I know what I’m doin tonight

Right here.

I haven’t decided if I want to play with them or against them yet. I wouldn’t mind getting some free game time so if it is easier to do that while being an alb, I may just play with them.

Mid is really populated I know, which is why I switched to Hib kinda recently, of course not until after I got 3 other guys to level 50. But even playing Hib, the under dog and under populated realm it is supposed to be, I still felt like there were a ton of people. Which led me to start some Albs recently, got a Scout to 48 and had a lot of toons around Thidranki levels from a prior time.

Not sure what I am doing in the game, direction wise, just keep leveling some guys to 50 and making some money. Then I’ll buy a house and bind everyone to it. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to lose the house and all the vendors I paid for on every realm though. But, who knows, maybe I actually will keep playing the game.


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