It isn’t often that a new game excites me… but zomg

Prime Online

A few of the features they intend on having:
3 Factions
11 Planets
Massive Battles
GM Driven Events
Some sort of base capturing shit

Now, some may be wondering, whats the big fuckin deal Mr. Bonedead? Well, I will tell you my friends. The big fuckin deal is that DAoC is fucking dying, it is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard of, but it is true. Oh, and did I mention that there will also be jetpacks? Yeah. 3 Factions with plans of massive battles and a base capturing end game, open world encounters (“bosses” out in the open) with few instances, multiple planets. I’ve got a boner and I’m not trying to hide it.


6 thoughts on “It isn’t often that a new game excites me… but zomg

  1. i was actually gonna download daoc as its one of the only mmos i havent actually tried yet and i aint playing an mmo at the minute (will be all over SWTOR after playing it in beta). As for prime online, never heard of it will give it a wee look when i get in.

  2. I think that bullet list might be one of the most awesome promos for a game I have read in a long while XD The last one ended the happy rant with quite a high point.

    I think I read Scarybooster getting a raging epeen over this game as well, haven’t checked it out very much. Star wars got my attention, which kinda got bowled over by the action in GW2 and the omni-present Diablo 3 on the way. Need a new rig to run any of those, but still it will likely be worth it to get some hot hot action going instead of “I attack, now you attack” mmo style as of late. The gaming gods are handing out more twitch-based gameplay upon the masses, and I is far from disappoint.

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