Goons Strike Again!

A post on the C&P (Crime & Punishment) sub-forum today started out with a rather vague claim of the Goons scamming someone out of 80 billion isk (360 million for 30 days play time = ~$3,333). Many people were very skeptical, with good reason, who would try to buy a Titan (Erebus) and get scammed out of 80 billion isk? You would think one who could acquire such money wouldn’t fall for a trick, much less trust the Goons to do it. But a little further down we get a screenshot from the scammee, he was asked to take a screenshot of his wallet and send it to them to prove that he had sent his money to The Mittani (goon leader, well known scammer guy) because “unfortunately Mittani is afk right now”. A little further and we see the scammer receiving his portion from Mittani in his wallet, a nice 69 billion.

The post is here.

All I’m tryin to get is a measly 360 million for fuckin 30 days of play time. I’ve got much closer to half than I did yesterday due to cashing in my Loyalty Points for Alpha Nexus Chips and sellin em to my corp for 6 mil a pop, got 4. Yet every friggin day theres another story of someone being a dick and getting like a shit ton of money that I want. Really want to start being a dick, makin that money.


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