I have been playing Smite a lot recently. It is a MOBA game but in third person. I am really enjoying it so far even though it is in beta. I even spent $30 on the god pack, which unlocks all champs/gods currently and all that are released in the future, which is really just a great deal. Here is a link to my stats page and below are two short clips that I probably should have combined into one of me playing probably my favorite god, He Bo.

This one is in conquest which is the traditional 3 lane moba map.

And this one is from arena which is, well, the arena.

Dignitas just sponsored a team which is great for the game and I can’t wait til more big sponsors join in. No more controlling your champ from a helicopter and click to move! Aim your skill shots and wasd! If you decide to give it a shot feel free to use the name bonedead as your referral, if it requires something other than that like an email, well, fuck it.

Peace out nerds!


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