing this so that it exists on the internet because I couldn’t find jack shit about it when searching.


I love Grove Square Cappuccino k-cups, preferred flavor is Hazelnut because the smell reminds me of Lucky Charms cereal milk.  The last time I ordered a pack of 96 online though I was sent a shipping box filled with individual k-cups, not very fuckin practical for storage (and my previous order from the same damn Amazon seller had 4 boxes of 24 or whatever).  So when I ran out this time I didn’t really want to order it on Amazon again because that shit was fuckin dumb.


So I went to the store nearest me that I had gotten them from before, Wal-Mart.  Unfortunately they didn’t have my flavor but they did have Caramel and French Vanilla, so I figured fuck it, and I got a box of both.  Yesterday was my last day with Hazelnut so today I opened a new box of French Vanilla and grabbed a k-cup and shook it like I normally do so it doesn’t have any problems in the Keurig (this working/doing something may just be in my head).  Except something different happened this time.  Instead of hearing the powder flying around inside this little cup I heard a god damn rock.  Flipped the box over and it says best by April 2018.  I was like, eh, maybe I’m fucked and I just got a bad one.  Open the Caramel box, same fuckin thing.


I was pretty bummed out about it but figured, fuck it, let’s see if it works.  It did appear to put the brown colored liquid into my cup but I didn’t really get a big french vanilla smell that I’d assume to smell.  So while I was letting it cool I started searching google about this bullshit and couldn’t find a god damn thing.  Having since tasted it I must say I am god damn pissed.  It tastes slightly different than water and since I bought it a week ago I don’t have the damn receipt, not that I’d want to fuckin do that anyway.


So now for the keywords so that anyone else running into this bullshit might find out that their shit is going to suck.


grove square cappucino cappuccino grove market caramel hazelnut french vanilla solid k-cup not powder not expired is it good is it okay is it bad


I don’t know if any of that shit is going to work butt fuck it.


On a side note I’ve been playin D&D Friday nights and we just started another game on Tuesday nights.  Perdy cool.


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