I preordered yesterday, SWTOR that is. I GET A COLOR CRYSTAL ZOMG YEAH! Meh. I DONT WANT TO WAIT TIL FUCKING THE 15TH OMUHGAW! My nights are so awful now since that beta weekend. I don’t wanna do fucking anything but play torzorz and I cant. I did load up SWGEmu a little bit and check out my characters. LE SHRUG. I ended up just playing CSS and subsequently scrimming, which is always fun with the people I play with.

Plans for SWTOR? Republic side due to guild vote, PvE server due to guild…. some word that is nice but means baby, and for class I am still undecided. Possibly going to do Consular, possibly Trooper, shit possibly Jedi Knight guy if hes like my sith Marauder. That being said, I could even be a fuckin Smuggler. I don’t even care what I am, I just want to be.

I feel kinda bad about leaving Darkfall high and dry (with 3 or so weeks left in my sub!). I hope these 2 weeks fly the fuck by.


One thought on “Torzorzorz

  1. I hear ya, Im actually looking forward to playing SWTOR now knowing that guild wars 2 is far faaar away from launch. I’ve still got my game card time with wow so might jump on for some low level rogue pvp 🙂

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