Steam…. WTF?

So yesterday I purchased Arma 2 with the expansion “OA”. My intention was to play DayZ yesterday, however, prior to installing DayZ I was following the directions and launching both Arma 2 and the expansion on their own. Arma 2 worked fine, changed my video settings, looked nice and pretty so I was getting excited. Go to do the same with OA aaaaand “Failed to contact key server” is the error message I received. WTF? So I googled it and it turns out that it means Steam sold me the game without a cd key, they ran out of cd keys and have to wait for more. What in the fuck is this bullshit? There is no way that is legal. It is extremely disappointing that Steam could do this in my mind as they’ve always been awesome, stand up guys all around.

So I go to the forums to start a post where everyone with the same problem can complain in order to get some fuckin attention. Oh, I need to create a Steam forum account, okay. Hmm, now I can’t post? I’m in the moderation queue? I was beyond annoyed at this point and gave up thinking, tomorrow it should all be taken care of. So far today I still cannot post on the Steam forums and I still do not have a cd key for the game I purchased. This is just bullshit, plain and simple.

Steam, you’re making yourself look like shit, and I honestly hope people start shaming the everloving shit out of you so you stop this fuckin bullshit.

edit- and before anyone says it, of course I have submitted a support ticket.

edit2- I submitted this to reddit for some more immediate feedback and apparently I’m just a whiny bitch acting like a child over an inconvenience. Oh and it is also not Steams fault. Cool!

another edit – No response to ticket, no response to the steam forum post (which I still can’t even post to after creating/activating my account yesterday), and on the game maker’s forum the mods are saying it is valve/steams fault and not theirs. PERDY COOL GUISE

FINAL EDIT: Got my key, enjoyed the shit out of DayZ my first day. Forum account was activated today lol. Long ass moderation queue.


4 thoughts on “Steam…. WTF?

  1. it sucks, I can understand that. but NO company in the world would turn down a profit, they could lose 3000 buyers every single day if they paused the purchase of the game…. but look at it as a pre-order 🙂

  2. Yep STEAM FTW !!! Account created today this morning…. and verified by mail …. later on that day at the evening … I STILLL COULDNT POST, reply or Whatever whit that account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moderators APPROVAL you say ….!!??? WHAT MODERATOR … tha LAMO !!

    they can SHOVE THE ACCOUNT in the DEEPST DARK HAIRY HOLE they can find

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