Makin some headway

I last left you with a tale of getting blowed the fuck up. Since then I have concocted a better way to jetcan mine. Have my main with strong mining skills stagger his Strip Miner cycles and drop each cycle into the jetcan. After one is dropped then my alt, in his bigger than my main’s hauler, picks it up and sits there til he is full. This way at most I only lose 1.3k m3 of ore, aka, 3 minutes. This new way has introduced me to a new kind of fuckhead though, the hauler thief.

The hauler thief flies an industrial ship and looks for jetcan miners. He warps from belt to belt and bookmarks any jetcan he sees. He then warps to the jetcan, aligns to his station, loots, and tries to insta warp. Their nature makes them greedy and impatient which I try and use against them. Why? Because even though I can drop my ore in the can and take it with my alt 90% of the time faster than the thief, I like to have a little fun. I had one pesky thief bother me a couple days in a row this weekend and I kinda used him to learn on. At the time my main and alt were in separate corps so I would have to try and get him to loot from 2 jetcans, one put out from each character. This way both characters can respond.

I started by fitting a warp disrupter on my alts hauler in an attempt to prevent him from warping so my main could throw some hobgoblins on the guy. I was able to attack him this way once, but it did not work out. I later discovered that he used 2 warp core stabilizers and if you use 2 points of warp scramblin on 2 points of anti warp scramblin, they can still warp. Thus, I have setup my alt hauler to no longer mine side by side with my main, but instead, carry fewer Giant Secure Containers, 3 points of warp scramblin, and a pretty little small pulse laser on the front (with some heat sinks down below). I definitely do not intend to engage any frigates, as they can’t do anything to bother me. But if I run into another hauler, I believe I will ruin his day, especially now that my miner will be flying a Covetor (up from a Retriever) which can hold 5 mining drones and 5 hobgobs.

After my few encounters with my favorite hauler thief I noticed a guy in a corp with a PvP tag (says PvP in corp ticker or alliance ticker some way) jetcan mining in the same belt as me. I just kept mining, filling up my hauler, and once I was full I dropped it off at the station. Right after I bookmarked his jetcan, of course. I knew that since I started before him and he came in the belt about halfway through me filling up my load, that he should have a decent amount in that jetcan by now. I took the time to refit my hauler with some warp core stabilizers, just in case, and flew back out there. Reached the can, align to my station, turned on MWD, opened the can, disabled MWD, looted his 43k of Pyroxeres (which barely fit in my new cargo size) and insta warped the fuck out of there. He attempted to convo me but I just denied his request. I wasn’t in the mood for any kind of cry baby shit or, wow enjoy your free 1 million isk, nice score durrrrrr. I stole my first thing, it was awesome, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that.


2 thoughts on “Makin some headway

  1. Haha, very nice. I have only stolen a few things off slain enemies someone else left. Never know if they are warping back in with a salvager or not, so it was pretty intense.

    I too, lost a ship. (Months ago when I played last.) Was doing ninja salv runs and got through like four floors of wrecks. When I joined the fifth it was entirely filled with red. On instinct I decided to warp to the next gate and try getting down another floor. Just before I got there I got blown up, all previous levels of salv gone with it. Now looking back, odds are there would have been more enemies on that level as well, so I should have just warped to station, but we all learn somewhere XD

    Also had one of those ore thieves, but mine upped the ‘I’m gonna be a dick” ante by jetcanning my ore as soon as he looted it. I kept mining like nothing happend, he left. Ended up taking all my mats and warping to station just as he came back. Hah. Dangerous, totally. But it worked out for me that time, luckily ^_^

    • Yeah thats the one thing I’m kinda worried about. I mean I would definitely try to do what you did, if not just use the MWD insta warp trick right after looting, but even then I’m risking my ~20 million isk ship (fuckin rigs are so expensive). I’m flying a Covetor now which has 2x the cargo space as my Retriever and 1 more strip miner. I haven’t had one other hauler attempt to steal my stuff since fitting my hauler with pew pew stuffs. I have had some scary super frigates though and what I end up doing is just waiting for 2 minutes. They are so impatient, it works every time.

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