Blah blah blah, shit and stuff

Stopped playing D3 pretty quickly, but, at least I can go back to it whenever I want.

Playing WoW hardly, got my DK to 90 and did dailies for a week or two before I just stopped.

Started playing DF a little bit in preparation for DF:UW with Inquisition.

While watching Paragus’ stream on yesterday a nice fellow gave me a Planetside 2 beta key, so I kinda do that now (since yesterday).

I find myself spending a lot of time watching WoW 3v3 streams on, and yeah, that is kind of embarrassing to admit.


4 thoughts on “Blah blah blah, shit and stuff

  1. I’m still undecided if I’ll bother with darkfalls relaunch I’m actually more interested in the final fantasy mmo reboot. Still might be worth a month to have a look. Just hope they have improved the graphics and animations.

    • Yeah I still don’t know if I am even going to, but in my head it sounded nice. I’ve not heard anything of the FF mmo reboot, I’m guessing that is about 14? Thought we’d lost you! Thanks for commenting lol.

      • No I’m still loitering. I’ll maybe start a new blog in the future but for now am happy to just play. I think if I do I will cut out Twitter and stick to a blog + raptor, I think it all gets too much sometimes.

        Yeah the ff14 one is strange, it was prob the worst MMO I’ve ever played but a reworked version could be interesting.

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