Someday I’m going to get to GR70 in D3

But it is not this day, or the next day, or even this weekend probably.  I’m just not feeling it.  I feel more inclined to finish my Civ 6 game, but I’m probably not gonna do that either.  So what am I feeling like playing?

If you’re wondering the answer to that question then you have come to the right place!  Because the answer is located here.  Right here.  The same place the question is.

Lucky you.  Anyways, PUB FUCKIN G BITCH.  This shit is like crack.  Sometimes I hate it, though really not that much.  The thing that makes me the angriest is that Shadowplay Highlights doesn’t work with Windows 7.  God damn fuckin bowlshit.  All I got is this fuckin alt+f10 save the last 5 minutes shit.  I mean it works but it doesn’t get everything cool.  I’d much rather have Highlights save all my kills, deaths, and wins so that I can change the alt+f10 shit to save the last 30 seconds or something so I can use that to clip little funny things that happen.  That would be nice.

The angriest I get is at the people.  Like when I’m in the blue and running for the white and the blue actually fucking hurts at this stage in the game but I’ve got some meds so I should be cool and then some fuckin fuck in front of me sees me and stops and shoots me.  It isn’t the dying part that bothers me though, that is the fuckin game, if you can’t get used to that then you shouldn’t play.  The part that gets me is that the fuckin guy that kills me dies like 3 seconds later TO THE FUCKING BLUE ZONE BECAUSE HE STOPPED RUNNING AND SHOT ME.  But hey, maybe he didn’t have enough meds or some shit, still, fuck that guy.

I’ve got a few 5 minute clips that contain like 5 seconds of funny or cool or neat or interesting or entertaining or possibly none of those things parts in them.  Once I get a lot more I’ll possibly open up some video editing program and cut em all up and shit.  Or maybe I’ll delete them someday who knows.

Alright I’m tired of typing shit so here is a couple links of more wins that I’ve had and whoopie fuckin doo.

New Win 1

New Win 2

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