Diablo 3 WW Barbarian getting stuck in Act 3 Inferno

Hello errbody. This weekend I decided to wander back into Diablo 3 and see what this Paragon level nonsense is all about. Apparently I stopped playing after killing the Butcher in act 1. The first thing I did was a few clears of Act 1 inferno to get some money and get my bearings for my toon.

I found Act 1 to be quite easy enough and figured, what the hell, may as well go for Act 2. I remember getting wtfraped really quickly in Act 2 before I had stopped playing but figured, what the hell else am I going to do, run Act 1 some more? No, I was going to chug the fuck along and progress further.

I upgraded a few pieces for more Str, Vit, All Resists and was on my way. I had occasional problems with an elite pack here or there but for the most part my simple yet effective system was working. Here is a link to my character’s current setup. I believe I was still using Frenzy with Maniac as my primary attack at this time (as well as a different hat, gloves, and weapon) as well as the armor/vitality passives. I wasn’t really having too much trouble and if I did die a few times to the same thing I usually just kept my nose down and eventually plowed through.

In my attempts to google builds similar to my own I come up with pretty much nothing. No one thinks it is a good idea or the best idea and everyone is “forced” into these other templates involving War Cry, Sprint, keeping Wrath of the Berserker (which to me already seems amazingly overpowered) up all the time, and using knockbacks. Personally, that is not a Barbarian imo. A Barbarian is supposed to be a big badass who can take shit and give it back on a grand melee level.

I was determined to stay in my preferred setup, that is, until I got to Belial. Belial is the boss in Act 2 and has always been trouble for me as a dps blinders wearing barbarian. It seemed as though my Frenzy wasn’t really increasing my melee speed as much as it should have and the damage was only getting up to 140% weapon damage with 5 stacks. So, I opted for Cleave with the rune increasing damage to 175% weapon damage. Did that alone help me defeat Belial, oh hell no, shit I probably could have stayed the same and beat him. The trick to winning was dodging the bullshit and getting a few swings in here or there with the occasional “go to fucking town” moment brought to you by the Wrath of the Berserker and Ignore Pain combo.

So, I beat Act 2, figured may as well go to Act 3 and see how it is. Immediately run into an elite pack and die, over and over, there seemed to be no hope. So, I went back and did some more Act 2, beat Belial again, and once more ventured into Act 3. I played more cautiously this time and managed to only die a lot instead of enough to make me go back to Act 2. I made it all the way to the Larder, which has your first big fight against, I think it is Grom, a giant slug like piece of shit with a mouth on it’s belly. Grom would be my progression block for the rest of the weekend.

I have since begun experimenting with things like Life on Hit, Life leach, crit chance as well as crit dmg increase, and so far have gotten absolutely nowhere. I refuse to change my skills, I just fucking can’t do it, I don’t want to HAVE to do x, y, z in order to progress further in this game – and I will not.

So, that is where I am, stuck in Act 3 on goddamn Grom – fiddling around with stats I’ve never invested in while teetering on the welfare line gold wise. I really want to beat this game on Inferno and I really don’t want to have to conform to some cookie cutter build to do it. So that is my goal and my plan. Slowly upgrade my equipment, try out new stats, and stick to my “skill guns” – as I’d like to think a “true Barbarian” would.


One thought on “Diablo 3 WW Barbarian getting stuck in Act 3 Inferno

  1. Life on Hit is yo’ friend. Barb bud of mine wanted to go DPS but went splat more than me on a Demon Hunter. Swapped a 2h with a shield and stuck with it since. What really helped him out a lot after that was Life on Hit. Shield let him take the hit, LoH let him regen. Add in armor and resistances and barring super crazy packs in full games, he doesn’t die too often. He later dropped the shield when his gear got better and is duel wielding. Dies, but not too much to rage at. (We played hardcore for awhile so dying itself is something we can live with on softcore stuff.)

    I know the exact feeling you have with not wanting to change your skillset, happened HARD to me on my DH. Played beta weekend, had a decent setup, cleared normal and NM without too much problem with mixed skills that were great with pugs to cover their fail. (Melee builds ran a *lot* so I’d stun the mobs in place to stem the ‘run away, run away!’ tide, and Smoke Screen with faster running rune let me run to an ally and revive them to keep the fight alive.) Then I got to Hell and hit a wall in A2 with those snake bastards. Had a pocket stun move I could throw, but even though I can see the smoke, they are always immune TILL they pop up and 1 shot me. Also there is zero room to manuever in those damn tunnels. I had 50k hp at that time, mind you. I was far from glass cannon. Hell and Inferno forced me INTO a glass cannon when all my defensive stuff was nerfed to the ground or rendered immune on elite packs and bosses. (We only have so many skill slots, why waste one with a stun that won’t work? My Meic Revive-like smoke screen doesn’t even last long enough to keep mobs away for me to revive, and 75% of the time it’s so short even with double duration that mobs aren’t even distracted off of me in the first place.)

    They are adding some reduction to that stun and slow immune stuff in a patch, but bleeeh. Till all skills aren’t ass-horrible I’m not really interested. Made some cash, made the cost of the game back, but unless something biiiig is added, I’m on hiatus from it.

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