Forsaken World

I recently began dabbling in a free to play MMO available via Steam called Forsaken World. It is made by Perfect World Entertainment, creators of Perfect World, which I believe is supposed to be an “mmo for everyone” (that likes crazy asian mmos). Well, from what I have heard (haven’t looked up shit, to be honest) Forsaken World is supposed to be the opposite, which I think means, more westernized. That’s usually how it works anyways.

I really can’t comment on much of the game because I haven’t really gotten that far into it. There appears to be some PvP, possibly BGs, possibly Arenas, as for PvE I have no idea. There is one feature that really is pretty awesome though, and when you hear it, you probably won’t think it is that awesome – but it is. Objectives listed in your quest log, such as Hyenas, or Wilson The Smith, are in green text which you can click. Once you click the text, auto pilot! At first I was like, wow, how many fuckin times can I do this before I want to die? Well, it turns out I have changed my mind. Once you realize you’re in a big fuckin place and don’t know where the fuck to go, click it!

I hear tell of “Special” quests which do not have this feature implemented but I have yet to run into any.

If you feel like giving it a whirl I play on the Storm server on Realm 5.

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