May The 4th Be With You!

Seems like a fitting day to have a little update. Letting my Rift sub lapse, meh, Global Agenda is ok every now and again. Currently a 36 or so Assault, last I checked I was ranked like #300 which makes me wonder how difficult it could be. Darkspore costs $50 that I want to spend on weed, so fuck that.

Well what am I doing then? SWGEmu, bitches.


6 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You!

  1. yeah good choice, always go with the weed brother!

    Im just getting all *meh* with MMOs atm although AoC with the recent announcements is perking my interest.

    • /me googles aoc announcement
      finds nothing.
      /me checks pitrellis blog for aoc announcements
      finds nothing.

      What are these AoC announcements you speak of?!

      • two huge new zones are gonna be added amongst some other things……… im actually hoping it goes to f2p

      • I wonder if the new zones are going to be mid or high level content, maybe one for each? Maybe they’re finally extending the Tortage experience? Who knows!

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