Big Things

Can’t talk much but here is a bit of what I’ve been working on. Playing Minecraft with my buddy and we want to just build shit. So we went through the Nether portal at our house (right side) and dug through the Nether world pretty far and made a new portal outside of a Fortress which led us to our second house (aka Portress Outpost). Once we had our second house up we began the long process of building a bridge from one house to the other. Yesterday we completed the bridge and got mine cart track across almost half of it (with powered tracks in there for speed boosts). We kind of plan on just making a big fuckin railway system all over the bitch. I intend to record a video once the track is completed just to show you how long it still takes to cross the whole thing even with powered rails.

If you look you can see a 2 block wide gray line going across the whole picture, and that would be our bridge.


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