Bonederp’s Adventureps 4/4/12 AO Trader

I decided to make a video and talk over it while it is recording.

I know it sucks at times due to things like coughing into the mic, talking quietly, and not mumbling very clearly (I swear you can hear my mumbles).

I would say this was a successful video. Sure I didn’t cover that much at all, but it was semi informative and hopefully kinda funny.


6 thoughts on “Bonederp’s Adventureps 4/4/12 AO Trader

    • Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things you can craft. It’s just the way it works in AO is in order to raise your crafting skills you have to allocate skill points to it, which means your combat skills will suffer if you start at a low level (a lot). For example, I got a character to around 30 and then I respecced all his skill points and loaded up on tradeskills. After maxing them, I was able to create around level 25 armor. Mind you, the bonuses on this armor can last you a bit beyond your 50s.

      I must say I prefer this way to the customary gather mats, click craft 50, and watch your skill go up. But nothing will ever compare to SWG’s crafting.

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