Derpy derp derp!

Huzzah, yet another year has passed by. Wait, is that a good thing? Fuck, I don’t want to get older 😦 …ugh.

Here are some updates and shit.
Tax season is starting up which means holy fuck work.
I’ve decided against continuing accounting classes due to not really wanting to be an accountant, though I am capable. So, Monday I begin two classes that are computer related. One is like intro to databases and the other is something something programming something, or something (Don’t judge me!).
I got a kitty cat and I am in the process of getting her to recognize that her new name is Frogdog. Plus I’m totally gonna upload a picture of her and submit it to reddit for karma because “zomg i totally rescued this kitty before it was killed!!111”
I have also started watching the show Community (I know, I’m late to the party) and it is fucking awesome!

I’m not sure if I’ve stated my SWTOR business here yet so here it goes.

I am in the guild Macto, empire side, Grand Master Zym server. I have a 30 Mercenary that I’ve stopped playing and a 33 Marauder that I love deeply. Originally our guild was scheduled to be Republic under the name Macto Madidus, but I haven’t even made a Republic character yet lol. So we kinda have some people playing Republic and a good amount of people playing Empire on the same server.

Then we still have people playing WoW and raiding on the old schedule, Sun, Mon, Wed nights. Which is cool and all, but, I know that a lot of the people expected to raid in WoW, want to play SWTOR instead. They’ve even canceled their WoW subs and are counting down the days til it expires and they can legitimately not show up for the raid without someone logging into SWTOR and seeing them playing. That isn’t even what bothers me though. What bothers me is the people that go and raid in WoW that don’t really want to say they’re only doing it because if they don’t then nobody else gets to raid. So the 5 people that are still wanting to raid in WoW get to do so because 5 people from SWTOR who don’t want to raid are in fact raiding. Well, this is awkward. Just talked to my buddy, one of the few who help the other but want to SWTOR, and last night guild leader notified everyone that my friend and two others were probably quitting WoW for SWTOR. Kind of a big blow to the WoW raids since they’re losing their top DPS/tanks, but shit, I’m gonna be playin SWTOR with them so I find it difficult to care.

What is the deal with everyone racing? I mean I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past and I don’t know why I cared so much, but how is it fun to finish the game in one month?

I leave you with the best reason I can think of to watch Community.


6 thoughts on “Derpy derp derp!

  1. About bloody time you posted again.

    I agree with people racing ahead and trying to get to endgame asap. I’m playing at a much slower pace and am actually loving it (currently level 27). Im unsure if SWTOR will ever be my main game though, it really depends how much Guild Wars 2 lives up to what the devs are promising….. time will tell. Until then I’m happy to plug away on SW:TOR.

    I might roll a toon on your realm at one point and try catch ya when you are on 😉

    • What I’ve been doing is mainly PvPing to level and then catching up on my class questline. Unless I get to a new planet I haven’t done, then I’ll do most of the quests.

  2. Hi guys, long time no see (actually I stop by your blogs at least once a week)! I’m enjoying SWTOR too and have waaay too many toons (I think the highest is a level 27 Sage) on at least 3 different servers. I just can’t decide on what class I like better. This past week’s winner has been my Bounty Hunter, which despite my guild’s decision to go Republic, I can’t seem to put down. I’ve also got a Sith Marauder that like Bonehead.. err Bonedead, I love too. Ah well, what are you going to do? Since I’m in no race to the top either, I think I’ll just play whatever I can get on to the fastest (cursed queues). Anyway, good “talking” with you guys again!

  3. I blame the lack of posts on the lack of good games to post about. Not saying SWTOR isn’t a good game, I really like it, but I just haven’t been moved to sit down and give the blog any time… I’d rather play when I can scrounge up the free time… which seems to be less and less these days…. that and I haven’t gotten a single toon to 30, instead trying out over half of the available classes to see which one I like best… so far, I’d have to say Bounty Hunter is leading the pack. I just started a smuggler but too soon to tell if I’m gonna like it or not.

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