Yes, swigimu, aka, SWG Emu. I has talkin to do. Well, I wouldn’t call it talking as much as thinking out loud, on paper (on the interwebs).

Originally I had rolled a TKM and planned on taking him to master Doctor as well, making me a beefy beefy beast. Well, TKMs can only do Kinetic damage, which apparently a lot of things worth killing have kinda high resistances to. I’ve since discovered that if you disease these mobs and wait for a few minutes that their Battle Fatigue will raise slowly, which eventually lowers their resistances dramatically. Unfortunately, I dropped TKM before I found this out. My next plan of attack (all roads leading to making money, getting phat lewt, winning, etc) is to pair up the ranged and melee weapons. For instance, I have a Rifleman/Swordsman. Because Rifle attacks the mind pool primarily as does Swordsman, plus you get two damage types, Energy (Rifle) and Blast (Swords/Powerhammer), which you can be hard pressed to find high resistances to on any mob. So far this newer character has been my main focus, I managed to get my hands on a couple little krayt tissues and had a nice little t-21 crafted for me. I just this morning bought a newer Powerhammer, so this guy is slowly becoming something.

Back on the ol ex TKM Doctor guy, hes still working on Doctor (and crafting stimpacks for all of my other guys) and his plan is laid out before him. However, I have been far too busy working on mr rifleman. According to my shittily put together spreadsheet for figuring out which of my weapons have the highest dps, the best one I’ve got is a 1h sword. The formula I use to figure out DPS is such. [(MinDmg/Speed)+(MaxDmg/Speed)]/2 IMO this gets the dps for the min and the max and then averages it. Seems good enough to me amirite? I also added in a bunch of columns to show the dps for a perfect damage or speed slice (can you tell im single?). Anyways, my ex TKM/Doctor guy is holding onto this sword with the plans to eventually go Fencer/Pistoleer. Since both of those professions primarily attack the Health pool. Plus that 1hander has a health fire dot on it, which is like, zomg how lucky can I get amirite?

On my Scout/Carbineer guy (scouts harvest creature resources) who by the way somehow has a really awesome carbine, I plan on adding on Polearm, to round out the Carb/Polearm-Ranged/Melee combos, since they both primarily attack the action pools. Now, the more I think about it the less it seems like a good idea to do this. But, I can not decide yet. I must wait til I have mastered both Rifleman and Swordsman and can see the full beauty of the thought, as of now I’m nearing the level I was at with my TKM (mobs I’m able to kill-wise).

Oh yeah, here’s the best part about dropping TKM. I have a vibro knuckler with good damage and a disease dot….. FUUUUUUUU

But I hear a Rifleman can take pretty much anything, which is why I never made one, FOTM and all. But now, fuck it, I wanna have fun too.

Now for my character names, because they’re fun imo.

Rifle/Swordsman – Badmirrel Fatcarp (har har get it, admiral ackbar, har har, looooooooool) not sad at all
ExTKM/Doc – Bonederp Derpleson
Scout/Carb – Gilbert
Bikemaker/Future Wep Smith – Derple Derp
Mule – Icarrystuffderp

Complete shot in the dark but, if anyone wants to play a really old game that no longer exists for a couple months before they wipe the server and start all over again, all you have to do is get original install disks for SWG (amazon, ebay, other undisclosed *cough*torrent*cough* sites) and then follow the instructions on the Emu website, which you can find a link to on the right –>>


4 thoughts on “Swigimu!

    • I didn’t even know there was a free trial disk lol. But they really want/require you to have the original discs (but, if you catch my drift, you don’t really have to).

      The way they’re legit is that they’re emulating what Sony’s servers used to run. So they aren’t manipulating the game, that you paid for (and own), and of course they’re not making money off of this.

      • I don’t think it’ll work as well if at all. Probably because they’ve changed a lot about the game, ui, combat, its all different. Just be a pirate matey! There’s a perfect one with the right patches and everything. Or you can ebay or amazon.com the original empire divided discs for like a dollar probably.

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