Le Derpfall

Yes friends, I have decided, and that decision was Darkfall. But why Bonedead? Well, I will tell you why dear reader. Because I haven’t had an avatar that wasn’t a spaceship in almost 3 months. Frightening, I know.

What is my plan of attack? Fuck if I know. I made a shit ton of bone armor suits yesterday along with a shit ton of shitty 2h swords. I discovered that you can buy regs from NPC vendors (I knew but I never KNEW) which means I have no money. I bought some new spells, r50 Fireball, air/fire buffs to dex/qui, and air/fire debuffs which I’m still kinda meh about (maybe they’re better when they’re higher?).

My actions yesterday signify that perhaps I shall continue raising my magic skills along with my Weapon crafting. It also would appear that I plan on using a lot of 2h swords and losing armor as well. I attempted some harder mobs yesterday than I have before and actually won some, it felt pretty good. I assume the mobs I killed are classified as Medium, Kobold Strongman/Shaman, Gnoll Tribesman (those Shamans are fuckin dicks), and I even went for a little Troll Lord. Unfortunately with the Troll Lord I cornered myself in an attempt to knock the troll back, off the cliff of the floating rock we were on to his death, which somehow lead to me falling to my death. But right before I fell I noticed I had gotten him halfway and if I had just stood toe to toe with him away from the edge of a cliff I could have won.

I have not gotten any cool loot, of course, which kinda sucks. That is the one thing I miss from the weekend (you know, besides the 4x skill gain) – a chance to get something worth something. I sold my 2 runestones to some guy for 2k a piece and promptly spent all that shit. I have Thursday and Friday off…..and I am thankful for it, har har har. LOL GET IT, THANKSGIVING, HAR. Good one Bonedead, thanks me.

I need to find a good way to make some money that doesn’t involve interacting with other people, you know, for science. I could always return to the goblins and one hit go to town on them but, meh, I want somethin bigger. I am afraid to run into people, as I have been quite lucky to not do that so much. I do believe my Troll Lord corpse I left got jacked by some little dick though, I couldn’t find that shit where it was supposed to be. Anyways, thats aboot it chaps, enjoy your gaming!


8 thoughts on “Le Derpfall

  1. Ah good ol’ darkfall. If they made the game a bit better looking I would return. I am currently bouncing game to game atm and even resubbed to wow for the low level PvP. Looks like SWTOR until guild wars 2 lands for me though.

    • Just downloaded the SWTOR client for some yet-to-be-announced beta weekend. Began watching the SW movies, I am getting ready!

      DFs population is crazy right now. During the weekend I ran into people left and right, but last night, I only saw one other person when I was out hunting.

      • SWTOR will be my MMO fix until GW 2, never going back to WoW after the kung fu fucking pandas announcement!!!!

      • Yeah I uninstalled WoW this weekend while I was playing the SWTOR beta. I’m not falling for the GW2 bullshit lol, I’m gonna wait and see with that one.

  2. I’m considering giving Darkfall another shot, but I’m on the fence. What drove me off before was the absolutely painful grind to endure before PvP viability. And it was a boring grind, consisting of killing the same trolls or some such in the same spots for hour after hour – like the PvE was just there to justify making new players squishy piñatas for the vets.

    Don’t get me wrong – I come from 5 years of EVE piracy after all – I have no problem with being ganked or looted. I just need a reasonable path to the point where getting killed is my own damn fault, rather than due to the fact that a vet can pretty much one-shot me while I’d need half hour of swinging at his back to bring him down.

    Also, what’s the deal with the reset? Is that still happening?

    • I’m not gonna lie, you still have to grind (though it has become more fun for me than it used to). But the population is pretty sparse, at least in Alfar lands. It seems as though most of the people who attack just to kill anyone no longer exist. In racial chat you’ll occasionally see someone ask if there are any Reds around that need killing. It seems that reputation may finally mean something in the game.

      To be honest, the 4x skill gain weekend no longer appears to me as a further divide between new/returning players and vets, it was just 4x, that is it, do that 4 times and bam, same thing.

      I have met one possible jackass around the area and I’ve since stalled his jackassery towards me by taking part in killing an AFK with him (lol).

      Others have been quite helpful in chat. I have been given a few swords just from random passersby in towns/by banks. It feels promising.

      As for the relaunch/wipe/DF 2.0 thing, I have no idea. The consensus is that it is Soon ™.

      • What makes the grind more fun? Is the grind any faster than it used to be? It wasn’t gankers or the community that put me off DF, it was just boredom.

      • I believe the skill gain was increased a while back but I’m not 100% certain. What makes the grind fun for me is feeling like I am finally getting somewhere in the game. For the longest time I could only kill some goblins, some skeletons, rarely trolls, just all the easy shit. Like every time I played, that was it, that or crafting. But now I’m taking on new mobs all the time, I just look at the spawns on the yourmom.at map which has drop rates for items and just really useful information, take what I find there and go try and kill something new. When I have a couple thousand gold on me, maybe a key or two to some chest, I’ll bank it and find something else. Run out of regs, go farm some. Just living the DF life.

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