Failed lol

So I was planning on partaking in the DAoC event I posted about last, however, I was gifted The Hobbit book. I first read it in the 4th grade because it was worth a lot of points in our book reading program thing. So when I saw the movie recently and didn’t remember half of the shit that happened I had to read the book again. Plus, who wants to wait a year before seeing the 2nd half amirite?

Anyways, so I figured, shit, it is 7PM, the event doesn’t start until 9PM, I may as well start the book to kill some time. I haven’t read anything for a while except for school stuff which put me to sleep rather quickly. A few chapters in and I’m nodding out every 2 minutes, absolutely exhausted! Doesn’t make much sense to me but, whatever, I decided to go to bed at 8:30PM, who does that and doesn’t wear diapers? Me apparently.

So, I missed the event. Shucks.


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