DayZ Adventures Part 2: Fear and Loathing in Chernarus (actually Taviana but it sounds better)

Fear and Loathing in Chernarus (actually Taviana but it sounds better)

After my first weekend of being the “owner” of a castle, even though I kind of successfully defended my base, I definitely did not feel as safe as I thought I would feel in my base.  Fear had been struck into my heart.  I needed to take a break from this place and so the next time I died, I opted to spawn in on the small island instead of the big one.  Originally I setup my base on the large island somewhat near Lyepestok due to it having a trader city.  My buddy had suggested this to me as an initial base area due to there being many barracks surrounding the trader city.  Unfortunately, everyone is aware of that, and people who don’t like challenges often swarm to this area for easy pickings.

I think one thing that can be said about the small island, is that while there are fewer people on it, the ones you do run into are probably going to be more dangerous than your run of the mill big islander.  But I decided to take my chances anyway.  I would try and play it safe by keeping my travel limited to a bike in the woods.  At first I did not seek out barracks for weapons as I was again trying to stay safe.  I would stick to fire stations and police stations.  I actually had a route that I did to get started that most people would probably want to die after doing a few times as it was not very productive, and while I felt safe, I probably wasn’t very.  I would start by looting the fire stations in Branibor and then ride my bike in the woods to Topolka and loot the fire station there, then I would go back and loot Branibor and do this until my bag was full with at least assault rifles, and then I would sell them at the Branibor trader city.

I was eventually able to get a safe which I placed in the woods by Branibor.  After making many trips along my ridiculous route to make shit money very slowly, I began to rethink what I was actually doing.  The point of this game is that it is scary, you can lose all your shit if you’re not careful.  But to let that fear control my actions?  In an FPS game which is arguably my strongest field?  I was having second thoughts.  I was beginning to consider overcoming my fears.


In order to attempt to overcome his fears, our brave hero Bonedead decides he needs to instill some fear into others, instead of having it instilled in himself.

Fucking with your Neighbor

After taking fire from a neighbor while just passing by, Bonedead exacts his revenge, and he may have a problem.

Learning to Fly

The spoils of war entice Bonedead to take a chance, which may or may not have been a good idea.

Master Builder

Finally regaining his confidence, Bonedead begins planting his roots, with lots and lots of cinder blocks.

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